The Scales of Justice (or, as promised, I weigh in—get it, “weigh” in?—on the first month)

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One month. Five pounds. End of story.

Okay… I suppose I can't be THAT brief, now can I?

I have joined Weight Watchers at three distinct points in my life (no pun intended there, uh, with the points reference. Man, I am just FULL of them today! Puns, that is, not points. Believe me… I'm so NOT full. And apparently, I'm going to be on a roll with the parenthetical statements, as well).

Three times. First, after Cole was born and I wanted to lose weight. And let me tell you this: thanks to OCD and smoking, it was a cake walk to lose the weight (not literally… you know, I actually AVOIDED cake, right?)

The second time was after I'd quit smoking and decided enough was enough, Willie Ames! I'm going to get in shape for the Crowded House Concert. And it was so.

Which brings us to today.

Now each time I've done WW, one thing as been fairly consistent, at least for the first three months each time: i've lost weight with each weekly weigh in. Every single time. Except for this past Saturday.

Now, here's how we do it: we don't weigh ourselves every day. We know all about fluctuations, water retention, demonic weight-bestowing overlords that live in the base of my spine, etc. Saturday is my only day, the day I step on my temperamental Homedics scale and sow the seeds or fruits (low points!) of my labor.

And this Saturday? Up one pound from last Saturday.

I know what you're thinking: shouldn't have eaten ALL THOSE EXTRA POINTS, CATH!

But the thing is, I didn't. I stayed the course, 1,000 points of light. (Well, actually, only 22 daily points, but you know what I mean.)

My point? One month, and five net pounds.

Has it been easy? No. Have I felt hungry? Not really. Have I been exercising? Every single day since Jan. 3.

It's going to be trickier at 42-7/8.

And there, gentle blog readers, is installment one of True Life Tales from the Scale.

Stay tuned…

Cathy ZielskeThe Scales of Justice (or, as promised, I weigh in—get it, “weigh” in?—on the first month)

48 Comments on “The Scales of Justice (or, as promised, I weigh in—get it, “weigh” in?—on the first month)”

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    1 pound up could still be a fluctuation, and remember……the weight that is lost slowly is the weight you keep off!!!! Keep up the good work, you WILL DO IT!!!!

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    Stay with it. I am 47 and started my road to healthy on Jan. 5th so it’s been exactly 4 weeks and I’ve lost 5.8 pounds. Of course I’d rather it be 10 or 12 but we need to be realistic. It’s harder in our 40s and as painful as it is, I think the real key is stepping up the exercise. (How’d you like my pun?) I keep telling myself that slow and steady wins the race and the pounds from this point on are the ones that we’ll really notice. Keep at it…you are not alone.

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    Dawn Hobbs

    I feel your pain only worse… weight loss. Oh the pain of 22 points!! More exercise will be in my future. I have been doing this for so long I think I could run the meetings on what NOT to do!!! Good luck! Dawn H

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    Imagine what it is like at 57 +, with substantially more weight to lose! A mere pound is discouraging .. a gain is devastating .. I know — but (a big but! — how is that for parenthetical? wink wink!) is it a Loss and you’ve stayed the course … and it will show up as a loss. Just not when you what it to show!
    Good luck … to both of us!

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    We are in the same boat. (Same age, same start date, etc.) The week after the “slight gain week” was an awesome loss. Stay the course! 🙂

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    Marja Lindstrom

    5lbs is still 5lbs less than you used to weigh though so that is awesome!!! I started WW here on Jan 5th and have so far done 12lbs. I have more to lose than you though 😉 My meeting is cancelled tonight because London can’t handle snow and we got 10″ of it overnight. I’m going to weigh myself at home to se what I’ve lost as I’m so bummed not to get to go to the meeting after being SO good all week. I’m on 22pts as well but if I’ve lost any weight this week I’ll lose a point.

    It’s so nice you’re posting so openly about your weight loss! I’ve been doing the same 🙂 Here’s to another month of losing!

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    I just started WW last Thursday as well. It’s so hard to lose weight. I’m sitting here eating my oatmeal right now. But 5 pounds is great in a month! They say you should only lose 1-2 pounds a week, so you’re doing perfect!!

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    Patricia Cole

    You’ve inspired me to get back on track with WW. About 8 years ago I lost close to 60lbs and become a lifetime member. I’ve since gained all those lbs back and lots more. So now I’m at it again.
    Keep up the great work Cathy!

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    That’s great. 5 lbs. in a month is really good. You crack me up with your post. You are so funny. Keep on task and you will make it. It is hard though:( And not fun I might add.

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    Jeannette P

    I’m right there with ya Cathy. I lost about 4 lbs this month & was thinking…ok at least I lost & didn’t gain so its a start. I’m hoping that one of these weeks when I weigh myself that I will be down more than just the 1.5 lbs that I seemed to average. It doesn’t have to happen every week but a nice little reward of 2 or more pounds loss every once in awhile would be fabulous.

    Keep up the great work. I can’t believe how hard a job it is to watch what one eats & get up 45 mins earlier than I “have” to get up in order to get my butt downstairs to exercise.

    Ever try doing hoop dancing with a hula hoop? I could never keep a hula hoop up on my waist EVER until I tried Check them out. They have some awesome hoops & a beginner video. I have actually gone from not keeping a hoop on my waist to actually being able to walk with it moving around my waist. Now I’m working on trying to get it to stay moving on my hips. That’s a TOUGH one.

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    Alis in Wnderlnd

    I hear ya! I went down, then up. I just tell myself, that my 5 pounds is a real 5 pounds. Not water loss.

    I recently found VitaTops by VitaMuffin in the frozen foods section. They are REALLY good and healthy, and only 1 point each! YEA for low point foods that actually taste good!

    I also live for air-popped popcorn to get me through my snack time crave. With a little green Tobasco please for some flavor. 🙂

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    Tracy V

    Awesome job, Cathy! You should be so proud of yourself.Keep at it – think of how much healthier your body is from the added exercise alone! Tracy

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    Are you drinking the water? Because a quick change in diet can lead to intestinal distress and constipation, which does not help the scale…I’m pregnant and know all about it!

    P.S. Saw your sleek kitchen on DIY last night. The showed a still of it in a spot about choosing hardwood flooring. Yours was in the “exotic” category 🙂 My husband thought it was strange that I recognized it. I probably wouldn’t have, but I just reread C&S and C&S2 recently.

    Hope your wrists are doing better.

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    Lynn Cheryl

    Congratulations on the weight loss:) The faster you loose weight, the more likely it is that you put it back on (and more). So, 5lbs is great start. Don’t dwell on gaining a 1lb this last week. Keep your motivation level up. Also, muscle weighs more than fat, so it is possible that as you are exercising daily, this is the cause of the little blip. Ironically, I gained this week (1lb) and this is the first time I have ever gained whilst on a major diet (3rd time) as i usually loose or stay static. Keep going. Lynn, 42 in 4 weeks time 🙂

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    Yeah for you! Pat yourself on the back! I think 5lbs is awesome! Look in your pantry…the sugar bag only weighs 4lbs…you lost more than a bag of sugar from your body. Try carrying that bag around with you all day and you’ll realize that 5 lbs is a LOT. My hubby and I started WW on Saturday. If I lose 5lbs a month, I will be very happy! I like having his support, but can be discouraged because guys lose weight more quickly. Thanks for keeping it real.

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    keep it up.
    i’m at 3 weeks – 4.5 pounds.
    i weigh in on wednesday and i stepped on the scale this am and lost another 2 pounds.

    i only get 20 points! lucky you with the extra two!

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    I was up this week too. Which totally bites. I feel your pain. And hopefully I will feel your triumph next week when the scales really move. For both of us.

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    shari (tigsnbitz)

    Uggg…I get it. I just turned 44 on the 3rd of Jan and the past two years has been really tough for me to lose as well. It’s taken me a LONG time to get 20 pounds off. I reached lifetime on January 8th, and when my leader in the meeting announced it, she made a point about perserverence. Somewhat embarassing, to say the least.
    BUT, as my husband said, “just think of it this way, if you hadn’t kept it up, kept counting points and eating healthy, you would be 20 pounds heavier right now and then some”.
    5 pounds in a month is great….don’t despair. Keep it up at that rate, you will be 20 pounds lighter by easter.

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    Jennie B

    Congratulations to you and me. I also lost 5lbs this month on WW. I’m a lifetime member and have gone back several times because I always seem to gain back 10-15lbs over a long period of not going to meetings. I’m also getting close to 64 yrs, so you youngsters hang in there. Try this to put it in perspective; ask your butcher to show you 5lbs of fat. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that this is no longer on your body:]

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    Congratulations to leading a healthy life! Congratulations to doing something good for yourself! Congratulations to making your life better, both now and in the future (considering you keep it up of course)!

    This is what you should be happy about. The 5 lost lbs are just bonus. 😀

    And I know I have always been told during my 4 stints with WW that a slow loss means it’s easier to keep it off longterm. I know I certainly kept that as a mantra seeing as it took me 9 months to lose 15 kilos. 😀

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    Hang in there! I just did my Week 1 weigh-in and I’m down 3.8 lbs. I was hoping for more my first week with water weight loss, but I’m ok with it. I am 42 so I know that my body is going to want to hold on to the weight more than it did the other three times I’ve half-heartedly tried WW.

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    Yep, the older you are the harder it is, just love that you make it so humorous though. You sure your name is not Irma?

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    Good for you! I’ve found those 5 lbs and am keeping them wram for you around my middle. Should you ever want them back, just let me know!

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    Cheering you on here. At this rate, that’s going to be nearly a stone gone by Easter – doesn’t that sound impressive? You bet!

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    Deb Jones

    Hang in there. It will be worth it in the end. 5 pounds is 5 pounds lighter and closer to your goal. I lost 120 at one point and then gained it all back due to several things. So hang in there and don’t give up. You don’t have far to go.

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    Laurie Takens

    I’m right with you Cathy – and everyone else as I’ve been reading your comments. I’m 47 and started Jan. 5th. I lost 4 lbs. the first week, 1/2 on each of the next 2 weeks, and then 1.8 yesterday. So I’m down a total of 6.8 lbs. I would go in the fridge and take out 2 sticks of butter when I only lost 1/2 lb and hold it to make sure I understood how much I really lost. My sister lost 30 lbs. and she only lost 1 lb per week – and she’s kept it off for 6 years! We can do this!! The slower it comes off the better. You’re training yourself to eat this way for the rest of your life – it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. You have to make it fit your lifestyle. At 47, I hired a personal trainer (a woman, my husband wouldn’t let me hire a hottie) and she set up a circuit training workout to do 3 days a week with weights. I really think that that has helped. (She just set it up, I couldn’t afford to have her come every week!) The older you get, the better it is to add strength training to your workout. Plus, muscle burns more calories than fat does. So hang in there, just take it one week at a time. Just think, in three months you’ll be down 15 lbs if you continue to lose the same as your first month. And 15 is alot!!

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    tonya nc

    First of all, congratulations! Five pounds is actually quite a lot of weight! Have you ever seen those one pound and five pound blobs of fat that some groups use for educational purposes? It will really open up your eyes. I was going to buy one for myself. I think I saw one on ebay once.

    My doctor told me that I could boost my metabolism by adding in 100-200 extra calories every fourth week, then dropping back down. I’ve also heard from other people about plateauing (sp?) and how they’ll splurge one night and then it will help them kick it back in gear. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, congratulations!

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    someone may well have said this…muscles weighs more than fat…and you are building muscle. get a tape measure for better feedback or how are you fav jeans feeling?

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    You can do this Cathy. I had weigh in tonight an gained .40. I looked at the lady an said “that will be gone by tommorw.” I agree with you about the evil scale on a daily bases. It can really change your mood.
    Keep up the good work

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    Sharon F.

    Know this…because you lost them slowly – the weight did not jump on you quickly, it really snuck up…
    those are 5 pounds that are not coming back. You are still ahead of this game. I know it as I am on the Jenny Craig version – eating their food and my own fruits and veggies…I have lost 5 pounds myself in those 4 weeks. But that is a really good thing and I do feel better. My clothes feel better. I am 49 and here to tesify that it is not an easy go of it…but those 5 are gone for good.
    Hi Five – no pun…well maybe a little – Sista. Stay strong…

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    Happened to me too! I’ve had my weight off now a year this past December (my anniversary is the week before Xmas!) That last WW journey was my slowest ever, but I told myself I would go to meetings every week regardless and I told myself I would continue after I reached goal regardless (though, now I’ve had to move out of the country and I no longer have WW!, but luckily I also don’t have a car so that means I walk a LOT and just about EVERY day – that helps with the maintenance part). Thanks for sharing your journey, it helps keep me on track without meetings. Good luck! By the way, it took me eight months to lose 23 pounds. That, my friend, is SLOW!

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    Tell me about it, Cath…When I was 18 I could lose 10 lbs overnight; at 28, after my first two were born, it took me a mere 4 months to lose 40 lbs. At 39, I lost that same 40 lbs – again – over about 8 months (and gained it again in about 3 hours, I think.) Here I am on the eve of 50 with that same 40 lbs – yes, again – and losing weight at the rate of about 2 ounces a week. At this rate it’ll take me the rest of my life to get it back off. But you know what? I WILL NOT GIVE UP!! That demon is not gonna get me!! I WILL NOT wear a sack to my kid’s wedding, and I am NOT going to be a diabetic at age 52 like my mother was. There you have it! Get pissed, and hang in there my friend!

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    Nancy C. from Wilmington, NC

    5 pounds this month is wonderful. I have a Wii Fit that weighs you and charts your weight and helps you set goals. If I ever put much more than a pound or two a week, it reminds me not to set my goals too high! Yours is very realistic.

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    Well done Cathy, 5lbs off is certainly better than 5 on! Question for you though … Are you eating all your points? If you don’t eat them all within the week, you won’t lose as much weight.
    Keep going!

    Ally x

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    “Now, here’s how we do it: we don’t weigh ourselves every day. We know all about fluctuations, water retention, demonic weight-bestowing overlords that live in the base of my spine, etc.”

    Well here’s the thing Cathy, I know what “they” say but I myself weigh myself EVERY SINGLE DAY. The difference is I make a pact with myself that there will be no flinging myself off the roof until I take an “average” overall.

    Yeah it’s hard. Yeah it sucks. But I can say that I DO go up and down almost two pounds – every week. If my 2+ landed on the “only” day I weighed myself, I’d probably give-up!

  36. #46

    I am losing right along with you. I am off to use some of my points- right. now.

    Keep up the great work!

  37. #47


    I had the same problems with weight loss as you do. I was walking on the treadmill daily too, and wasn’t seeing much loss. So i tried the “30 day shred” video by jillian michaels-she totally whopped my ass…the video is great and really sped up my weight loss. I suddenly saw the pounds just fall off. i got the video at target–and you will need some hand weights for it. The video has three levels and each are 20 minutes. so if you only have time for a short work out, the 20 minutes are perfect!! i really enjoyed the video.

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    Lynn Gleason

    Congrats Cathy on losing 5 pounds in a month. Keep up the good work! I too am on WW and have lost 45 lbs. since June 26th (but who’s counting?) It’s hard work but I think the program really works if you follow the program. I’m at 23 pts a day and I HAVE to exercise every day or I’d never be able to have those 2 beers or glasses of wine every night (sigh). I use every one of the 35 extra pts. and my additional exercise pts. and seem to be losing about a pound a week. Watch, now that I’ve said that I’ll gain a pound this week! My hubby and I go to the meetings though and I think it works to have the comradarie and the accountability of getting on that “digital God” every week.
    Take care and keep up the great work!

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