How can you NOT see that?

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OMG, you guys. There's this game, and it's SO super fun… you draw pictures but it's like, you know, charades, and instead of acting the clues out, YOU DRAW THEM!

(When I told Dan I was going to blog about Pictionary, he said, "Yeah, that would've been great, in 1986.)

All poo-poo-ing aside, we had a family Pictionary night, at the suggestion of Cole, and seriously? I can't believe we don't play this game in EVERY WAKING HOUR.

But before I go further, you should that the Zielske's rarely hit home runs like this:


It took Aidan (who was my partner, girls vs. boys, as it were) all of 1 second to guess the obvious answer: peanut butter. It was like we were doing the Vulcan Mind Meld. THAT is how connected we felt on this one.

And it went downhill from there.

Need proof? Let me share some of our handiwork (and let's see how well YOU do on your guesses!)

I drew this:


Anything? No? Not yet. Take a look at what Cole drew for his partner and father, Dan:


I think this is a drawing that could only really be done, from both sides, from a family who started procreating in the 90s. And I think you know why, don't you?

Both Cole and I had the same idea starting out, then with time running out we resorted to something that most vegetable-hating kids in America have faced at one time or another in their lives: ranch dressing. Thank you.

That's when Cole uttered the catch phrase of the night: HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT? to Dan, who really never made the connection because he had to eat his veggies as a kid as part of any number of Lutheran mystery casseroles.

Next up, I drew this for Aidan:


Have you got it? Was it instant? I thought this was also a slam dunk, and it would have been for Cole, who was absolutely obsessed with the Astrodome after hurricane Katrina. Nevermind the fact that I put Houston on roughly the same patch of land as San Antonio. And when I realized Aidan wasn't going to get it, I went with the phonetic approach, but I guess you can't fault a 12 year old for not seeing the "ass" clue and going, "Ohhhh… ASS-trodome!"

Next up, another drawing from me to Aidan:


If only I'd had more time on this one. Cole and Dan went in a totally different direction, and Aidan was left shouting, "CAT? DEAD CAT?" Okay, so maybe I don't really know how to draw Batman. I'll be honest, she was never going to guess Robin, even if I'd  had a police sketch artist to assist me. Sometimes though, in Pictionary, you start with a bad idea and you say, "Ah, to hell with it… I'm too INVESTED now."

But somehow, the cat thing stuck in Aidan's head, when she drew this for me.


I actually ended up guessing correctlly, after guessing "Flying Cat" and "Dragon Eater". It was Den, but honestly, how many cats do you know that hibernate?

The next one I thought for SURE Aidan would get, because she took wood working classes when she was 11. I thought wrong.


She was too stuck on the exploding flower/hand, and never made the connection. Um, hello? It's whittle? Duh. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT?

Next up, Aidan drew this for me.


She started with the building, pointing furiously to the windows. I'm thinking, "office?" "work place?" Then she draws the people who I find out later are laying on a bed (because EVERYONE knows people sleep on beds in motels), and when time runs out she says, "MOM! It was motel!" And I'm all, "Then why'd you draw an office building?" And she says, "Since when do people sleep together in an office building?" 

We haven't had that talk yet. Next.

I drew this for Aidan:


Other than the logical guess of "animal pizza," time ran out, and I was embarrassed to say I really only knew a few signs of the zodiac. And apparently, one of them has ears like Piglet.

But even though Aidan and I closed the night with a narrow defeat, we did end on a high note, getting this next one in a matter of seconds.


Aidan guessed, "Double chin?" And I knew… Vulcan Mind Meld back on!

But I think it really addresses a larger issue here that Dan has never really understood what the words "weight issue" really mean. His drawing for Cole would've been great, if the clue was "Beavis & Butthead":


I don't mean to come off as trying to be overly wholesome here, but playing games with your family is awesome. 

It's also a good explanation of why I work in print design, using a computer, and not a pen.

Cathy ZielskeHow can you NOT see that?

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    Anita VP

    Thanks for the laugh…one of my favorite games is Cranium, because it involves, drawing, singing, humming, acting all the best of the games of the 80’s!

  2. #3
    Joan Fowler

    Oh my God. Too too funny. I bet you had a ball. And how could you not see that as a little Batman?

  3. #4

    This is awesome! ASStrodome is classic! Makes me want to play this tonight…before Idol Thanks for the morning cheer! Have a great day!

  4. #5

    OMG, I haven’t laughed that hard since… well, since the last time I played Pictionary! GREAT STUFF, thanks! πŸ™‚

  5. #8
    Martha Moring

    That was by far one of your best posts EVAAAH! Laughing my “ass” off and sending a link to all my girlfriends! Thanks for making a dreary Austin morning a little more tolerable!

  6. #9

    Thank you for the good laugh this morning … I needed it bad. We play Pictionary with our kids too (sames ages as yours) and it is always highly entertaining.

  7. #10

    There I was, just innocently chewing my WW-friendly apple, when I read the following: “…she says, “Since when do people sleep together in an office building?” We haven’t had that talk yet.”
    Little “bits&pieces” of said apple are now splattered across my monitor’s screen!
    Thanks for the laugh!!!

  8. #13
    Mary Mitchell

    It’s been a tradition at our house to always play a family game on Christmas Eve. I usually spend the weeks before Christmas scouring the town for a new board game that will get everyone excited. We haven’t tried pictionary……that could be the 2009 holiday game. By the way……I looked at the Astrodome pic and thought Austin Starbucks. Is it obvious I haven’t had my coffee yet???

  9. #14

    what a great post… just too funny… and my 3 yrear old telling me as ai sit here what he thinks each picture is.

    the double chin picts according to him a ballon with a face and a tree…


  10. #15

    OMG! I’m ROTFLOL here! Priceless! Hey Cathy… Have you ever played Cranium? You would LOVE it! Not only do you get to draw pics, but you mold things out of clay, or you have to hum a tune, or just be smart. SOOO much fun! I LOVE playing games!

  11. #16

    Oh, my! I’m laughing my head off. As a veteran of Pictionary wars (playing teams with another family), I was not too skilled at some of them – the RANCH dressing thing looked like bombs dropping and obliterating an innocent house to me. But I got the ASStrodome right away, geography notwithstanding. GREAT post, Cathy. Oh, and yours and Aidan’s drawings were way better. I think it’s a female thing. πŸ˜‰

  12. #17

    oh my heck… That’ll teach me to read your comments FIRST, before I post… Just saw that someone already suggested Cranium. Well… Now you GOTTA play it!

  13. #19

    made me laugh hard, and reminded me off all the “must save” drawings that we laugh at every time we open the pictionary box. I love that game!

  14. #20

    ROFL! Those pictures are great! Thank you for sharing – very fun to start the day off giggling. We had our own version of game night playing Killer Bunnies last night.

  15. #22

    Just wanna say, I had pegged “zodiac” like that :::snapping fingers:::
    And who could forget the great Win, Lose or Draw TV Show in the 80’s with Bert Convy, him and his dimpled, afro self.

  16. #24
    Jaime Benavides

    I love PICTIONARY! I used to own that game when I was younger…I think I’ll have to purchase it again to add to my board game collection for Family Game Night at my house. My mom has this other game – the name escapes me – where you act out the clues, we played it last Mother’s Day. It was a hoot to say the least…I’ll have to call her now for the name because it’ll drive me crazy! Thanks for the laugh;)

  17. #25
    Sharon Trumble

    This is definitely the best thing I will read today. I can so relate to the whole thing. I love games and so does my family, but being part of an overly-competative family, it sometimes turns into utter craziness! We love this game, and I think tonight would should dig it out. Do you have Cranium? The original one is a blast (actually, so are the other versions). And I LOVE Taboo. Thank you again for such a funny post. You’re so entertaining!
    Sharon πŸ™‚

  18. #26

    you didn’t even get houston near san antonio.. more like laredo.. on the border with mexico..

    hee hee..

    the poor astrodome is falling apart. they couldn’t even use it this year for the houston rodeo. they lost the occupancy permit and the cost to repair/get it back is astronomical.

    loved all of your other pics.

  19. #27
    Elizabeth Rosemond

    I’m crying…so damn funny!!

    Oh, and don’t you think it’s time for the “what REALLY happens in office buildings while children are in school” talk with Aiden? You should tell her before some one else does.

    Damn, I hate Pictionary.

  20. #28

    I was laughing out loud at work while reading this – people are looking at me!!! I love Pictionary – what a great game.

    You need to write a book, Cathy – it would be a best seller in the comedy section. Life and Tribulations of The Z Family . . . you certainly have the writer’s knack!


  21. #30
    Tena Sprenger

    oh my gosh…. laughing hysterically. I forgot how funny pictionary can be…I was always amazed that no one “got” my drawings either. Not everyone can understand insightful art right? Ha! tena

  22. #33

    Love all of your pictures Cathy–and yes do have that talk with your daughter BEFORE she goes out into the work a day world!! πŸ™‚

  23. #34
    vanessa maez

    That was one of the funniest post ever.
    My family loves that game too and I gotta say my 6 year old is the best at guessing, I think the older you get the more you over think a drawing.
    We just had our game night last night too. Star wars Battleship, Sorry, and Tree Frog.

  24. #36
    Wanita K

    Our kids played Pictionary with my sister-in-law and some grown up cousins a couple of years ago when we were home for vacation. They had a blast and everyone still talks about how my youngest one tried to draw “frozen”. They let him act it out instead and it was priceless. I still have the photos waiting to be scrapped!

  25. #37
    Rebecca G.

    I’m breaking out the ol’ Pictionary box now! “Since when do people sleep together in an office?” CLASSIC! Although I do have to say that your “ranch dressing” photo looked a lot like an alien invasion to me… but what do I know. hee hee Thanks for the giggles!

  26. #38
    Jan Connair

    Okay, I was with you on the peanut butter drawing. Duh. Totally obvious! But it definitely went downhill from there.

    In the ranch dressing picture, I just couldn’t fathom why carrots, a vase, and Pac Man were floating above your house. Maybe you needed an arched gate with “Bar X” written on it to depict “ranch”?

    I just stared, open-mouthed, at “Astrodome.” No clue why you drew a huge butt. I thought maybe you were Pictionary-ing “I like big butts and I cannot lie.” But what Texas had to do with that, I couldn’t figure.

    Batman–totally brilliant. I don’t know how you could have done it better unless you had added a batarang. Obviously your family needs art appreciation lessons.

    “Den” stumped me. I was still thinking Batman, so all I could get was “cat cave.” Ooops.

    Motel was actually pretty brilliant, as well. Shame on you for not getting that one.

    The picture for “whittle” was all good, but I never would have guessed correctly. I was thinking about psychos in the woods. Oh well.

    Zodiac was a real poser for me. I was thinking, “Trivial Pursuit, animal edition?”

    Kudos to Aidan for getting “double chin.” I thought that one was a helium balloon.

    And the last one . . . sorry to say my thoughts were going to “alien abduction” instead of “Beavis and Butthead.” You are a better woman than I!

  27. #39

    Last weekend my sister, brother, sister in law and I played an intense game of pictionary. I hadn’t played in years and it was so much fun! So when I saw this I thought, what a great idea for a post! I should shamelessly copy that! And then I remembered that our game got just a tiny bit inappropriate. Some pictures NSFW. But funny!

    I have to say that for the picture you drew for “ranch dressing”…. I guessed “Little Shop of Horrors”. You know, because the monster-like pac man shaped thing on the left looked a bit like the Audrey II. (or was it supposed to be a killer tomato?)

  28. #40

    Sooo funny! Cathy I would tell you to stick to the graphic design but I really want another Pictionary post! Just for the record your “double chin” was the easiest and I got Batman too. But the rest? Poor Aidan she didn’t stand a chance – maybe her and Cole should partner next time.

  29. #42

    this is FAB we love Pictionary – but only get it out at Christmas – mmm maybe tonight as well

    the ASS picture was inspired

  30. #43
    sue Treiber

    HI-larious!! All of the drawings are so funny. I didn’t see your ranch…I thought maybe you were drawing a haunted house, mad scientist or something like that. (It looks like a cat walking on the fence) but I loved your Asstrodome. Genius!

  31. #45
    Melanie K.

    ROFLMBO! Oh my, I have never laughed so hard at one of your posts! Oh, me … that brought back sooo many memories (but I loved win, lose or draw the best!) LOL!

  32. #46

    OMG! That is too funny and it brings back so much memories for me. In highschool…we use to cut class & hide out at a friend’s house to play pictionary. It was a weekly thing. Sure I suppose we could’ve done the cool stuff like smoke, drug, whatnots. But we always have a blast playing this ‘wholesome’ game.

  33. #47
    Tammy M.

    This is hilarious! I need to find this game for my boys…I think it would be a blast until the competeing started …then it would be all over πŸ˜‰

  34. #49

    Oh golly…this is a classic post! I agree, always save the drawings for later laughs. We actually have our “definitions” still in the box from an alcohol-induced game of Balderdash back in 1988. They still crack us up like it was yesterday. Sigh…good times!

  35. #50
    Sue B

    My son married a gal that came from a family of game playing. So we started doing that when they come over and now we all look forward to playing different games.Our other two daughters join us, and we laugh all night. Great fun! And cheap.

  36. #51

    you can’t deny some good clean fun. we have game nights here and there and even my techno-obsessed nieces love it! good stuff – and love the drawings! πŸ™‚

  37. #52

    “Animal Pizza”. Seriously, chocolate milk came out my nose as I sit at my desk having lunch and reading through this. It sounds exactly like Pictionary with my family! Thanks so much for a great laugh today.

  38. #53

    Are you kidding? Pictionary is a mainstay for my family. So much so that we have a wipe-off board, markers, and stand at the ready in the front entryway closet! We play it at family reunions, picnics, showers, b-day parties….you name it! Thanks for the great post. You really brightened an otherwise gloomy, chilly day!

  39. #56

    cracking up seriously!
    We have many long standing family jokes related to pictionary-Like my friend Robyn and I sneaking in the John Travolta dance move with our pointer finger when no one was looking for “disco”.

  40. #59

    I *love* pictionary. I had racoon once and drew an animal with the raccoon mask and my husband kept saying “jail cat?”. In the same game he had the word walrus and drew an animal with four legs because he didn’t know what a walrus was. πŸ™‚

  41. #60

    OMG your drawings made me laugh out loud! I haven’t played Pictionary in years and your post brought back so many great memories, thanks!

  42. #61

    LOL for the day! Thanks for sharing! I’m sorry SS lost you, but we gain from your funnier and funnier posts!

  43. #62

    My brother and I are not allowed to be on the same team anymore because of the mind meld thing. My favorite Pictionary memory is the time we played with a slightly dyslexic friend who drew a complete dairy with milking machines, cows, silos, etc….and the word was DIARY.

  44. #63

    At least your family plays with you. When I am sitting at the table ready to play Pictionary, my family goes to the opposite team. What little traitors they are.

    But you know what, it is so much fun whether you can draw or not. In fact we are going camping this weekend. I’m gonna drag out the Pictionary game. If nothing else it will be priceless to hear the men groan when I pull it out:)

  45. #64

    You are so freakin’ hilarious. Thanks for the laugh — it was a much needed break!!! I think we just might play Pictionary tonight — I wonder if the “junior” version will be as much fun?

  46. #65

    Bahaha! So freakin’ funny. I TOTALLY got a few of those. You drew a haunted house, complete with stick figure witches (who apparently fly in a 4-pack formation) with a cat on the fence and a moon-eating thingy that clearly prefers the taste of witches.

    And Cole’s drawing is even more obvious. Clearly, it’s a farm, but,…not just ANY farm. It’s a carrot farmer, but he works exclusively for the Jolly Green Giant because those are some big freakin’ carrots. I’m good at this. It’s a gift.
    p.s. I was soooo cracking up at the drawings. You oughta see us play Bingo with our four little ones (oldest is 9). Not sure a few can even spell Bingo (’nuff said).

  47. #70

    Love, love, love pictionary! Unfortunately people don’t like playing it with us since we’re artists—but it’s not about being an artist, since you don’t have time to actually draw anything “fancy”! All our pictionary pages look like everyone else’s—“exploding flower” hands, stick figures, disjointed sketches… It’s all about mind meld, and when it’s working it’s amazing how little you can draw & just get it! (p.s. I thought your ranch dressing was carrot juice! ha!)

  48. #72

    Thank you. I needed that.
    My children have started to wonder about me when I laugh out loud at the computer….but I can’t help it.
    You are amazing.

  49. #73

    This is a great story and I’m guessing your readers had as much fun reading it as you had living it! I had forgotten how much fun Pictionary can be but having been reminded, I think I’ll get it out of the closet and see if I can find somebody who’ll play it with me! This is a fun family memory and keeping some of the best drawings to look at ten years down the road would be so much fun. I still have Yahtzee score sheets in the box that I can’t bear to part with because they show the handwriting of my kids when they were little and that of a beloved aunt who has since passed on. When I see them, I’m reminded of the “good old days” and it’s wonderful to be reminded. Thanks for sharing your fun with us!

  50. #74

    ROFL, that was too funny.. thank goodness i have a house to myself and no one can hear me screaming with laughter.. and i totally got peanut butter too.. πŸ™‚

    have you tried the one where you model things out of clay? Rapidoh or something i think it’s called.. i can only imagine what kind of fun and frolics would ensue in the Zielske household!

  51. #76

    Wah! That is some funny stuff!

    Another funny game is called Mad Gab. You read words that sound like something else. One of our families funniest was “Eye Mile Tough Guess”. It is hilarious to hear people keep saying it over and over with different inflections trying to figure it out…good laughs on that game.

  52. #77

    First off your writing is hilarious. Pictionary is the best family game. Our extended family used to get together once a month for games and this was always a hit. It is so funny when someone doesn’t get it and the person just keeps pointing at the picture.

  53. #79

    I rarely comment here, but had to say what a great laugh I had today…..thanks for the blog……keep it coming.

  54. #80
    Beth S.

    I am wiping tears from my eyes. You have reminded me that I loved to play Pictionary. After reading this I will be snatching up the first one I find! Thanks!

  55. #81

    Pictionary is the best game ever! It’s great to save all those shippets of brilliance and look at them years later!

  56. #82
    Susan Schacht

    OK, seriously we’re twins. My pictionary story: younger son is on my team drawing angry triangular people. Older son on dad’s team drawing water with fish, and to lines on either side of the water. We’re guessing “lake”, “pond”, “anger management”. Find out the word is “dam”. Younger one looks up and says “OOOOHHHHH… I thought it was DAMN like the bad word!”

    And yes, I scrapped that moment. I, too, LOVE LOVE LOVE Pictionary.

  57. #83

    OK – I haven’t commented on a blog before – but I just had to say H. ilar I. O. U. S!! I woke up my one year old because I was laughing so loudly!

  58. #84

    ahahahaha…this post had me cracking up! i loved the play-by-play. almost felt like i was right in the room with you guys! πŸ™‚

  59. #85
    Heather Peet

    Ha!! GREAT post! I was cracking up!!!
    Everyone’s been there in Pictionary and can totally relate to this! πŸ™‚

  60. #86
    Stephanie S.

    Oh this was great! Years ago, I was visiting my boyfriend’s family and for some reason his brother (who I’m not sure I had met before that trip) and I experienced the vulcan mind meld. Serioulsy – I drew a triangle on top of a square with a cross on top of the triangle and he yells out “Sistine Chapel” which is TOTALLY what it was. It was a total mind meld. Pictionary rocks! And seriously, I love games, try “Apples to Apples” – SUPER fun!

  61. #87

    I was having a dreary day in the rainy cold Pacific NW until I read your post and almost peed my pants laughing so hard! You are awesome and I say thank you for making my day with your humor.

  62. #88
    Jane Logan

    I have tears running down my face from laughing so hard!! Must find the pictionary!! I have many memories of family holidays (usually in rented houses in the country) playing games – including Pictionary. So much fun!

  63. #90
    Celeste E

    OMG! you are so funny! That was another good belly laugh! I think you should look into being a standup comic for your next job!

  64. #91

    OK…….MRS. Z~
    I just knew this would be the laugh I needed today!
    Wednesday being ..Hump Day.. and all!!!!!
    …..So when I read, “Lutheran mystery casseroles”!
    That took the cake!!

    Insanity runs in the veins of all Pictionary Peoples!
    ……loved your clues….who knew?

    Liz in PA

  65. #92
    Kris Van Allen

    In our younger, pre-kid, years, DH and I used to play Pictionary with his parents, grandma, 4 sibs and assorted spouses. One Christmas my own parents joined us. Unforgettable night!

    1. My MIL was drawing a face, with curly hair like hers. Yes, she was drawing herself. The word: DIP. I said she should be happy no one guessed it!

    2. DH’s grandma was slowly drawing some stick figures, a largish car/bus, things resembling a street….the word: PIZZA. The people were getting on the bus to go to the pizza parlor. WTH??

    3. It was an ‘all draw,’ and a sib’s spouse’s mom was drawing with my dad guessing. (If you knew the group, you’d know at this point that there is trouble abrewing.) Everyone else is scribbling away furiously, guesses filling the air. She couldn’t think of a thing to draw. My dad kept encouraging her loudly, “put the pencil on the paper! Draw something! ANYthing!!” I don’t even remember the word….she read the wrong one off the card and was trying to draw SKID ROW.

    4. Lastly, on another all draw, two of the brothers got the word right away. The rest of the teams were drawing a horizontal line with a dip in it (not the MIL kind). The brother had drawn two deer, having a ‘special hug’…..the word: RUT.

    We still tell those stories nearly 20 years later. What a night!!

  66. #93

    I have just been laughing out loud…with tears even…thanks for that!! Gotta go buy that game! You really are a great writer not to mention Hilarious!!

  67. #95

    I am laughing so hard I’m crying – this was the best thing for my soul today aftr the crappy day I had. You’re the best!

  68. #96
    ana roat

    when I saw the double chin, I said “hey, that’s me!!”…ha,ha,ha… I think we still have this game somewhere in the garage…gotta go find it…LOL!

  69. #97
    Pam K.

    ROFLMAO!!!! (As I’m wiping the tears from my eyes). My sister and I have Vulcan Mind Meld, too. One time we were playing at a family get together and my sister drew a straight line and I yelled “ledge!”. She just looked at me and showed me the card. Now we are forbidden to be on the same team:(

  70. #98

    This is so funny Cathy. I just LOVE pictionary! LOVE IT! But its been a long time since I’ve played. My kiddos are close to getting into that “understandable” drawing age. Therefore, I can’t wait! BTW tell Coley that I would have guess Robin! I see it!! And he was smart for drawing Batman! Good job! So whenever you’re in NY, stop by for a game! (wink)

  71. #99

    OHHHHH my word, Cathy, I am laughing so hard tears are leaking from my eyes and I can hardly catch my breath….

    That is the next best thing to playing Pictionary with your hilarious-sounding family!

  72. #101
    Phyllis R.

    Oh ha, ha, ho ho!!! This one really tickled my funny bone tonight! It was almost as fun as playing in real life. Ass-trodome totally stumped me too (not into sports), but totally got peanut butter and double chin :)) Brings back good family memories. Thanks!

  73. #102
    Rhonda P

    ahh man, Cathy you have me sitting here laughing so loud. Thanks for that great post with the artwork. Now surely you could scrap that somehow, right? Those pictures are priceless. Love the last one but ummm…what is it?

  74. #104

    YOU outdid yourself on this post. I am LMAO as opposed to crying my eyes out since my kid went back to school this morning. Thanks!

  75. #106

    Funny post. It is the curious and furious pencil pointing that always gets me in Pictionary… like “I am stabbing madly at the obvious… why can’t you see it???”
    Hil-ar-i-ous post!!!

  76. #107

    I laughed until the tears rolled down my cheeks. And my bladder control isn’t what it used to be, so that was touch and go. I love to play games – I wish I could convince my family to do it more. Maybe when my kids are older.

  77. #108

    Oh my gosh…this is our family game too. I was smiling through all the drawings until I got to the animal pizza and Beavis and Butthead…then I was LOL’ing. What a fun idea to save and scan some Pictionary drawings. We have actually taken, now that the family is almost grown, to playing “Actionary”. Instead of drawing the clues, we actually do act them out. I’ve videotaped this, and it is bizaar. My brother-in-law and I did have the Vulcan Mind melding moment once right after we lived in San Antonio (This was in Oregon, mind you) and the clue was the Alamo. I put the town in the right place on the Texas map, though! Hah. Thanks for the laughs.

  78. #109

    OMGosh – I am totally going to suggest Pictionary on the next family game night! My 9yo son discovered Taboo at Grandma’s house over Xmas and had a great time, and lately we’ve been playing Boggle – which isn’t really fair for my 6yo daughter…but Pictionary? My husband and my (bad) drawing will be the big equalizer! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the post. Enjoyed it!!

  79. #110

    If I could draw LMAO, I would do that for you, Cathy!!! You had me at the ranch dressing! XD

  80. #111
    Amy Ruotsala

    *wiping tears from my eyes*……stupid Pictionary…it’s a love/hate thing. But I have such great memories of my dad, erasing his drawing to start over!!!

    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, ranch dressing…and ASStrodome!!!

  81. #112

    I have to comment because I love Pictionary and I love that you guys rocked it as a family and because your post almost made me pee my pants – and that is always a good thing! “How can you not see that??!!” – the universal catchcry of Pictionary players everywhere, lmao!

  82. #113

    OMG, I’m back to comment again cause I got the comment from paulysrachie and the whole bladder control thing became an issue again – Jail Cat and the 4 legged walrus!!?? Seriously, there is nothing better than Pictionary ;o)

  83. #114

    The Astrodome one….all I could see was the Sydney Harbour Bridge. And I was terribly confused as to why you thought it was in Texas.

    Hmmmmmm. I should not play pictionary.

  84. #117

    Too funny, Cathy! Your talent for drawing quickly is on par with mine. That makes me feel a bit better about my win-loss record for Pictionary. πŸ˜›

    My younger one likes the game “Who? What? Where? Jr”… it’s not as fast-paced or cut-throat as Pictionary. Maybe your kids are a little bit too old for that one already, but we sure like it at our place.

    Oh, I just found the version for bigger kids when I was searching for the link. I guess I’ll put that on our future wish list.

  85. #118



  86. #120
    Beth R.

    OMG, this has got to be in the top 2 funniest posts to date. I would say the absolute #1 funniest but I hate to commit in case my memory kicks in and I remember something else. So I will just say that it’s a good thing I haven’t put on my face yet because I seriously just laughed so hard my nose is running & my eyes are blurry. My daughter managed to grumble ” MOommm, quiet” because I was laughing so loud she heard me in her (still sleeping)coma like state.
    You are the best,even on the worst days you always make me laugh. I will say it again….”Won’t you be my neighbor?”
    P.S. I got BATMAN instantly, but Robin…..not so much?

  87. #122
    Janet Ang

    Cathy, thanks for the entertainment! I’m dying of laughter from this end! Now scrapbooking all those drawings are priceless! I love especially the “Ass” one and “people sleeping together in office buildings”.

  88. #124

    I loved Pictionary as a kid. I can’t wait for the girls to get older so that I can play with them. (And I totally got Batman.)

  89. #126
    Rhonda Hestir

    HILL-arious…at least for me, alone in my computer room. I haven’t had LOL-endorphins like that in a while…that mixed with the morphed-animal drugs…well, I’m good through the weekend!!

  90. #127

    I’m DYING laughing over here. You saved the best for last! For the record, I immediately got Astrodome & Zodiac. Nice clues.

    Dan’s double chin drawing is beyond hysterical. I would have guessed erupting volcano.

  91. #130

    Thanks for the laugh!
    I grew up with no tv and lots of family games = Lots of great memories. Pictionary, though, has been the cause of some terrible family fights.:) Rapidoh – similar concept but you sculpt the words instead of draw them – seems to be an all round family fave – more laughs than fights.

  92. #131
    Linda J.

    Cathy, this post totally cracked me up! We used to play Pictionary all the time but haven’t in a while. I think I see a game in our future!

  93. #134

    This had me laughing out loud, something I seldom do. We played Cranium at Thanksgiving and made some great memories and laughed. You have to try it!

  94. #135

    I am having a horrible morning…until now. Hilarious! That may be the best post ever. I am definitley playing Pictionary this weekend. Thanks for the much needed laugh!

  95. #136
    Kristie Lippert

    OMG this is soooo hilarious that I’m cracking up laughing at this at work!!! I love pictionary but I’m no good and didn’t get any of those until you told me what they were! BUT you and Aiden did awesome – girls rule!!! Can’t wait for another pictionary game and more pics!!!!

  96. #137

    Oh what fun. I haven’t played that in ages. Just might have to go get that one as I think my boys would love it. Thanks for the laughs today πŸ˜‰

  97. #139

    A comment from the former reigning Queen of Pictionary (self-coronated, of course). You could draw a dot on the paper, and I could get it. I fear now that 40 is approaching like a freight train, I may have lost my touch. The Zielske’s have inspied me to dust off the box!

    There’s a part in Cadoo where you have to use clay to make something that the other person guesses. I am not as good in three-dimensions, I found out.

  98. #143
    Kate Mc

    This is the first time I’ve read your blog, but I am a huge fan! (just not a big blog girl) I love pictionary and your post had me laughing out loud so hard that my throat is now hurting and tears are straeming down my face.
    We don’t play it very often either, but last time our close group of friends did, we had an experience so similar. If you ever want a good laugh, its the agme to play.
    PS When i saw the picture of the zodiac i yell to the computer ‘animal pizza’ and then laughed as I kept reading.

  99. #144
    CoraLee Kilfoy

    Thank you so much for that post! I was really and truly laughing out loud…my husband kept asking “what are you laughing at?” LOL
    I just discovered your blog a few days ago and already it’s on my favorites list!

  100. #146

    I have no clue how I missed this the first time around… but so so funny! Crying funny.

    My favorite… “Since when do people sleep together in an office building?”

    We haven’t had that talk yet. Next.”

    soo funny!

  101. #148

    This is an awesome post, CZ. My boys (ages 7, 10 & 12) all LOVE pictionary too! But I just had to tell you about this other game one of them brought home (not sure if you’ll even see this comment since it’s on a 3 year old post, but WTH). Hopefully I can describe it so you “get it.”

    Each person starts with a piece of paper ( we use legal size so we have more room) and at the top they write a sentence. Then everyone passes their paper. Right or left, doesn’t matter, just keep going the same direction. Then the next person has to draw a picture to represent the sentence. Then they fold over the top of the paper to hide the sentence and everyone passes again. Then the next person writes a sentence of what they think the drawing is and folds the paper to hide the drawing and then pass again. Keep going until you’re out of paper. It’s so fun. Kind of a mix of pictionary and the telephone game where you whisper a secret around the circle and it comes out completely different at the end! We laugh SO hard every single time!!!

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