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This weekend, my baby girl turns 13.


I suppose I should do something scrapbooky to mark it, and I'm quite certain I will, but it made me remember a page from my second book that I still love to this day, and the sentiment behind it still holds true. I feel like I just blinked and she turned 13.


Reminds me of a t-shirt I saw somewhere along the way: Life moves fast. Scrapbook it.

Duly noted.

Happy early birthday, sweet girl. I love you.



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    The last photo of Aidan, where she’s looking out from inside her hair is seriously cool, teen attitude and style are showing.
    Like mother, like daughter?

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    Man Cathy, she looks SO much like you, and so much older too.
    I know exactly how you feel. My oldest will be turning 12 in a few weeks, and I’m still in shock about it.. how did that happen so fast? Seems impossible. I’ll definitely be doing a similar layout.
    Happy Birthday to Aiden!

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    Cathy, will she kill you for posting that picture?! I hope not, as it just made my day! Happy Birthday Aiden! (mine are only 4 and 5 so maybe time will slow down before they get that big!!)

    Janet – WI

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    Happy Birthday Aiden from another girl (and I will ALWAYS be a girl! LOL!) celebrating her birthday this weekend! Try to forgive your mom for posting that picture. πŸ™‚

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    Happy Birthday, Aiden!
    Goes fast, doesn’t it, Mom? My oldest daughter is 14 and heading to high school next year. It wasn’t too bad when it was “next year”… and then about two weeks ago, they scheduled for classes and it seemed so… soon! :)Hope you both have a wonderful year ahead! πŸ™‚

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    My daughter is 7, toothless and THINKS she’s a teen. Last night, as I was tucking her in and listening to her monologue about her day, I just stared at her mouth. I didn’t recognize it. A big tooth is slowly working it’s way down into adult form around all the empty spaces, and I had the sudden urge to yank it out. I didn’t. But I can’t even begin to comprehend what my emotions will be as she approaches 13. And I know it is just moments away. Thanks for reminding me to scrap this. I’m sure she will let me take a picture of her mouth tonight!

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    What a sweet sentiment in the sb page and in your post. As the mom of five year old twin daugthers I just know that they will be 20 before tomorrow and I’m so going to miss five! Hmmmm – did that make any sense at all – really it was quite philosophical in my head πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday Aidan.

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    Happy Birthday Aiden.

    Cathy, she looks so much like you in that last photo. You may be on for quite a ride.

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    Happy birthday, Aidan! I hope 13 is a fabulous year. πŸ™‚
    Cathy, I canNOT believe how mature she looks in that bottom picture. Yikes! :S

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    Love the new hair and she’s looking so grown up now. That means I only have 6 months till my baby turns 13 (29/09). Happy Birthday Aiden, have a fantastic birthday and I hope you get the pressies you’re hoping for πŸ™‚

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    ahhhh, that last picture….what a GORGEOUS teenager!! Wow Cathy, I can’t believe your baby is 13. Wish her a VERY happy birthday from us all!! :_)

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    My daughter turns 13 a month, almost to the day. And I have to be sneaky about posting pictures of her on my blog, she says “Bad guys surf the web, you shouldn’t put my picture up there for them to see.” I tell her I’m pretty sure ‘bad guys’ don’t read my blog.
    Happy Birthday Aidan!

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    Happy B-day Aiden! The last pic is a great photo – so grown up and now a true teen! Have a great day.


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    Happy Birthday to Aiden! Stunning photos, all of them. And oh, how she looks like her very cool mom. Amazing. My youngest just turned 16 and now has a driver’s permit. Nobody warned me about this when they placed him in my arms those few short weeks … years ago …

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    Sherri P eh

    Beautiful photos and you’re right, she’s not a baby anymore! Happy Birthday Aidan!! My oldest’s last birthday was his 13th and I know what you mean. All of these milestones flying by. Out of the booster, into the front seat, next is into the driver’s seat! So not ready!!

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    Nancy Peacock

    Happy Birthday Aidan! It’s been fun watching you grow up. You seem like a confident, well-adjusted young lady and I’m sure you realize how blessed you are to be in your particular family! You have a great mom and dad; and Cole?! How can you top Cole?!!
    It does go by awfully fast… My daughter will be 22 in August and my baby son (who is 6’2″) turns 17 in two months! I remember their baby days so clearly and I often miss those days…

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    Kristy Parker

    Wow my son turns 13 on Sunday…I hope the next 13 don’t fly by so fast…but this age is so difficult…boys boys boys…ugh.

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    rebecca k

    Happy Birthday to your Aidan! She is looking so much like you in that last shot. Lately I have been in one of those “let’s just get through this” phases and your journaling and blog post really reminded me to cherish this time because it does go so darn fast. Hope you all have a blast celebrating this big weekend.

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    Happy Birthday to Aidan…you don’t look a thing like your mama, do you? LOL (My DD gets that all the time, too…please know that your mom and I both probably hope that doesn’t scar you for life or anything. You both look like the younger, prettier, less world-weary versions of our former selves! (Now that I’ve offended your mom…:D)

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    ana roat

    My baby girl turned 28 last weekend. This weekend she is getting married. What I would give to hold that sweet baby girl in my arms just one more time…

    Happy birthday sweet Aidan!


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    Kris Van Allen

    Happy Birthday, Aidan!! My baby just turned 13 on Feb 15th (she has 2 older brothers, 17 and nearly 15, who are getting quite protective of their baby sister)…enjoy your day!!

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    Nancy C. from Wilmington, NC

    Happy birthday to your lovely daughter and my deepest sympathies to you for losing your mind…you know, the good sense and brains that you’ve accumulated all of these years. As of moment she turns 13, you will officially know nothing. She will know it all. I’m not exactly sure when that phase ends. My son is 25 and it isn’t over yet! LOL!

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    Jana D

    Happy B-Day Aiden.

    Happy Labor Day Cathy.

    Hard to believe the time has passed so quickly. You two look (attitude) so much alike. It’s really cool. You have your own Mini-Me.

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    Aiden….congrats on hitting the teenager years…

    Cathy….the teenager years are the best years ever at raising your kids!!! Have a blast with them. I have three teenagers at home right now (14, 15 and 16) and loving every minute of it!

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    Marg VP

    I’ve been working on my daughter’s grad book and it’s
    been a bittersweet experience. I’ll tell you this Cathy…one more blink and she’ll be all grown up. Cherish these next few years. You’ve got a beautiful daughter! Happy b-day Aidan!

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    You know, this is probably the KEY reason for scrapbooking. I look at my elder kiddo (who is 12) and see, “Oh wow. Those pants I just bought him in a size 14 are now too short.” I LOVE this time of his life. He’s hysterical. He always was, but now he’s getting to a more sophisticated level of funny. But, when I look at his pictures from kindergarten, my heart aches. And when I look at photos of some of my friends who have newborns, my heart really aches. I do NOT want one of my own anymore. It aches for the times I had with my boys when they were teeny. Anyway, thanks for letting me know I may be somewhat normal in feeling as I do (yes, you are my litmus test for normal… scary, yes?).

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    Linda J.

    Happy 13th birthday Aidan! Quite a milestone! Don’t blink mom – because soon she will be heading off to college! Our youngest – who happen to be twins – will be heading off to college in the fall. EMPTY NEST!! Don’t think I’ll be able to handle it!

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    Margy Eastman

    As I recall, I was pretty dorky-lookin’ at 13. There is NOTHING awkward about Aiden – happy birthday to a beautiful young lady!

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    Oh my, how lovely you are, Aidan! And a very Happy Birthday to you! D’you think your Mom will let you blog about turning a teen? Your previous blogs were great!

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    Karen G

    Happy Birthday Aiden. Feel like I have followed your growth for years, especially because my oldest turns 13 on March 30. So cool that you are growing up. So beautiful. From what your Mom writes, not just on the outside but the inside as well.
    Karen G

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    Mary Kate

    Happy Birthday, Aidan. Hope it was a memorable one. Whatever your teen years may bring to you, know that your Mom is your #1 fan and believes in you no matter what. Peace.

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    Happy Birthday to Aiden. My son turned 14 on March 24, it is amazing. We have now moved from the Wierd Al video to this one.

    and yes he made a #2 to go with it.
    Personally my sons has brought back so many memories by finding this gem. All of the kids in his class can dance to the video. LOL
    Take care,

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