Introducing a new monthly blog feature: Design Do-Overs

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I was sitting around last weekend, thinking to myself, "Okay, you don't write for a magazine anymore, and yet you've got all this practical knowledge about design just sitting in your brain, festering and yearning for a way to get out and reach the scrapbooking masses… or at least maybe your blog readers."

And then it hit me: who doesn't love a makeover? There's nothing that drives the point home better than a bona fide before and after. How many times have you not wanted to watch Oprah's makeover shows, but eventually found yourself shouting out to the t.v., "YOU LOOK 20 YEARS YOUNGER! IT'S A MIRACLE!"?

There's just something magical—and potentially educational—about a makeover. And I want to apply it to your scrapbook pages.

Enter my new monthly blog series called, simply enough: Design Do-Overs.

Now, a little history… back in the days of Simple Scrapbook magazine (which technically, is still IN the day, as our final issue hasn't even hit newsstands), we'd cover design, but we stayed away from page makeovers because our message wasn't one of making you feel badly about preserving your memories, even if they looked like ka ka du jour.

Years ago, Creating Keepsakes put out a special issue called "Marvelous Makeovers" and it was a huge hit with readers. So this idea isn't something I dreamed up out of nowhere. I just think the time is ripe for this type of process, especially for an unemployed graphic designer scrapbooker chick who has mad skillz to share.

Here's what I believe: design is just another tool in your scrapbooking skill arsenal. The more you know, the better decisions you'll make, and the happier you'll be with the results. Design education builds confidence and empowers good decision making, meaning you rely more on you and less on those idea books piling up on your nightstand.

So how's this gonna work? Good question. I'm going take one of your layouts (you, being a very special and brave blog reader) and make it over. Maybe it's a page you tried to make work for hours, but somehow, something isn't quite working. Maybe it's a page that you did, and liked, but then on second and third peek, it wasn't holding up. Maybe it's just an ugly scrapbook page. End of story. Whatever the case, I want your pages.

Consider this a page call of a different sort: I'm looking for your most disappointing pages.The ones you flip past just a bit more quickly when sharing your albums. The ones that make you lean over at a crop and say, "Oh, I JUST had my eyes dilated before I did that one." The ones that make you say, "I have no idea what I was thinking."

If I pick your layout, you will do the following:

1. Send me high resolution (300 DPI) digital photos.

2. Type up your journaling to include on the page.

3. Agree to do a very brief interview with me to be featured along with the Design Do-Over.

I will take your page, and do it over, using design as my weapon of choice. Then, I will feature the hows and whys right here on my blog, sharing design goodness with all. When it's all said and done, I'll send you the finished page, and a copy of your choice of my first or second book, inscribed with gushy loving design-related sentiments.

What we all take away from it, is a little sliver of design education, to help everyone make pages that look good.

Because no one should be forced into black-bar-over-eyes-land as a result of bad design.


To be considered for Design Do-Overs, email me at, and write "DESIGN DO-OVER" in the subject field. Attach a low res photo or scan of your page, telling me why you think it's just not working. My plan is to select one page each month to feature in this new blog series.

Remember, this is NOT about public humiliation. I take design very seriously, people. And I will serve it up monthly. With love.


In other design-related news: I am working on an instant download Projects Now class for Big Picture Scrapbooking which is tentatively titled "5 Tips to Better Designed Pages" and will be both super affordable and chock full of my top 5 tips to help you improve your design instantly. Keep an eye out here for more information coming soon.

In other regular news: Happy Birthday, Dan Zielske. You hot thing, you.

In still more and possibly the most important other special news: My birthday is this Sunday, the 8th. I HATE not having a weekday birthday to receive anonymous well wishes from blog readers. Feel free to leave them today. No really. Go ahead. I don't mind.

Cathy ZielskeIntroducing a new monthly blog feature: Design Do-Overs

269 Comments on “Introducing a new monthly blog feature: Design Do-Overs”

  1. #1
    Cathy K.

    Happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday dear Cathy,
    happy birthday to you!

    You are so lucky that you didn’t have to hear me sing that at 6:05 this morning. Have a wonderful day!!

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    anne leglise

    Happy Birthday! Joyeux anniversaire! Maligayang Bati sa Iyong Kaarawan!

    Again, Happy Birthday, Dan & Cathy!

  3. #3
    Kathy Jo Camacho

    Hey Cathy! Have a fantastic birthday! If your birthday falls on a weekend… don’t you get at least two days of birthday presents? Since “the weekend” is one day? (How’s that for logic!)

  4. #4
    Holly A. Moss

    Hello! 🙂



    I really hope you both have great ones. I for one am glad you were born – your humor brightens my day. 🙂


  5. #9
    Veronica Berkey

    Happy Birthday to you! May it be full of nothing and everything and moments of pure joy! vb

  6. #11

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! And I guess I can also send warm birthday wishes to your hunk of a man Dan.

    Wanted you to know that this is one of the few blogs I visit and it never fails to elicit smiles and giggles.

  7. #15
    Amy Randell

    Happy Birthday Cathy – thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us “anonymous” followers. I hope you and your husband have a fabulous birthday weekend!!!

    PS enjoy the cake – birthdays only come once a year…the diet is always there 🙂

  8. #16

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!
    Hope you’ve saved up some points to celebrate. No, wait, forget the points for one day.
    (oh, and Happy Birthday also to your hubby!)

  9. #18

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! Hope you have a great day. Happy Birthday to Dan as well. Looking forward to the LO make overs.

  10. #21
    Judy in Huntsville [al]

    hippo birdie to u – hippo birdie to u!
    Love your design re-do idea1 I may did out some of my early scrapbook los [from the 90s] and see what we can do to shake things up a bit! Seriously – hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  11. #26

    Happy Birthday Creative Cavorting Coquettish Cathy!!

    I am tempted to have you “do over” one of my layouts to see your wisdom. I teach layout to 8th graders and I am always looking for more info.

  12. #29

    Happy Birthday you facebookin’,twitterpatin’,Idol-lovin’, designer-maven,music-poundin’, wonder woman YOU.

  13. #30

    Happy Birthday – OK I have new jobs for you & Stacy. You are going to become a COMEDIAN and Stacy is a PHILOSOPHER!!
    Happy B’day

  14. #34

    Hope you have the most amazing birthday and love the idea of a redo pagge – its always so nice to see other takes on pages

  15. #35

    Happy B-day Cathy! Here’s wishing that your year avoids anything remotely resembling ka ka du jour!

  16. #36
    Heather S

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great weekend.

    Did you create that Halloween layout just for this post? I can’t imagine you ever used crazy scissors and theme stickers?!?!

  17. #37
    Michelle Smith

    I’d LOVE to have matching birthday’s with my spouse – he’d never forget again! Hope Sunday is a no holds barred FANTASTIC day for you and Dan!

  18. #39
    Robin W

    Happy birthday to you both!!! Isn’t March a great month for a birthday — mine is later this month and I’ve always thought so 🙂

  19. #40
    Stephanie S.

    Happy Happy Birthday Cathy! I hope you celebrate it by using your extra 35 weight watchers points for the week on a delicious meal and dessert! I am so excited about the makeover idea – that is going to be awesome!!

  20. #42
    Sherry G

    Happy Birthday to both Zielskes! Cathy, your birthday is the same day as my mom’s.

    While I am not sure I am brave enough to submit a page for make-over, I am sure I will enjoy the process as your share with us the Do-Overs.

  21. #43
    Katie Scott

    Ok. Happy birthday you two (My husband & I also have birthdays close to each other). I’ll be emailing my crappy layouts – I’ve got a lot of them so I just narrow it down to the super duper bad ones.

  22. #45

    Happy Birthday Cathy (and Dan)! Remember birthday’s are a FREE DAY, so eat cake, drink wine, drink more wine, have another piece of cake and then fall into a beautiful food coma in front of your fave Sunday night show. Just a suggestion 😉

  23. #46

    Happy birthday to Dan and you! How cool that your birthdays are so close! You are so worth my flying from Dallas to San Jose so I could take your album track at CKU-A 2006! 🙂

    Best wishes!

  24. #47

    Happy returns of the day – you youngster, you!
    I’m kinda diggin’ the BPS workshop – 5 design tips. Although w/my mental roadblock and stuck-in-a-rut pages, I could use about 50 tips! LOL

  25. #49

    My dog’s birthday is tomorrow…my Mom’s birthday is Sunday…and one of my best friend’s birthday is Monday. What a great time of year to be born! Happy, happy birthday, Cathy!!!

  26. #50
    Lovebug Kat

    Happy Birthday Dan and an early Happy Birthday to you dear Cathy.
    Hope you both have the most wonderful days!

  27. #51

    Happy birthday Miss Z! Go ahead, a little glass of wine or perhaps a piece of cake is well deserved this Sunday!

  28. #56
    Vicki A

    I love your blog, and can’t wait for your class on Big Picture Scrapbooking!! I hope I can get in!
    Have a great weekend!! I’ll be checking for Twitter updates. 🙂

  29. #59
    Anne M.

    How fun is it that you and your husband share birthdays so close together. Same year?
    I wish you both a wonderful weekend celebrating your special days. What will you do?

  30. #60

    Cathy – Wishing you (and Dan) a Very Happy Birthday from St. Louis! I so enjoy your wit! Can’t wait to see the Make-Overs, too! What a great idea to share with your blog readers!

    Have a great one, Cathy! Hopefully Minneapolis will get the spring weather we’re having here and you can get outside and enjoy the fresh air . . . for a change.


  31. #61

    Cathy, you are so funny, you ALWAYS crack me up no matter what my mood. I hope you have a fantastic day on Sunday. Mine is this Friday and I’m going to see Fleetwood Mac that night (they are my “Crowded House”). Happy days to you and your hubby, too. My hubby’s was last Saturday and he’s hot, too!

  32. #64

    Happy, Happy Birthday!
    Looking forward to all the fabulous things you are doing. Enjoy your weekend.

  33. #65

    Have a rockin’ birthday, Cathy! I’ll celebrate all weekend on your behalf. I’m willing to make such a sacrifice for you. I’m generous that way 😀

  34. #66

    Happy Happy Birthday Baby….
    Have a wonderful birthday and stretch it out for a week or so at least. And the points be damned..have some yummie cake and ice cream.
    Thanks for your new classes at BPS and here on your blog….you are the best.

  35. #67

    Pretend this is sunday———-

    happy birthday CATHY!!!!!!!!!!!

    hope you have a great day!

    ps. looking forward to the design education

  36. #69

    March is a great birthday month. Both my daughters are born in March…one at the beginning and one at the end, and we’re having the little one’s party tonight. We’ll be celebrating right along with you Dan. Happy birthday to you and a very, very happy birthday Cathy. You certainly brighten my days. 🙂

  37. #70
    Sharon F.

    Zippidee Do Dah, Zippidee Ay – my oh my its your birthday on Sunday! Or and yours today Dan – loved your speech at CKU-San Jose – hilarious! I digress.

    Love all your ideas Cathy and support you 1000% I may have to send in a page or two.
    Thanks for the great start to my mornings!

  38. #71

    HB CZ!!! oh, and DZ too!! saw slumdog millionaire (GREAT!) and saw a preview for new Wolverine movie… i think #33 from FNL’s is going to be in it!! will double check and keep you informed!! hope you have a great weekend!!

  39. #73
    Kathy Passmore

    Happy Birthday, Cathy.

    BTW, I was looking back on old blog entries looking for your post about the Sookie Stackhouse sries by Charlaine Harris, and found the entry on Stayin’ Alive! I LOVED that movie, and the clip you attached, and so wanted to be Finola Hughes and dance like that — and practiced being Finola, but couldn’t quite pull it off. It didn’t help that I’m no where near that petite.

    I really love your writing style, and will miss your articles in Simple Scrapbooks, but will follow you here.

    Have a great birthday.

  40. #74

    I love the idea of a Design Makeover feature!! Can’t wait to start seeing those (and hopefully one of them will be mine). 🙂

  41. #77

    Happy Birthday you funny girl! You share a birthday with my hubby — he turns 40 this Sunday! The make-over is a FABULOUS idea — I could fill your mailbox with some of my icky pages! But, I promise to be frugal and send you the worst of the worst! Have a fun weekend! 🙂

  42. #78
    Karen Campbell

    Happy Birthday to you! How cool we share the same month for birthdays, mine is the 20. Have a great day!

  43. #80

    So ~ You asked for it and you’ve got it – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    I’m in the mood to wish the world happiness ’cause I’m a teacher and we have an unexpected day off due to a water main break. WOO -HOO!!! Also wanted to let you know that I appreciate your blog ever so much, especialy with the demise of Simple Scrapbooks. It helps me deal with the loss of the mag 🙂

  44. #81

    Happiest Birthday wishes…

    to Cathy & Dan! It’s so fitting that a couple like you would have birthdays so close to each other. 🙂


  45. #83
    Nathalie (famille1999)

    Oh my! I’m sure that you are going to be swamp by emails to be featured in your do-over! I’d love a do-over myself by the great CathyZ!!! =)

    And isn’t it cute that you two lovebirds have birthdays just days from one another! A most awesome and wonderful birthday to you Cathy and my best wishes also to your dh! =)

  46. #84

    and aaaaaaaaaaaa:
    Merry Merry unbirthday,
    a merry, merry unbirthday,
    a merry, merry unbirthday tooooooooooooooooooo
    hehe seriously- happy b day to you a dan you hot things you! :OP

  47. #86
    Kary in Colorado

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to in the next 12 months!

  48. #89
    Heidi P.

    Cool that you get to celebrate together, Happy Birthday guys. The design makeover thing is a great idea, I think it will be a big hit.
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  49. #90

    Happy Birthdays all around to you guys. Hope your weekend is full of sunshine, fun and frolic (and maybe some heretofore undiscovered Crowded House/Neil goodness).

  50. #91
    Jane Goodman

    Have a great one (mine is March 11- the big 61) Isn’t it amazing how all people born in March are so smart, funny, sweet, intelligent- need I say more?
    Wonderful! Jane

  51. #92

    Happiest of Birthdays to both you and Dan. A weekend birthday just means that your kids are there all day to help you celebrate….and I second the birthday free day of the blogger above.

    I love how you are reaching out to us scrapbookers through other media now that SS is disappearing.

  52. #93

    Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have the most live the longest! So here’s to a very happy birthday and many more to come.

  53. #94
    Tracy V

    Have a rockin’ birthday on Sunday, CZ! You are the best – looking forward to your design make-overs! Tracy

  54. #95

    My friend’s boyfriend’s birthday is Sunday also, so we will be celebrating and we may just toast you, seeing as how we both love you too!
    Happy birthday to Dan!

  55. #96

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

    I’ve been scrapping long enough to remember those makeover articles in CK. They were one of my favorite sections. In fact I preserved one lone magazine from those days gone by; a gals got to be reminded every now and then just where she started.

  56. #97

    I hope both you and your hubby have super happy birthdays! (Today also happens to be my little brother’s birthday, turning the big 30!) Love your new Design Do-Over concept. I’ll have to search through my pages!

  57. #98

    Happy birthday Dan & Cathy! Mine is March 13th… yes friday the 13th this year. I love my March Birthday! Have a fun filled weekend.

  58. #99
    Lynn M

    Can’t wait to hear about the birthday celebrations on Monday’s blog. Happy, happy to Dan and Cathy. Also, I’m so loving all the “new” classes you have in store for us. Keep ’em coming.

  59. #102
    Wendy A

    Happy Birthday to both you & Dan!! Here’s wishing you both much happiness & fantastic birthday celebrations!

    I love your idea for a page do-over. We all have those pages which just didn’t quite work!

  60. #103

    Happy Birthday! I hope Dan, Aidan and Cole give you the red carpet treatment for your birthday — every woman needs that at LEAST once a year. Especially once we’ve passed that fourth decade mark — it’s how we get through this, right?

  61. #105

    Happy Birthday Cathy!!!! And Thank You! for the design makeover series – I have been looking for something like this for a long time. While I think my pages a special because they are about my family and made with love, I hate looking at some of them thinking something is missing to finish it off, and I have no clue what it is! Can I send you a layout every day to consider – LOL (no, really, can I send you a layout everyday????)

  62. #106

    so thrilled you will be sharing your design goodness with us still!

    Hope you (and Dan) have wonderful birthdays! May this coming year be your BEST ever!

  63. #110
    Nancy Peacock

    Hi Cathy,
    I just finished your 12 week “design your life” course (I know I’m a bit remedial) and I want to say it was THE BEST COURSE I’VE EVER TAKEN, bar none!!
    Hopefully that is of some encouragement to you, possibly even of the same ilk as “HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to you and to Dan”!
    p.s. can I do a course evaluation? I’d like to let them know how much I enjoyed it.

  64. #111
    Karla in So Cal

    Happy, happy birthdays Danthy. You know?…Dan + Cathy = Danthy. Have a wonderful weekend!

  65. #112
    Kris Lindsay

    This is your birthday song, it isn’t very long…
    Happy Birthday Cathy (and to Dan too) Celebrate in a big way – you don’t have to get up Monday morning for anything important do you? We will understand if you are a little late posting.

  66. #113
    Jeannette P

    I love the design do-over for the month. I’m sure I could find several ‘crappy’ pages that I laugh at & would love them done over. May have to humiliate myself to see what you would do with them.

    Happy Birthday Dan! Your wife is a hoot & obviously loves you. Enjoy your day.

    And your new 5 Tips project sounds awesome. Love all this design stuff since I lack BIG time in that area & could use all the help I can get.

    Not to be forgotten is a GINORMOUS Happy Birthday wish for you Cathy! I love your sense of humor (sometimes a little crude but most always funny). Thanks for putting a smile on my face just about every single day. Thanks for sharing your fantastic design talents with so many & for having such a positive attitude about your current situation. Happy Birthday cyber friend!!! 😀

  67. #114

    Love your monthly blog idea! Sounds too cool and so fun! Happy B-day to Dan! Happy early B-day to you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and birthday!

  68. #116
    Amanda Powell

    Hey, we’re sharing this birthday weekend!! Mine is on the 7th. Hope you and your hubby get to spend a nice, fun, crazy weekend together! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  69. #117
    PhotohappyCdn - Kelly

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to Dan,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    And yes I sang that! I’m now getting strange looks from my co-workers. I think I sang it out loud!(Oops!!) Oh well, enjoy your day Dan. I hope it is a good one!

    Happy Birthday, Cathy (early). I will sing yours to you on Sunday! Check your blog anyway!!!

  70. #118

    Sunday is your birthday
    Happy Birthday to you
    You know your gonna have a good time
    Happy Birthday to you

  71. #119

    Happy, happy birthday Cathy dear
    Happy days will come to you all year
    If I had one wish, then it would be
    A happy, happy birthday to you from me!

    (And Dan, too!)

  72. #120
    Deb Jones

    An early Happy Birthday to you. I like the Design Makeover idea. Will look forward to seeing this.

  73. #122

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CATHY. It’s time for you and your husband to put out some ripe strawberries, some melted dark chocolate to dip them in, and a glass of the best red wine you can find to celebrate the birthday of a very special lady! Remember, strawberries have all sorts of good nutrients in them; they keep telling us a little dark chocolate is good for us; and think what the red wine will do for your heart!! See….no guilt! Enjoy!

  74. #123
    janis m

    Happy happy happy birthday to you, Cathy and Dan, too! I hope you have a fun filled weekend! I’m sure you will. 🙂

  75. #124

    A big happy birthday to you and Dan! I’m just 10 days behind you, so I’ll be looking to you to lead the way on how to really celebrate this year!

    Love the makeover and new BPS class ideas! I was so sad when the DYL class ended, it’s nice to know you’re back for more!

  76. #127

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I want you to know how much I love your blog and how quite often you cause me to burst out laughing, causing my officemates to know that I am not really working on what I should be because it would never be that funny. I look forward to reading about your new adventures, and going home to look at layouts from my first foray into scrapbooking…my honeymoon. Pages complete with life-like wavy sand and a sun in the corner. I was so proud.

  77. #129

    Happy Birthday to both you and Dan. I hope you guys have a great weekend planned to celebrate.

  78. #131

    happy early birthday!! i am sending you early wishes because i sent my sister late ones. her bday is also on the 8th, but living in nigeria, the mail just doesn’t quite get to her in 4 days(or on a sunday for that matter).

  79. #133
    Melissa Cummings

    You are too hilarious! Seriously hilarious. Happy birthday to both you and Dan! I’m actually hosting a birthday party on Sunday, but not for you (unless you really want to celebrate at a place for kids called “The Little Gym”). My baby turns 5 next week. Where’d the time go?

  80. #135

    Happy Birthday to Dan….and to you, Cathy. Hope you both have the best days ever. I personally think March birthdays are the best…mine is the 23rd!

  81. #136

    Happy birthday CZ and glad to see the creative juices are still flowing:] Can’t wait for the BPS workshops and anything else you can send our way. Whether you want to admit or not, you have a very loyal following. I’m probably the oldest follower at 64, but am very young at heart. H-Bday to Dan, too, the cutie!

  82. #139
    Clara Sanchez

    Happy Birthday Cathy!!!! Enjoy your birthday weekend and I can’t wait to see your Design Do-Overs. 🙂 Clara

  83. #140
    Maria Hammon

    SUPER HAPPY birthday CZ! Love the new blog feature! I have so many pages I could submit for you to do-over that I wouldn’t know which ONE to pick! But I will try to find one of the worst ones for you! Heck, mine are so bad that I could just close my eyes and pick the first one that I get to touch! 😀

  84. #141
    Amanda D

    Happy birthday to you both!

    SO EXCITED about Design Do-Over and your upcoming class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. You rock!

  85. #142

    Happy Birthday to you! I can’t even remember how I found your blog, but I keep coming back to see what crazy thing you’re going to say next. I love your zany sense of humor! Have a great weekend birthday- I understand your frustration as I have a summer birthday that never got a real celebration during the school year!

  86. #144
    Tricia Gray

    Happy happy birthday to you, to you.
    Happy happy birthday to you, to you.
    It’s good to grow,
    so count the candles and blow!
    Happy happy birthday to you, to you, to you!
    Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

    (I have young kids, so that is the Sprout TV birthday song -current birthday song of choice! 🙂 )

  87. #145
    lisa aukeman

    Happy Happy Day to YOU!!!! You are a highlite to my blog reading on a daily basis. I am even considering TWITTERING b/c I so enjoy following you. Keep on Keeping On!

  88. #147
    Clare D'Onofrio

    Happy Birthday Cathy!!! Enjoy,relax, celebrate,and be merry! It only comes around once a year. Also Happy Birthday to your hubby, Dan. I used to think birthdays were for kids. The older I get the more I want to celebrate.

  89. #149

    Oh, this is a GREAT idea and I would gladly risk public humiliation to have my photos RE-scrapped by the great CZ! Can’t wait to look through my pages to find the awful-est one!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Sunday, by the way.

  90. #150

    Happy Birthday!! I celebrated my 43rd on Tuesday– I hope yours is happier than mine was.I smashed my finger, had to get it x-rayed and to add insult to injury– they weighed me when I saw the doctor. I screamed “for a finger?!?!” Anyway, have a great birthday!!!! P.S. I love the make over idea.

  91. #153

    Happy Birthday, Cathy and Dan-the-Man!

    Thanks for bringing us another year of fun, thought-provoking, bizarre blog entries!

  92. #156

    Happy Birthday CZ. I am sad that you are not longer employed by Simple, but I am very excited about your new projects. I can’t wait to take your classes at BPS. I wasn’t able to do your experts class last year. Have you considered a sequel???? I know you love those. (This is me trying to be witty. It usually doesn’t work out.)

  93. #157

    “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
    ~Abraham Lincoln

    Happy Birthday Zielske’s! Hope you enjoy your special day(s) and many more years of a life filled with joy, love, peace, and fulfillment.

  94. #158

    #1 I absolutely LOVE your idea of the design do over on the blog and I can not wait to see what you do to make the selected LO look 20 years younger 😉
    #2 Happy Birthday to Dan!!!
    #3 Happy weekend birthday to you, dear Cathy that we all love and adore! 🙂

  95. #159

    Happy Birthday Cathy, you hot thing you. 😉
    Hope you and Dan celebrate both your Bdays in style!

  96. #160

    Happy Happy Happy birthday to you and your husband. March birthdays are big around here too. My daughter will be 9 on March 16th and my son will be 14 on March 24th.
    We are going to have a laser tag party – be there – be square!!!!!!

    Cheers with my wine glass held high for you.

  97. #161

    Love love love the Design Do-Over idea. Brilliant. Can’t wait to check out the before and after; like instant gratification.

  98. #162

    sending a birthday wish each to you and Dan, or mix them together for more happy birthday power…with thanks for keeping us entertained all the time

  99. #163

    Happy Birthday Cathy. May your family spoil you and your day be filled with sunshine. Enjoy your day.

  100. #164

    Here’s to a happy birthday weekend to you and Dan – may the kids find interest in their Lego’s and “seriously not turning Goth” music to give the both of you time to celebrate together!


  101. #167

    the black bar over the kids’ eyes was funny enough, but the black bar over the pumpkin’s eyes? that SLAYED me.

  102. #169

    Hey- It’s MY birthday on the 8th too!
    Glad to share with someone as fabulous as yourself!
    Have a happy!

  103. #170
    Liz in PA



    TO #2………KATHY Z!

  104. #172

    Happy, happy birthday
    From all of us to you.
    Happy, happy birthday
    May all your dreams come true.
    May you have a happy birthday
    All the whole year through.
    Happy, happy birthday
    From all of us to you!

    Don’t for get to save some imaginary birthday cake for your imaginary friends!

  105. #174

    (cue out of tune but very cheerful singing)
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Cathy,
    Happy birthday to you.

  106. #175
    Marcie Howe

    Happy Birthday to you on Sunday!! I hope you and Dan have a wonderful weekend.

    I’m excited to see all the new projects you’ve got lined up! I’ll be waiting to sign up for your BigPicture class!


  107. #176
    Linda J.

    Cathy – hope you have a tremendous birthday. Of all the scrapping blogs, yours is my favorite. You are so witty!

  108. #178
    Debbie from Arizona

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! I hope this next year is even better for you than this past one – career, health, kids, everything!

  109. #179
    Sherri P eh

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Start the celebration now and drag it out for a week or two. That’s what we do! Enjoy!!

  110. #181

    Happy Birthday to one very talented, funny, creative, and amazing woman! And, how cool is it that you and your sweetheart celebrate so close together? Thanks for the constant ideas and inspiration always with a twist of humor. Just like sooo many others, I love reading your blog and learning from you!
    Happy Birthday, Dan and Cathy!
    a big fan, Sharon T in Wyoming

  111. #189
    Michelle Giaimo

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
    This Do -Over thing is fantastic.
    A good critic helps us learn!
    Yes, we all hold our breath and hope our face don’t turn red, but what is really going on is everyone benefits from a good critic!
    Thank for making the leap.

  112. #190

    Happy Birthday Cathy!
    I love the Design Do-over concept! I cannot wait to see it in action (and maybe to send you a page or two that I detest)! Also will be on the lookout for the BPS classes! I can always use design help!

  113. #191
    Dale Paulson

    Well Happy Birthday to both of you. Also, I don’t think you will be in a shortage of getting bad scrapbook pages to makeover!!

  114. #192
    Tizzie Liz

    Well, I should have know we were both born in March although I am NOW a slight bit older than you…like received Medicare card on Monday. Hope you celebrate all month looong. You deserve the best!

  115. #194

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Hope you get spoiled! You’re luck that your husband’s birthday is first – spoil him and he will be inspired to spoil you back! (I hope) 🙂

  116. #195

    Happy Happy Birthday Cathy and Dan!
    I hate to say this, but I’m enjoying your unemployed status–lots more going on in your blogworld!

  117. #198

    Happy, happy birthday…from Applebee’s to you. Happy, happy birthday…we wish it was ours too. Hey!

    I wrote that one for you.

    Okay, maybe not. But happy almost-birthday anyway. Hope you’ll be celebrating in style!

  118. #202
    Sev from france

    Dear Cathy,

    it’s so weird to read that you are an “unemployed graphic designer scrapbooker” (I am an unemployed human resources manager, if you want to know…).
    Happy birthday to you and Dan. Even if I didn’t see you, you are my friends !

    Très gros bisous à vous 2 ! (big kisses !!)

  119. #203

    Happy Birthday to you!! I’d share a piece of Yoda birthday cake with you – ‘cept it’s not made yet cos it’s needed in a week’s time 😀

  120. #204
    Patty Spell

    Happy Birthday Cathy and Dan!!!

    (My B’Day is the 17th,hence the name Patricia Ann!)

    Love the Design do-over anything you do.

  121. #206

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Hope you and Dan have a great birthday weekend! I love your newly designed page header!

  122. #209

    Happy Birthday CZ! I love you in a very stalker, idol worshipping, but not scary violent kind of way. I took your BPS Design class just to hear your weekly voice message and walked away with so much more. I’m looking forward to more BPS offerings by you.

  123. #214
    Stacey W

    Happy Birthday!

    P.S. I cannot even think about how many pages I just said “oh, the hell with it” and put them in the danged album already. Your email in-box awaits…

  124. #215

    I just read your ‘birthday post’-we had a daughter and two granddaughters visiting for several days and usual things do not get done at the usual time. AND…by my figuring, it is March 8 in MN right now so I’m right on time.

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Looking forward to your design tips.

  125. #217
    Nancy C. from Wilmington, NC

    Buon compleanno, Cathy! I’m sending this on your actual birthday, depending on the spring ahead, fall back stuff. It says Sunday on my Mac, so it must be Sunday. I hope you have the happiest birthday ever, you certainly deserve it. I’m sure the most rockin’ graphic designer in the world will rise like a phoenix to go on to awe us with her sheer awesomeness (I have no idea if that is a word) for many years to come!

  126. #218

    Well, I’m a little late but I wanted to say Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day yesterday and got lots of presents. We love you:)


  127. #219

    Happy birthday! Or: ‘gefeliciteerd’ – which means congratualations – as we say here int he Netherlands! 🙂

  128. #220
    PhotohappyCdn - Kelly

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to Cathy,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Enjoy your day!

    P.S. I sung this out loud too!

  129. #222

    feliz cumpleanos from FL…

    BTW, my husband and I were born 72 hours apart what is the math on you and Dan. Wierd.

    Have a great day.


  130. #223

    Happy, happy, happy birthday! Happy, happy, happy birthday to youuuuuuu! Have a great one! This year will be one of the best yet – I can just feel it! 😉


  131. #224

    Today is THE DAY. I’m not at home so while I have an internet connexion that last more than 5 min, I take the opportunity to drop by and sing to you and Dan ; Joyeux anniversaire ( remember, I’m french….) . Hope you have fantabulous cakes (eh, lucky you, you get to have 2 pieces of cake!)

  132. #228

    Looking so forward to your new monthly feature. I hope you are having an incredibly wonderful birthday today, Cathy, despite being gipped of an hour. Many well wishes…

  133. #230

    Insert full orchestra and my lovely voice (not) here.

    You’re having a birthday; shout “Hooray!”
    I want to sing to you today.
    One year older, and wiser, too.
    Happy birthday to you!

    43,huh? That’s makes you old enough to be my…my…uh,my little sister.

  134. #231
    Millie Burns

    Happy Belated Birthday Dan, and Happy Birthday Cathy!

    Cathy, I took your BPS DYL class and LOVED every delightful moment. I learned a great deal, and I have enjoyed using these techniques in my scrapbooking (with some really AWESOME results, I might add!).

    I am thrilled to hear about these new projects of yours, and I look forward to submitting a page to you. I have lots of material to choose from – all “pre-DYL”, of course!

    Enjoy your day!

  135. #235
    Liz Brown

    Happy Birthday Cathy!! I hope you have a great day!

    My birthday is just about 2 weeks away! I love March birthdays!

  136. #236

    Happy Birthday to the Greatest Designer Ever!! The 8th is my husband’s b-day, too. I told him, “Remember that designer I love, well her birthday is the same day as yours.” And he responded, “Well, no wonder she’s great, she takes after me!” Don’t tell him but you are WAY funnier! Enjoy your day!

  137. #237

    Happy Birthday! You look like the type that would watch 30 Rock so I’m hoping you woke up to your birthday wish – breakfast in bed with RoboCop while an elephant painted you.

    If none of that made sense then I just hope you have a great day.

  138. #238
    julie L

    Girl, your birthday is on my Outlook calendar every year! I would never miss it! (Does that make me sound too stalker-ish?) AND nothing like losing 11 pounds to make you say, “Take that Birthday!”
    Love you!
    Julie, in St Louis, your mad mad Facebook friend!

  139. #243
    Erin Glee

    PICSES! Love ’em! Happy Birthday Cathy (and you cute Hottie, Dan)! My DH’s BD is tomorrow! ENJOY!

  140. #245
    Linda Ford

    Put another candle on the birthday cake, the birthday cake, the birthday cake. Put another candle on the birthday cake, you’re another year old today! Enjoy yourself!!!
    Linda Ford

  141. #248

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Hope you have a great day — and as my Mom writes in every birthday card, “Hope this is your best year yet!!”

  142. #249

    Oh my….HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! Hope it is everything you hoped and more!!!! Love to you…


  143. #251
    Debby Brown

    Here’s hoping you have a great birthday! I always spread mine over at least two weekends, even if it is on a weekday. Oh, and when I was a kid I always had an “un-birthday” on my sister’s birthday which meant I always got at least one non-birthday treat! Debby XXX

  144. #257

    Happy Happy Birthday to you, to you…and Dan. (please imagine this being warbled, out of key, by moi and then just keep on imagining that I’ve come up with a zero point cupcake just for your birthday-I so wish the cupcake part were true)

  145. #258

    Just wanted to wish you and Dan Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. Thanks for all you do that brings laughter and joy to us, namely be yourself!

  146. #260
    karen Hobbs

    Hey, just noticed that your birthday is today!!! I was busy scrapping at the CKC in Portland but now I’m back to reality and wanted to wish you happy birthday and a fantastic year!!!

  147. #263
    Lynette S.

    Let the good times continue to roll. Happy Birthday. Thank you for making me smile. I loved the pictures of your house. Makes me feel better about mine. Now if I could only find the energy and time to clean mine.

  148. #265

    Happy belated birthday!! Sorry I am late but I am just getting over the flu. I hope you had a wonderful day!!

  149. #267
    enggirl lorraine

    happy birthday! and thanks for sharing your life and design tips. love your blog been following (aka stalking you) for several years! thanks again

  150. #268
    Carla S.

    Happy, happy b-day, Cathy, to you and Dan! The “Marvelous Makeovers” feature was one of my favorites, so I’m very excited about “Design Do-Overs!”

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