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Last week I got slammed with a brutal and unforgiving bout of whatever the heck has been going around this country of ours and has everyone saying, "Oh yeah, my sister had it, then my dad, then me, then my kids, then our mailman, then that one guy who lives down the street who's always outside with his leaf blower…"

You get the point.

Even though I was super sick, I had a freelance art direction job where I was in a studio for two days, helping to prop coffee products for a catalog job I'm working on. My apologies in advance for not just staying home, studio people, but when freelance work calls, the unemployed must answer.

Dan traveled to Madison last week on coffee related business, and brought home what he called, "The mug I was born to drink from" that he picked up at Pop Deluxe. I'd seen these mugs online somewhere (there are plates, too) but never realized how happy it would make me to sip my Oregon Chai from the depths of PMS 388.

Today will be catching up from what I didn't do last week (it's amazing how much work the unemployed create for themselves) and more dates with my new neti pot.

Later this week: lovely shots of One-Three from Easter Sunday, and a great giveaway for those who need to get away.

Happy Monday.

Cathy ZielskeOn the mend

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    Had it, had it, had it. Spent Easter with a vomiting 18 month old and stomach pain for me. Poor me!

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    Oh, I love the mug. I saw these recently online too and had to order one for myself and my husband. I design it, he prints it so we both eye the pantone books regularly.

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    Love Love Love the mug! I did not know they excisted. Wonder if there are fonts too? That just made my day looking at it.

    Enjoy being on the mend.

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    Glad you’re on the mend. Awesome that he came to Madison, that’s where we live and we love it here! Have a great week.

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    Cool mug. My problem is I could stop with just one or six, I would want ALL of my favorite colors. Maybe one for every day of the year.

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    Carmen King, Avondale, AZ

    I’ve been a faithful user of the Neti pot for years and just required a visit to a new allergist and she now has me hooked on this fabulous new squirt bottle for the nose called an Ayr Nasal Saline Rinse Bottle or something like that (I went to look, but apparently couldn’t remember the whole title long enough to get back to the computer – pathetic). It is hands down easier to use and more effictive in my particular case. I would recommend it!

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    Sideline Mom

    All hail the Neti Pot!!
    The neti pot has saved my life more than a few times. Once being a month ago when (as you say) I had what the rest of the country had. I thought I was dying but the neti pulled me through. Also during allergy season it’s my BFF.

    And to think I use to call my mom freaky and uncool when I would see her use one as a kid. Just one more way on my ever growing list of how I am becoming my mother. Scuse me while I sit in silence for awhile.

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    Laura Reaux

    I hope you’re all better soon! I think another commenter hit the nail on the head… it’s traveling through blog land. A few weeks ago I had the full-fledged flu, while pregnant with twins, and then all 3 of my kids got it. Life feels awesome now that it’s over.

    I love that mug, too!

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    Isn’t it great having a hubbie who just KNOWS you? πŸ™‚

    And sorry you got the crud. It traveled through Buffalo in January – DH brought it home, gave it to DD and me, and then got it again at the end, and it turned into an Upper Respitory for him. So take care of yourself!

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    Let us know what you think of the neti pot! I have been meaning to get one. It seems I constantly have sinus problems these days! Hope you feel better!

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    Mother in law came to visit, stayed for a few weeks and brought that crud with her. I had a quick bout of it a few days into her stay. Now hubby, who NEVER gets sick has it and since I am pregnant, am hoping that my constant hand-washing will keep me safe(r) from getting it again.

    Glad to hear you are on the mend.

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    Deborah Hensley

    oh, I can totally relate to catching what’s been going around. And I have a souvenier from it all, and empty bottle leftover from the 10 day antibiotics I was on! Glad you’re feeling better. I just hope that warmer weather will find us all and STAY!!!

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    You’re so smart not telling me Dan was in Madison until he was already home safe and sound… yup, would have stalked him and convinced him to run home and tell you that I should be your new best friend… I would have paid for the mug.

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    sherry d

    Glad you’re feeling better. You probably already know about this site, but it came to me that it would be a great tool for journaling – Wordle. http://www.wordle.net
    I’ve been using it lately to do some journaling since i’ve been recovering from surgery and haven’t had much energy. Anyways,just thought i’d pass it on.

    Journey on . . .

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    That is awesome that Dan went shopping at Pop Deluxe. A couple times a year (when it’s nice outside), I love shopping on State St. Pop Deluxe is one of my favorite stores there!

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    Laura Kate

    oh, pop deluxe! it’s my favorite place on state street! (well, one of them – it’s really too hard to choose just one). you make me miss the US and WI when you mention such loveliness!

    that mug, of course, is fabulous.

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    My sister bought me that exact mug last year for my birthday…she said of all the colours on display, this one was waving at her and she knew I would love it. And I do πŸ™‚

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    Oh the neti pot. That neti pot is gaining popularity via the internet. My kids always want to play tea with mine (they’re 9, 6 and 3) but will settle for watching an in-house demonstration of the proper usage of a neti pot.

    Fun, healthy and educational all at the same time.

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    WHat a great hubby! That mug rocks. I sent the link to my boss. I think our design department needs new coffee mugs.
    Not using the Neti pot, but I’m on Aleve-D, Mucinex, and a box of Kleenex. Spring has arrived.

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    young c

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! I live in Seattle but was also just in Madison last weekend (it’s my hometown) and stopped by Pop Deluxe – one of my favorite stores! What a coincidence!

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    here’s to products that are an every day part of your printing life….from a wife of a printer husband who does not talk in colour names but colours numbers …. “that’s not blue, that’s PMS ???” LOVE THAT MUG!!!

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    Everyone should have a pantone mug (or a Bazzil Cardstock one)

    I guess if headers are graficaly balanced, I do not read them, I just now read for the first time the don’t be a bad mother, scrapbook line.

    Love your books!

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    Pop Deluxe is the best. Have you seen the mugs where they match the Pantone color to the amount of cream you put in your coffee?

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