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    I’m sitting here thinkin’, “Well who in the heck ELSE could she mean?” I guess I qualify for the Older Generation as well . . . There should BE no other Bowser. It’s kind of a sacrilege, no?

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    okay so something wrong with me I only know Bowser from Sha Na Na and no other. I am gleaning it is a charachter in Mario Kart. See what happens when you don’t have a Wii

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    Well, I was going to have to ask who she meant, but I assume from the comments that this is a character in a video game?

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    Well, after a day in which my 9yo and friend have made me feel positively medieval, I was cheering with Aiden. I love Bowser – not the most agile racer of all time, but he has some serious momentum on the straights, which kind of appeals to my own inertial mass. So I felt young!! Then, I googled Sha Na Na to figure out what you old crusties were talking about, and my heart sank as I realise EXACTLY what you were referring to. Sigh. It’s kind of disheartening to have one foot on each side of the fence!

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    Kristy Vescio

    Seriously – I got to work early and needed a quick break and stopped to read the blog and just about peed in my pants! HILARIOUS! Sha Na Na!

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    See, I was just blog-hopping before I went to bed – I don’t know how many times someone has to explain the Aus/US time zone difference to me, I still can’t keep it straight in my head!!

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    Kris Van Allen

    Love this! My sister was telling me that her choir (middle school) was going to be singing “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”…when she told the kids, they said, excitedly, “Oh, like in Moulin Rouge!” Um….NO…like in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. And not like in Madonna’s Material Girl video either. She had to go rent the movie to show them what Marilyn’s version of the song was like. Sigh.

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    Rachel Smith

    Funny that so many people knew Bowser was a Mario character, but I still experienced a generation gap here as well. I remember Bowser from Super Mario Bro., the original Nintendo game, and I didn’t even think that kids today know him from Mario Kart and such. Funny!!

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    Mary Lib

    too funny —- I actually had this discussion yesterday with my grandson. When he started talking about “Bowser” , my first thought was “How do you even know him?” —then he set me straight on the Mario Kart game. Think I will find a picture of the “real” Bowser and set him straight — would probably scare him silly. Have a wonderful weekend…..Mary Lib

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    Kim K

    That’s where I went, too.
    Funny, I had a conversation about Sha Na Na (& Bowser) with my 12 year old just last week…not sure HOW that came up but I’ll have to show him this post now.

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    HA!! I hope the dream was about her going all Mario on Bowser’s a**.

    The chasm just keeps getting wider and wider, doesn’t it?

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    Ann Grounds

    LOL!!! Here, the family has been playing Mario Karts and I haven’t been paying attention to the names of the characters–let alone know there was another Bowser than in Sha Na Na. I’m familiar with Baby Peach cause that’s my 9 yr old’s favorite!

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    Oh, Cathy, for once I am more hip than you are! I totally knew what she was talking about and Bowser from Sha-na-na was not even a thought. I will have a 13 yr. old in 4 days.

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    Brigid G

    Okay, I had to google Bowser because I, too, only know the one from Sha-na-na. Now, if she had said that Robert Smith or Dave Gahan were in her dream, THAT I would have understood.

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    I’m in between the generations I guess because as I was reading I wasn’t sure which Bowser she was talking about! Until the end of the story of course. I think it’s weird that Bowser was in her dream, no matter which Bowser it was! LOL!

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    Oh, my gosh that cracked me up. Had to ask my Daughter and her friend who are now laughing at me BTW – Who is Bowser! Because I could only picture the greaser with the blac t-shirt.
    Thanks once again for the laugh!

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    Samantha VanArnhem

    Well I pride myself in being a pretty hip nearly 40-year old but the only Bowser I know is from Sha-na-na. I guess I can officially kiss youth goodbye!

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    I’m going to have to Google Sha Na Na. (shirking back into the corner) The only Bowser I know is Nintendo’s King of the Koopas. 🙂 (I just turned 30)

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    Thank you, Cathy, for bringing up a really cool memory of a really “cool” guy. Gotta call my mom now, and see if she will laugh when I ask her if she remembers us watching Sha Na Na together. Bowser was awesome, but her fave was Johnnie.

    Like many of the others, I did not know any other Bowzer existed.

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    Either way, she’s right….it was weird that Bowser was in her dream!!! I too, Googled Bowser, before glancing at the comments. I’m more of a Raving Rabbids geek.

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    I was TOTALLY thinking Bowser from Sha-na-na as well! Oh, he used to move those biceps in a way that made my heart beat faster 🙂
    I think I was like 8.

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    Karen Greenfield

    My daughter, Dinah, now 24, and I used to have a version of this conversation that I always thought was totally her own brand of cluelessness–she’d come home from school and say “guess what?! I’m invited to Kelly’s birthday party!” I’d reply, “How fun!! What shall we get her?” and Dinah would say “Who?” D will be glad to know it’s not just her….because we still have those conversations!

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    My 15 yr. old daughter reading classified ads to me, “32 inch TV w/remote, mint condition. What does mint mean?” Me, “New or like new condition.” My 15 yr. old, “Awww, I was hoping it meant they were mint green.”

    Gotta luv em.

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    Bwahahaha.. OMG.. THAT is hysterical! Sha na na is exactly what I first thought of as well!!
    OMG.. I’m OLD!! bwahahaha

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    Jennifer H

    omg…how flippin funny & sad that i know the bowser you were referring to – boy i’m old

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    I totally thought of Sha Na Na also! That is so FUNNY! I had to read it twice to figure out she meant Mario’s Bowser! Then I started cracking up!

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    Cathy, there should be more blogs like yours out there! I really love your sense of humor. You make me laugh every time.

    As for Bowser… honestly, now a days there is only one true Bowser. Just check it out on Google Images. 🙂

    And please tell Aidan that after reading this post yesterday I totally had this weird Mario Party dream. And of course, Bowser was there. 😉

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    we have Mario lovers in our family too, in fact I just painted some super mario, bowser and super luigi paintings 😉 I Totally forgot about sha-na-na until you mentioned it. so so funny!

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