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In January 2008, as many of you will recall, some rather sensitive information regarding scrapbooking was leaked into the Internet via this video.

I was going through some old iMovie video files over the weekend, and found a very short follow-up to that piece, recorded roughly a month later, that has been under a gag order of sorts. Until now. I think it explains a lot about the past year, and my seemingly flagrant lack of concrete scrap goodness here on my blog.

I’m not sure how long They will let it remain online. FYI.

The Scrapbooking Indoctrination Aftermath from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Cathy ZielskeFrom the vault, for a limited time

91 Comments on “From the vault, for a limited time”

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    OK I’m with Jo!! I don’t get it. Is this American humour and being an Aussie I’m missing it…. whatever it is. I get the send up but I don’t get why you’re not sharing any scrapbooking with us anymore!!!

    For 2 years I kept looking at scrap sites and thought it’s over the top I just can’t do that to my photos… then I bought your books and now I love what I do to my photos!! So tell me again why your not sharing much scrap pages with us on your blog???

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    Marcie Howe

    Absolutely hysterical! You know if you ever really decided to quit scrapbooking (WHAT?!) you could be a comedian! I would definitely buy tickets to all your shows!!

    And knitting – seriously?! LOL


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    Thanks for making my day. I don’t know what it was, but the knitting reference made me shoot coffee out my nose.

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    Christina, it’s just a joke. Did you not see the original Tom Cruise Scientology video? It was all over US airwaves. It was BIZARRE to say the least.

    It’s just a joke.

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    Melissa LaFavers

    Okay, I just gotta say that you got the weird, sorta whacko Tom Cruise laugh down pat, dude. It’s a little creepy, but in a hilarious way. : )


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    Surely this is a triology!?…i’ll be waiting for the 3rd installment chronically the ‘underground’ scrapbooking movement. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I have your utube of the original bookmarked under “bad days” so when I need an uplifting giggle and cry, I watch it.

    This was a cute follow-up “I can… do my laundry”.

    As always, love ya, Cathy!

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    I’m off to do my laundry…. Thank you so much for the pick-me-up. You are better than a cup of coffee!!!

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    Nancy Lee

    WHERE do you come up with this stuff? I love your humor and imagination. Thanks again for making me laugh.

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    well, you’ve got the freaky side of Tom Cruise down pat. Too bad he got so weird – I used to crush on him big time. Back in the Top Gun days.

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    Jane S.

    Well, I hadn’t seen the original parody and it was a hoot. But the followup — some folks just can’t take a joke. But they can’t kill scrapbooking or the people who enjoy it. They can kill off our magazines and kill off our stores (corporate killed our Memories stores here in Atlanta with just this kind of corporate bs) but the spirit prevails.

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    Cyd H.

    Watch out knitting world, who needs warm and fuzzy when you can have the brutal truth. With comments like: Yeah your stitches don’t look even, tension? I don’t believe you know what you’re talking about, and Gauge? give me a break I’ll show you gauge.
    Thanks for the Laugh!!

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    OMW!!! I was just waiting for a tear to roll down your cheek. I was going to go FIND someone with an Emmy, mug them and send the Emmy to you!!! You’re such a goddess. Rock on.

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    Judy in Huntsville [al]

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the follow-up! SOoo Funny! I know you knit and it was my goal to learn this year [Yay! I have done a few things already but need to make some heritage Christmas stockings that my MIL used to make!] – Have a favor – could you bring a copy of the cute little bag pattern to Inspired? Or point me in the right direction to find it?
    Thanks –

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    Kathleen Noriega

    thank you for the reality boost. I can laugh after all!
    As for knitting. Tried it, takes too long so I got some looms, Love It! Love the roudn looms, instant gratification!

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    liz a.

    so hilarious! you are totally awesome! so glad you are online so we can all enjoy your musings! i, too, shall await the third installment….a trilogy…omg…what if hollywood calls you???? love ya girly…

  17. #45

    ROFL – laughed so hard i think a lil pee came out!
    Love ya as always, you nut bar you,
    Vancouver BC

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    Heather Wartenburg

    Ok I’m slow. Now that I’ve caught up to speed by seeing the actual Tom Cruise video on YouTube, this is so freakin’ funny!

    Cathy you should definitely do more webisodes. Hey it worked for “In the Motherhood”, why not the craft industry? I would definitely watch. Maybe DYI or PBS would pick it up down the line.

  19. #56

    Hey, who are these people, they don’t speak on my behalf! You have my permission to keep going!
    As always Cathy, thanks for the laugh.
    ps I’m Aussie & I get you, Cathy
    To the Aussie above who says she didn’t get it – it’s not american humour (we have so much on TV, you should be able to get that) It’s Cathy humour. Gotta love it.

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    kim strother

    Cathy- much to our delight you have way too much time on your hands! How long did you study Tom Cruise to get that down pat??? And the oscar goes to Cathy!!! (((loud applause here)))

  21. #62

    Ok, so it’s working …which means my stoopid computer lost the witty and amusing post I’d just typed!! Let me just say it was awesome. Probably the BEST blog comment I’ve ever left. Award winning. But, picture me sitting here, Jack Black-esque … “couldn’t remember the greatest post in the woo-ooorld, this is just a tribute.” (Imagine also the look of horror on my 9yo daughter, and her friend who has come to stay for holidays.) Sigh. I’m sure it involved some ass-kissing, as I told you how impressed I was that you have the Indigo Girls in your fave song list (I was reading some of your other posts that are linked at the bottom of this one … bored much??) K. That’s it from me. Back to your scheduled programming.

  22. #63
    Shelley F.

    OH MY!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! (and now I have to have my keyboard & screen cleaned from the spewing!) Wow….you are too funny!! I so enjoy reading your posts, your FB updates, etc…you really keep things real!! Love it!

  23. #64
    Linda Ford

    You are crazy!!! What an actress! Oscar nominations will be pouring in.
    Keep up the good work!

  24. #65
    Amy Eaton

    I just spat my water all over my desk when you said …’knitting’, not that knitting is odd or that you couldn’t or wouldn’t I just didn’t expect such a revelation! Pleased to hear this incident has resulted in eating better food.

  25. #67

    oh Cathy!!! thanks for explaining. You know we aren’t up to you American’s in the comedy department!! Ever seen Kath & Kim???

    So how about more scrapping pages then if it’s only a joke LOL. I was really worried there for a while.

  26. #71
    Stephanie Watson

    you are so funny! It was so good, I thought you were serious for a minute. Then I decided to read the comments–you are good! Seriously should consider tv/movies, maybe Saturday night live!

  27. #72

    oh I love you.. not in a weird ‘strange stranger’ way, but in a … “we would never get anything done if we were neighbors” way.

  28. #73

    To quote the BIG YELLOW ‘M’… “I’m LOVIN’ IT!”

    P.S. I’m from the UK & the ‘funny’ was NOT Lost in Translation. Chortle :-}

  29. #74
    Sara S

    knit… yeah rrrrriiiiight!

    Though I’ve never seen a paper sweater before… maybe it would work…

  30. #76

    OMG….I will never tire of your videos…..just when I need a laugh and a pick me up….there you are.
    KEEP THEM COMING……please?!:)

  31. #77

    Thank goodness I, too, can knit, if They ever find out about my scrapbooking habit and kick me out, also. You’re hilarious.

    And I am a faithful follower of The Biggest Loser (mentioned in your Twitter comment) and I cry every week. Those people changing their lives touch my heart. AND they inspire me to keep trying to make better choices for moving and eating.

  32. #80

    I watched it again. Even one year later after seeing it, it still just cracks me up. You are one funny scrapbooker. Thanks!!!

  33. #81
    Aussie chick

    U r funny but what i want to know is who are “they” that stopped u from teaching us about scrapbooking? They must be a bit wacko to let go of you – it seems that like tom cruise they are all part of a BIZARRE religious sect that if you aren’t part of it you just don’t cut it in their world???

  34. #84
    Sharon Lovoy

    OK, so for the first time after watching that video, I realized how much that new judge on American Idol looks like you. She moves her head side to side just like you. Wow! So that’s what you would look like with long hair. Does she KNOW how lucky she is? ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. #86
    Mary Mitchell

    I too was really confused and I live in the U.S. I’m not a youtube junky so I hadn’t seen the Tom Cruise video. I just don’t get into people cramming their thoughts down my throat as if they are superior in knowledge. After reading your follow up post Cathy I now understand what was going on and that it’s a joke.

  36. #87
    Kathleen S.

    Right with you Jo and Christna; never saw the Cruise video, thought CZ had been taken over by demented life forms, and feared for her children. Still haven’t seen the Cruise vide (can’t watch horror movies) and CZ was too close for comfort. I’ll take her send up on faith, and agree in principle that it was hil-over-the-top-ar-ious. Hope Cruise stays off the tube, don’t know if I could watch CZ channel him again.

  37. #88
    tracy whitney

    I remember that parody video from before! It cracked me up all over again. Not only was it spot on to the “original inspiration,” it makes me laugh because it’s like an inside joke for all die-hard scrapbookers! lol!

  38. #90

    So stinkin’ funny! Even my dh laughs his butt off and he’s A)a guy and B) not EVEN A scrapbooker. Cathy, you are a hoot (and I’m sounding all backwoods there with my “hoot”.) I would LOVE to see more videos. More, please!!!

    Comedy scrapbookinging.
    You could work the circuit with that act.
    Take it on the road.

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