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    What I love even more is that he’s willing to ham it up in front of the camera with the sad faces! lol You’ve got a good one there! πŸ™‚

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    OH..i love the forced haircut. Sometimes a mom just has to say no..and make it happen. Thank you for being his mom and making that choice for him!

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    Ha! I know the feeling. My 10 year old DS wants to grow a pony tail—we are going for a haircut this very afternoon!

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    looks like how my son would be if I got him to cut his off…. right now we are totally doing the hockey hair jock look…and after 5 months of it… I can finally say i’m okay with it…

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    Aging Hippie Nana

    But Mom! Actually I am surprised-creative geniuses are suppose to have shaggy hair-freedom of expression and all that good stuff.

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    Susan Raihala

    OMG, we just went through this with our eldest, with the same expressions! It’s fun being the mommy, isn’t it?

    My youngest was in the barber chair, saw a man who had just gotten a crew cut, and said, “I want mine to look like his!”

    Could they be more different? Where oh where is my happy medium?!?!

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    classic! We just did that to our 11 year old. He was so mad and pouting the whole time. Ya got to love it

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    Susannah Stapp

    I hate to be different by I’m on Cole’s side. I like his longer hair. Either way he is a cute kid!

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    Kelly in Canada

    I see I am not the only person to mention it but, wow! A little Dan for sure. What a cutie!

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    My vote is for the after. He should be happy he is not one of my boys. My husband takes the clippers to their heads every 4 weeks. Right now I do not get any complaints because they are only 7 and 5 and want to be just like Dad. (My husband does his own hair too!)

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    poor little man! i feel his pain … henry wants so badly to grow out his hair like “the guys are now,” (sigh) but his hair is so thick and has so many cowlicks … i know it won’t end well. and he’ll look ridiculous in the process. good for you for strong-arming cole!! i need to take a lesson.

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    I have a son in the ‘before’ situation. He loves his long hair and wants it to get longer but it is so straight, fine and, in my humble opinion, looks terrible! But I’ll humor him for a bit longer and when summer comes…. it’s gone! (Evil laughter)

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    I let my son have long hair as long as their is a style to is. If Cole starts wanting celebrity or sports magazines to look through, you’ll know what he’s looking for. As long as he doesn’t lean towards those football players with the long, long, long braided hair, you’ll both be okay.

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    Right there with you, sister!!! Same hair (except blonde), same battle! I can’t believe that, “Because I said so” and “Because I’m the Mom” have come out of my mouth! What’s next?…”While you live under my roof……” Yikes!

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    Nicky H

    LOL You’re as mean as I am taking pictures of pouts like that!
    That was JUST a haircut? I thought the first picture was a year ago or something! Wow, that cut makes him look older!

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    Yes, Cole you look so handsome and much more mature with a “grown-up” hair cut. Besides if your friends jumped off a cliff…..


    job well done, Cathy.

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    Cathy, That’s hilarious- I have the exact same series of pics from when I was about 8, except that my haircut was a punishment for putting my hair in my mouth. Thanks for sharing!

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    Deb Zorn

    I emailed this to my daughter. She is going through the same thing with her son. He has the same kind of look after she drags him to the barber

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    Katrina Grabowski

    What is it with these boys and long hair? Mine have gone through the same phase and in the end Mom did win. Cole is the spitten image of Dan especially with his new hair cut. Got a love em.

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    Wow–I didn’t take you for a ‘forced’ haircut kind of gal. What happened to a little freedom of expression? He looks adorable with the long hair–and ‘same ‘ol’ with the buzz cut. Enjoy. You won’t ‘win’ forever.

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    Kim C.

    Looks exactly like what we go through with my 14 yr old. We have reached a compromise, he gets it a little long as long as his grades stay at A’s and B’s. But we still insist that it look a little bit neat. Thank goodness for a hair stylist who understands the need to be in and the need moms have for their children to look respectable. She helps keep the peace. Cole looks so cute in the after shot.

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    Why do little boys hate haircuts so much? Females love to get fixed up!! Do you think you could have some influence on my 30 yo, who has hair past his shoulders? (and isn’t in a band!) But he does keep his son’s cut short! Go figure!!!

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    Enjoy it now. In another five or six years it will be a completely different story. I’ve given up. He’s 17. His hair, himself. πŸ™‚

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    Meant to add: I am in the freedom of expression camp, too, when it comes to things like hair. He’s adorable either way, but I thought the long hair was cute.

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    OH I loved the longer look! It’s just hair….not sure if he was hamming it up pretending to be sad, but really if he liked it long…..trust me….been there…it’s just hair! Long or short, colored or not, spiked, shaved…it’s just kids trying to explore who they are.

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    Rebecca Cameron

    I like Cole either way.

    The question has to be asked though… ‘If everyone fitted into the norms of society (and what our parents want) we would not have the likes of John Cameron Mitchell, David Lynch, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Patti Smith, Vincent Van Gogh? Just a thought.

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    I’m with you, all the way, Cathy – much better shorter. Anyway, if you let him do what he wants now, what has he got to rebel against later? He’ll need to rebel at some stage! You could always point out to him that you are actually doing him a favour by giving him things to rebel about in the years to come. Not to mention teaching,him the importance of delayed gratification – you can’t always have what you want when you want it! A useful lesson in today’s economic climate? πŸ™‚

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    Heather H.

    Oh, I kind of feel a little bad about the haircut. I’m still mourning the loss of my son’s baby hair. After this last haircut I know his little curls are not coming back. But is important to be able to see and he’d have look funny if you’d just cut his bangs! Besides, it always grows back!

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    Nicole S.

    I’m going to have to go with, CATHY, you’re a terrible mom! His hair looked so cute long!!! But don’t tell him I said that, because when push comes to shove, I’m more in favor of Mom Power than Cutting Edge Fashion. πŸ™‚

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