The last issue arrived in my mailbox

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As the very last issue of Simple Scrapbooks arrived in my mailbox yesterday, I sighed, and opened it up, and lovingly paged through the, well, pages…

I got to my last About Design column (and coincidentally, we had just overhauled how About Design was going to look, content wise, right before the magazine plug was pulled) and I realized this: I was good, man. I was a contender!

Just wanted again to thank our Simple readers, and to pledge that I'm going to find new and cool ways to bring design education to any scrapbooker who wants it. Whether it's installments of Design Do-Overs (which you totally gave awesome feedback!) to classes over at Big Picture, to whatever else might be something that makes you tell a great story and make it look good.

My wheels are a turnin'.


Cathy ZielskeThe last issue arrived in my mailbox

62 Comments on “The last issue arrived in my mailbox”

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    I also recieved my last issue if Simple yesterday. The end of an era, for sure. I will miss the magazine, but am glad I can still be inspired by everyone’s blogs! Oh, and I jut noticed your banner subtitle – I think I need to do a little scrapping today! lol

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    I got my last issue on Wednesday and felt sad knowing it was the last one. It was a great magazine!

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    Ann Johnson

    I got mine also and almost finished reading it. I am savorying every moment. Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration.
    Happy Day – Ann

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    got my issue yesterday as well. . .i will certainly miss it. . .i love the fact that they included so many ways to “keep in touch” and keep the “group together”. . .it was a revolution and i have a feeling it’s just evolving – not ending.

    peace out-

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    I haven’t received my copy yet, but am looking forward to it. Love the layout of Aiden….so cute!

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    I can’t stand that I still don’t have my hands on the issue yet! I am so honored to be published in the same mag with the likes of you, lady!
    At least Simple is going out on top of it’s game, there will never be another like it.
    :::silent sob:::

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    Have not received my issue yet either, but makes me so sad to know this one is it. And yes, Cathy, you are damn good and there is no one else out there who holds a candle to your talent. You are such an inspiration to me and I have learned so much from you! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for us Cathy groupies! Can’t wait for class next week!

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    Cathy – will go get my copy today if it’s on the bookstands . . . I will miss this magazine!


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    So sad to have a last Simple, it should have gone on.

    Just love your journalling on the layout about Aidan where you say ‘I think I’d like to be a little more like you when I grow up’. I’m 48 and wondering what growing up will feel like, I’ve decided what I’d like to be when I grow up is retired! Working is overrated except for the money it brings in.

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    Stacie Albrecht

    Ya’ll really went out with a bang, it was a great issue. I’m really going to miss it. The scrapbook pages were all so simple (I know, hence the name) but they had such great design too. I’ve been a long time Creating Keepsakes subscriber too, and I hope to see some of the Simple Scrapbook stuff worked into the pages of CK. You are by far one of my favorite scrapbookers, your writing is so fun to read. Thanks for all the inspiration.

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    I got my last issue on Monday ~ it is a great one, which made knowing it was the last even sadder. And yes, you are good ~ I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future!
    Me LOVES me some vintage Stevie-baby!!

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    I got my last issue Tuesday, and began reading it while I waited for daughter to make her way out of school after guitar lesson. I tried to make it last, but I’m always so eagerly inhaling the Simple goodness that I can’t. It’s like Thin Mint cookies… can’t make them last.

    And I think concerts have gone downhill since they invented headsets for the singers. No one knows how to use a microphone stand to good effect anymore. 😉

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    I got my final issue yesterday as well (not bad seeing as I’m in the UK). I’m still enjoying every page but will continue to look for inspiration here from now on.

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    We will all miss SS and your contributions to the magazine. I look forward to seeing you here on your blog (and I’m NOT a blog person, but yours is different) and hopefully at future CKCs???

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    Sherri P eh

    Mine came yesterday too, and I really can’t believe it’s the last issue. It also didn’t seem like 8 years. I still have every issue. I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. Thank goodness for technology!!

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    I am pretty bummed that I have “the last issue” as well…but also happy that I found and enjoyed such a great magazine while it was still in production.

    Thanks for the vid…it was fun to watch!!!

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    I just recieved the last issue yesterday as well, sniff, sniff. Although I’m sad there will be no Simple Scrapbook issues, I look forward to your new adventures and keeping up w/ your blog and new classes.

    Have a nice Easter weekend and yeah for the nice weather in the metro!

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    sue Treiber

    Mine came a few days ago, but I am reading it slowly, so as to savor it.
    Thank God we can read your blog to keep us going!

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    Oh, don’t tell me! The last Simple – I’m not sure what I’m going to do when it shows up – probably cry. You guys had just done a major re-vamp on many things and I was TOTALLY looking forward to it growing! sigh You GO, girl! I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth. Whither thou go’est…. Words of the Year for you – “opportunity” and “receive” come to mind. Something good is in the air for you – I just know it! Just keep playing and eyes and ears open – it’s just around the corner!


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    My last issue should be arriving any day now and I’m almost dreading it. SS was my favorite scrapbook magazine and I always have 15 or more pages flagged for great layouts or good ideas. And….we have news for you lady……you are STILL good and you are STILL a contender. Your venue will be different but that goodness is going to follow you around for the rest of your life….and your fans will be right behind you! I really liked this layout, by the way, but then I always like your layouts. 🙂

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    I will miss it too, it was my favorite. Thank you for keeping the ideas going in your blog. I just love reading it. I’m looking forward to your classes on BPS!

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    Sue Tielert

    I haven’t gotten my copy yet, but I’m running out at lunch to get it!

    You are a contender missy – no doubt about it ! Can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

    And THANK YOU for the video – Gotta LOVE Steve Perry – he was the BEST!

    Journey RULES!

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    kim strother

    So sad to see simple close!!:( Thank you for all you shared with us! I learned so much from you. I will follow you whatever you do …you are the best Cathy!! (and I love Journey)

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    Linda B

    I understand rockin’ dude begats tight pants. But Steve, really, he just couldn’t quite pull it off. Might be a height-challenged issue. Don’t know.

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    Shelly Fuehrer

    First of all love, love, love this layout of your daughter. Second, I will really miss SS magazine as I have been a loyal reader for many years so loyal in fact that I have hauled many an issue to Brazil where I live as a missionary. But…really glad to have access to yours and many of ladies who made Simple so great….will continue to check out your blog on a regular basis.

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    SS was my favorite, too. My VERY favorite. There is no other magazine like it, so this is hard. But I am realizing today that many of us think of it as ‘Cathy’s magazine’ because it so reflected your style. I hope the rest of the contributors know how much we enjoyed their efforts.

    Thank you for blogging, and teaching, and giving to us sad souls a place where we can still come and get inspired and have fun. Because it IS still fun.

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    Tammy M.

    I received my SS mag this week too and was so sad to see that it was the final issue already…I will miss this magazine very much…and love your choice in music…Journye is like my most vfavorite band EVA!!!

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    I felt so silly when I got my last issue. I live in a neighborhood with a common mailbox, so I walk the dog there every day to get the mail. Pulled the issue out, and literally tears welled up in my eyes. I will miss this magazine so much. I have tried to get into CK but just cant. Holding out to see how they will incorporate the simple scheme before pulling the plug on that magazine.
    Hope the neighbors didn’t see me tearing up.
    Thanks for everything you did CZ. We will miss your columns, but thanks for still giving us your blog and your classes at BPS.

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    I will greatly miss SS. It was by far my favorite scrapping magazine. I’m looking for some exciting things from you in the future!

    Your video clip took me back to my senior year in high school when I was totally in love with Steve Perry. Journey rocks!!!!

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    Abby P.

    What a sad day when the decision was decided to pull the Simple mag. Really, really my favorite. No other magazine matches it, although I do love Creating Keepsakes, but for different reasons that I liked SS. Thanks for keeping the SS concept alive in your blog and classes…you’ve always been my go to…sniff, sniff.

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    Bonnie Hoover

    My last copy that arrived this week made me sad too! SS was my favorite scrap booking magazine! I will miss it, there is now one more thing wrong with the world. I’ll just have to be patient for CZ Big Picture classes, articles in CK, and keep checking the blog for design re-dos.

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    Sigh. And here I am in Australia, having only just managed to lay my hands on the second last issue. I guess at least this means I have a little longer to wait until ‘the end.’ Very grateful for blogs and BPS, keep up the inspiration Cathy!

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    I got my last issue yesterday too. I’ve been a subscriber since day one and still have every issue. I prune all of my other scrap mags but never prune the SS.

    Thanks for the high school moment with Steve Perry and the boys… I know I stayed up to watch that episode of the Midnight Special when it first aired because JOURNEY was on……

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    LOVE your “beast” layout. Sounds like you have a couple of great kids.
    Haven’t received my SS yet, but hope to soon. I’m really gonna miss it!

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    You are one of a kind sister friend! You were the main reason I was a subscriber, and it was my fav! You’ll get there again, somehow. When one door opens, look for the bigger window, or the other door swing toward you down the way.

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    Kris Van Allen

    Aw, Cath (may I call you that?),

    Although this is bitterweet, that the last issue is releasing, I choose to be thankful to all of you who made SS what it was to me (and will continue to be): the very best out there. It’s one of those “the glass is half full/another window opening/silver lining” kind of things…and I know that all of you from SS will morph onto something even cooler! Blessings!

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    So very sad that this is the end. You and the rest of the Simple team sure went out in style though… I was saying to Angie that the last two issues were undoubtedly the BEST ever. **sigh** I will miss getting a little slice of Simple in my mailbox every two months, but I am glad to hear that the philosophy will live on.

    Thanks, CZ! You rock! 🙂

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    s.d. moore

    Got my last copy a few days ago and saving it for ‘last’ – have a few other reads first and want to save the best for last! Sad to see it go.

    Love this Journey kick you’re on; always have, always will! Have you seen/heard newest AT&T commerecial with “Anyway you want it?” Gotta love it!!!!!!!

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    wow…there’s a flashback to the year I graduated. The high waisted pants crack me up. But oooh was he the hottest thing ever? Would love to know what he looks like now. And do you think the crowd watching him could be any less enthusiastic???lol

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    So…is this the May/June issue? I have not seen it in stores yet…I cannot wait….wish this was not the end of SS. IT IS THE BEST!

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    Sev from france

    great mag & great column Cathy !
    Your DYL class was awesome. I’m taking another class at BPS but unfortunately, the teacher is less involved that you were !!!
    I wish you the best, Cathy !

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    Sev from france

    thanks for the video ! I love Journey. Iknow the band for only a few years because I’m a french woman of 36(don’t know if they were popular in France, my parents didn’t listen this music). Thanks to my Canadian husband of forty-something !

    I have received my SS and it was great to see your layout with the pictures of Aidan you shown during DYL class.

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    Yes, Cathy, you are darn’ good! Don’t ever doubt it! My copy isn’t here yet, but I know I will turn to your work first – as I always have done. Except this time there will be sadness as well as delight. Here’s to your bright future …

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    Kymberly Foster Seabolt

    You are, as always, a class act Cathy. Everyone single one of you involved with SS have behaved with class and dignity in the face of what MUST have been heavy hearts and major disappointment.

    You still have so much to offer (C&S Part Tres perhaps?) and if you could figure out how to give the non-graphic-design majors among us that same amazing “eye” you have for clean, graphic designs your work here is far from over!

    Happy Easter to you and yours CZ – and please tell Aidan to slow down on the growing up into even great gorgeousness front! It’s bad enough when my own babies make me feel the swift passage of time, but when YOURS are making me feel ancient something’s gotta give!

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    Wendy Sebesta

    Thanks for the blast from the past….love Journey and loved Midnight Special back in the day! I don’t think I missed watching that show every week while in high school. Wow….Neal Schon’s hair should have had its own zipcode!!

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    Sue B

    I will miss the monthly magazine.But I will stay connected to you by reading your wonderful blog. I do relate to your simple style.Just wondering what Design books you would recommend to all of us. Thanks for your all your sharing.

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