The Second Round of Coolness

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Scallop-y Border Goodness


Now to continue our discussion of Cool Stuff, I present to you the card I lovingly made for the husband for the recent day of love that is Valentine's Day. And aside from the adorableness of it all, the coolest part? I am now the proud owner of a Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch . I have coveted one for a long, long time, and finally did it. Got one of my own. But not just that, I also got a friend for it, in case it's lonely. Mmmmm. Scallopy-goodness. Scallops make me shudder in a really good and slightly inappropriate way.


But Honey, The Dollars are Staying in Our Community!


And here is my favorite coolness to talk about in a coon's age: after a long, long, long, long period of weighing the pros and cons [read: selling my idea to Dan], this past weekend I walked into National Camera Exchange in Roseville as a Nikon user, and out as a Canon user. I've been toying with this since I first went digital, back in 2004. It didn't help that everyone else I knew used Canon. I went with what I had always known and loved as a film shooter, which was Nikon.

But over the years, something kept nagging at me. Something never felt super right with me and Nikon digital. Now, I will be the first to say thing: I think both lines are superb. I really do. I have friends who shoot brilliantly with both.

But this itch wouldn't go away. So I did it. And these two shots I posted yesterday? Straight out of the camera. I just never quite got this kind of color with my D200.



And here's the other thing: I'm not a pro photographer. I don't shoot on manual. I have no desire to shoot your family or anyone other than my own kids. But I definitely want to learn more and become better with the type of photos I take. Why? Because I like good snapshots.

I really do feel good about the purchase, and was thanked by the dude who sold it to me (National Camera Exchange is a Minnesota company), for keeping the dollars local. Sorry Amazon. I know you would've saved me money in the end, but I needed to touch it with my hands. On numerous occasions.

I needed a big write off this year anyway. Honey. 

And honey, don't forget, if I think this camera is a keeper, I'll sell all the old stuff on eBay!

(I'll link it here eventually when I put my Nikon stuff up for sale, if anyone is looking for a used camera that's been cared for like a third child since 2006.)

Cathy ZielskeThe Second Round of Coolness

65 Comments on “The Second Round of Coolness”

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    Michelle Giaimo

    I love my powershot ios10 CANNON. I have the flexibility to be manual or play with settings! Enjoy— have fun.

  2. #2
    Beth S.

    LUCKY!!! I got the XSi and am trying to figure out what lens to get. What lens(es) did you get? I’m using an old Tamron lens from my film SLR.

  3. #3

    You will love your new camera! I have always loved Canon and I got a 50D for Christmas that I really love.

  4. #7

    I’ve got the exact same camera! Got mine from National Camera too, but the Golden Valley location. Love it. Finally can get great shots of my sporty boys.

  5. #8

    Oh — I would sooo like a better camera. I am just thankful for my photo editing software so that I can appear to be a better photographer then I am — it would be nice not to have to adjust things digitally!

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    Nancy Hyland

    Congrats on the new camera!! I just got the Nikon D60, I am a Nikon girl. But like you said both are great!! So your loss (of Nikon stuff) may be my gain!! I am looking for a good zoom lens, hint hint πŸ™‚

  7. #10

    There’s a volte face! But your shots are superb… I just hope you won’t be posting next week that you’re moving over from an Apple to a PC!

  8. #11

    Go Cathy… you know it’s all about what feels right with a camera… I was a Canon film user but love a Nikon digital! If you have any lenses you want to part with let me know!

  9. #12
    Katie W

    OOOOhhhhhh please let us know when you are ready to unload the Nikon. I have a D80 with a broken lens right now and can’t afford to get it fixed. Would love to check out the lenses that you have! I would really like to get back to pictures. My scrapbooks are suffering! lol Thanks. Hope you enjoy the Canon. I have heard good things. Beautiful shots BTW.

  10. #16

    ooh….ahhh…very nice camera. Some day I will get a grown up camera, but it just isn’t in the budget yet.

  11. #17
    Christina T

    Congratulations on moving to the Canon line. I have used nothing but Canon since 2003 when I bought my first digital camera and I think you will be quite happy with it. Love the scallop-y goodness as well!

  12. #18

    Did that whole “I’ll sell the old stuff on EBay” thing work on Dan? My husband doesn’t fall for that anymore after about the 10th set of new scrapbook totes and 20th expensive handbag!

  13. #21

    Congratulations on the new camera! I just jumped into the dslr world with a Nikon just before Christmas. I’d definitely be interested in any lenses you want to sell.

    I’ve been eyeing one of those scallop punches too! LOL!

  14. #22
    Kim J.

    Just bought the threading water border punch myself this past weekend with a 50% off coupon at my local scrapbook store. Love it. Think it will need a friend, too. I’m already a member of the Canon family. Welcome to the fold.

  15. #23
    Heather P

    Congrats on the new camera! I find it quite amusing that you talked about the punch before the camera though. %) I sooo would have been talking about the camera first, second and third.

  16. #25
    Holly Thatcher

    I have been thinking about getting a new camera. These are great photographs!

    Can you tell us EXACTLY what camera you bought?

    As a fellow Minnesotan, I am happy to hear about you keeping the dollars in our community! πŸ™‚

  17. #26

    You’re gonna love the 40D, I’ve got one and can’t live without it. Got some tips for you but I’ve got to run for now, will get back to you soon πŸ˜€ So Happy for you!

  18. #29
    Suzie Perrie

    I have the Canon 40D too and love, Love, LOVE it! My photos have gone from pretty ok to damn that’s good since I got it. πŸ™‚

  19. #30

    I bought a Canon 40D a year ago and it never leaves my side! It takes amazing photos. You made a great choice.

  20. #35

    I couldn’t find the link – I’d like to check out what you have in the lens/flash department.

  21. #36

    Another Nikon user bites the dust. πŸ™ PLease leave your Nikon membership by the door as you slink out. Thanks. πŸ˜‰

    I’ve been toying with the idea myself. Sigh. My boyfriend shoots Canon, and I shoot Nikon. He always says, “When are you going to get a *real* camera?”. He’s a butthead. But a butthead with really nice lenses… so if I switch over to the dark side, I can share his. πŸ™‚

  22. #37
    Jeannette P

    I LOVE Canon! I just upgraded from the Powershot G3 to the Powershot SX 10 IS. And so far….I’m LOVIN’ it!!!

  23. #39

    Welcome to the world of canon and scallopy goodness.
    Oh and if you are looking at lenses I just read above that someone mentioned the 50mm 1.8, I’ll back that up, yep it’s an awesome little lens for the price, it only cost me $115 Australian dollars so basically for you it will be almost free.

  24. #41

    I have been a Canon user for some time. In Nov., for our 10th anniversary, my husband presented me with a righteous Canon Rebel Digital. I LOVED this camera, that’s right, past tense. I accidentally left it in my car overnight a few weeks ago – just so happens there was a rash of break-ins that VERY night. All of my SD cards were in it and I had not downloaded the Christmas photos. I hope to have a replacement soon but my heart broke a little that night. Enjoy your new baby!

  25. #48
    Jennifer Larson

    I love National Camera Exchange–they steered me well with my point and shoot, and they gently remind me of their free camera-using class for purchasers. I have to go take it someday. Thanks for reminding me about it!

  26. #49
    Bethany (buffie)

    I love Nat-Cam! I’ve gotten all three of my cameras there and love the hands-on shopping and perks (talking with someone who isn’t a 16-year-old employee reading the card or box and getting free camera classes).

    And keeping it local is all-good!

  27. #50

    Okay your About page is freakin’ hilarious! I love you Cathy. Will you marry me? I know you’re already married to Dan, but I live in Utah, and they don’t prosecute that here.

  28. #51

    Ooooooohhhh… scalloped border punch… that’s on my wish list too. One day I’ll break down and get it. Congrats on the Canon – I have one and love it.

  29. #58

    We must be on brain sharing. I just ordered that fiskars scalloped edger thing from Joann’s and I ordered a Canon camera yesterday. I chose the Canon SD990is because I want a camera that will go in my purse and be with me everywhere.

    But now I’m feeling guilty that I did not order locally. So maybe I need to go out and shop in town so I can feel good about supporting the local community.

  30. #60

    Are you kidding? Oh Cathy! I think you might be a little less cool in my book now. Nikon RULES! I love my D80. Loved all my Nikons. But I suspect it is a lot like Fords and Chevys or Apples and PCs. Still. This bums me out. Maybe you could give me a good deal on one of your lenses to make me feel better about it. ;o)

  31. #61
    Tonya Ladow

    Cathy, FYI–border punches are only $11.95 at–and if you spend $25 the shipping is free–check them out for all of their great prices.

  32. #62
    Michelle Shefveland

    Hey Cathy,

    Long time reader and laugher at your blog, but wanted to chime in from St. Cloud (well, we’ve also worked together a bit on DSM and SS)! Yea on the Canon 40D. I’ve had one since Sept. 07 and LOVE it. Have fun and happy to hear you’re inspired to shoot again. And I must add, my husband and I thought your Tom Cruise video was insanely hilarious…

  33. #64
    Steph Herbert

    I haven’t used the Threading Waters punch yet but, it looks lovely. Have you tried Stampin’ Up!’s Scallop Border and Eyelet Border punch? They are a staple of my toolbox now.

  34. #65

    Hey I was just like you. Nikon film and then Nikon digital but never felt the love for Nikon digital. I switched to Canon and have been super happy. Congrats on joining the dark side!

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