Easy now, ladeez…

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I had to make this hat to illustrate something fun to do with photos for that last special issue of Simple, Scrapbook Play with Photos.

I told him, "You wear this hat to work, and you might just get more lovin' at home." So far, he's only tried to take me up on ONE of those options.

I'll let you guess which one.

He always has had a hard time with understanding "if-then" statements.

Cathy ZielskeEasy now, ladeez…

36 Comments on “Easy now, ladeez…”

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    Very cute and funny! Every time I see a picture of your husband I think of Cole all grown up. They look so much alike!

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    Shelley F

    LOL!!!! Too funny! I’ll bet he hasn’t worn that to work yet has he? But being a man….wants the other w/o the work 🙂 Thanks for making me laugh this afternoon!

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    Oh Kuddos to your Dan! I only wish I had a guy that was an able model assistant….. oh, maybe I should just start wishing for A guy first….. baby steps baby steps… thanks for always making me smile – tj09

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    This cracks me up–my dh said–he knows he will NEVER wear it–cuz real men don’t and he has decided that Dan is a real man!! 🙂

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    Margy Eastman

    OOH – love my little avatar. How did you know red is my favorite color? Your blog really looks great. I’d definitely seek you our for my professional designing needs!

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    Tonja Trump

    That is awesome…I can’t wait for my issue to arrive! He’s still a keeper though…lol!

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    Jennifer R.

    LOL- that’s so cute! Well, my man doesn’t get the if-then statement either! Must be a gender thing- ;)!

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    Cathy —
    Maybe you could make him some kind of little panel on the inside that says “I’m wearin’ this hat so that I can get more lovin'” Then he can whip the hat off in the awkward man teasing situations and show the panel. All the guys laugh and he’s cool again?
    Maybe not. It was a thought.

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    Just started reading your blog this morning…..now this made me laugh but quietly because my husband is sleeping upstairs! So funny, frankly I’m amazed that your husband would put on the hat and be willing to be on here in it…..good luck with the rest, lol.

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