And other words that were along that good-word basis.

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(Aidan, sporting my fabulous and oh-so-dated wedding dress, which she wore as a costume to her 13th birthday extravaganza.)

We don't play up the Mother's Day and Father's Day holidays super big in our house. A few handmade cards and a day of not having to do anything but avoid all housework (or yardwork) is all that is really required for the Best Day Ever.

This year however, Aidan took the handmade card in a different direction, and wrote me a letter, a letter which she said I could post here.

I only wanted to share because A) I love that my daughter uses her words to express her emotions, B) I think she's a friggin' genius, and C) There are days when you Moms out there, especially those Moms to young kidsβ€”oh hell, to ALL ages of kidsβ€”who are working your tushkas off just to keep those kids happy, clean, loved and fed, who can feel overwhelmed at the whole motherhood task because let's be real here: some days, it's not as pleasant as others. And then there are those moments within those days when those kids you work so hard to care for simply take your breath away; they surprise you with their compassion; they give you a glimpse into where they are really going and who they are really becoming and you put your hand over your heart because you realize the place they are headed is a place filled with love and goodness and hope.

This was the best Mother's Day gift I can ever recall. The gift of words rocks.


Dear Mom,

I tried to make you a card but was too far from perfection and messed up with markers each time.
I tried to write a poem but I couldn't find the words; I lost them up a the cabin.
I tried to draw a picture, but markers are much too thick for detail.
So, I am writing you a letter.

Today is Mother's Day, the 13th time you've experienced this day with me. (The 9th time with Cole, I think?)
I wrote a few different poems all entitled "Mother."
Words entangled within versus like
And other words that were along that good-word basis.

More poem attempts followed with cute, cheesy lines like
I love you like the fish loves the seas
I love you like the bird loves the sky
Like the flowers need the bees

I love you this much, as far as the sun stretches
I'll love you 'till forever is over
From the plains to the hills through deserts and mountains.

All of these words still can't express the love a daughter has for her mother.

You are…
A key component to my life
A friendly figure in my life
A movie pal, a doctor holder hander.
A Mother.

Happy Mother's Day Mom.
I love you.

Aidan (Your Daughter)


I pretty much kicked out the ugly cry all over on that one. And you know what? She didn't even act like that was an uncool thing to do.

Aidan, I think you are something very, very, very special.
Cathy (Your Mom)

Cathy ZielskeAnd other words that were along that good-word basis.

106 Comments on “And other words that were along that good-word basis.”

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    That is a lovely letter. really beautiful, and only someone very special and beautiful could have written it.

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    Well, since I’m at work, I sure hope nobody will see how the tears are streaming down my face and ask me what is wrong? Great letter and how cool that she let you put it on your blog. Sometimes those kids will just blow you away! What a cool daughter for a cool mom!

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    that is sweet – i got a poem from my almost 16 year old son (of the corny/sweet variety!) it was way better than the ultra cool sunglasses i got. πŸ™‚

    i love it when kids sign their name and indicate who they are – as if you won’t know – i used to always include my last name! my boys always include their jersey #.

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    Cindy G

    I think you are BOTH awesome. What a wonderful relationship you obviously have. (Please tell Aidan she looks gorgeous in your fabulous wedding dress!)

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    Cathy, You are so very lucky to have a daughter like that. That has to be the best gift a mother could ever get.

  6. #13

    so super cool. love the (your daughter). my son used to sign his notes to me with his full name, middle initial included, lest i be confused as to the author, lol.

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    kim Strother

    Special is not enough to describe how sweet and wonderful that letter is. That is priceless!!! Priceless I tell you. Can I please send my daughter (14) to you for some training….she only said Happy Mother’s Day after she was reminded to! Oh well, there’s always next year!! Glad you had a great Mothers Day!!

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    Cathy – You are one lucky mom! It’s quite obvious to us that you’re a good mom and you love your kids – it shines through in your words, in your photos, in your blog posts.
    But I want to tell Aidan, right here, right now, you’re a lucky mom ’cause you have *her* for a daughter! That is one lovely, grown up, brilliant, gifted young woman – and you’re lucky to have her (and I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know!).
    And THANK YOU for sharing that beautiful letter with us!!!

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    She made me cry, too. What an amazing girl. My son thanked me for being the best mother in the world, but said his wife was a close second so I may want to start picking up the pace a bit…he wants snickerdoodles.

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    sue Treiber

    that is a great letter.
    Mine were fairly awful all weekend. Maybe next week is my week to get a loving letter πŸ™‚

  11. #35

    I said last week in the card store. . .it isn’t a holiday unless someone is crying over the card (or letter). . .thanks for sharing.


  12. #38

    Aidan you rock!! You are a wonderful young lady to wirte such a great letter to your Mom and allowing her to post for all us readers to enjoy. Cathy you have been blessed! thanks for sharing >>>heading off to dry my tears! lol

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    Melanie K.

    Oh, Aidan, (yes, this is a message FOR Aidan, sorry Cathy!) you are one special daughter. I so want to share this with my mom … who passed away Feb. 15th. So I am so glad YOU shared with YOUR mom. And you should be very glad you did. Bravo!

  14. #43

    Well, I pretty much dripped tears on my latest layout after reading this post…what a sweetheart!! I know how much that meant to you…save it as evidence that she really does loves you while the two of you live through her teen years! Ha Ha..and Hugs!
    Your Online Scrapbooking Friend,

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    Funny how the best gifts don’t have glitter on them, or require a vase, or add weight to your thighs. You don’t have to put on lipstick to go eat them, or have somewhere special to wear them. You don’t even need to take a picture of them, because you can close your eyes and see each and every word and each time you do they mean just as much as the first time you read them. She’s a keeper Cathy. Good job Aidan.

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    Paula Harrington

    Beautiful letter. Beautiful daughter. Do you think there’s hope for my kindergartner who reported on his Mother’s Day form/questionaire, “My mom’s favorite thing to do is eat food”????

  17. #50

    She is her mother’s daughter for sure.
    She has your same gift for words…expressing things simply, yet spot-on. πŸ™‚

  18. #51
    Lisa Russo

    Oh man. Tell that sweet baby girl (because she will ALWAYS be a baby, right?) that she made me cry the ugly cry, too.

    You know…with all the WW and job crap…and the rest of it…you’re raising two amazing kiddos right there. Bravo, girlfriend. πŸ™‚

  19. #53
    juli Elgin

    It’s moments like that which make being a mom just the greatest thing in the world. Trust me. I should know. I just spent 3 days trying to find the words to write for son #2’s senior letter. It was due Monday. Puffy eyed, I finally finished it up today and got it to school so it can be put in his envelope which each senior will get at the senior picnic next week. Savor your letter. Childhood slips away so fast. Before you know it you will be writing Adian’s senior letter and letting out the tears again as your remember these moments.

    Thanks for sharing,

  20. #55
    Jaime Benavides

    That is awesome! You are truly blessed. You have a daughter that just became a TEEN and she has no qualms about expressing her LOVE for her MOTHER. Hats off to you! You’re obviously doing something right;)

  21. #59
    Kris Rumpf

    Wow – I’m in tears after reading that! To get that kind of treaure from a kid of any age, let alone a teen, is amazing. Sounds like you’ve got a great kid!

  22. #62
    Kathy F

    Cathy- Aiden isn’t even mine and I was crying! πŸ™‚ What a sweet and beautiful soul she is! πŸ™‚ You are a lucky mom! πŸ™‚

    Also, do you not love the way our wedding dresses looked (however long ago?)?! LOL! Just kidding of course! πŸ™‚ Yours was a little better than mine! πŸ™‚ HeeHee!

  23. #63

    That’s got to be the sweetes thing a 13 yr. old ever wrote for her mother, much better than the “I hate you, don’t come in my room, this means you” that I would have written.
    You did a good job with those kids!

  24. #66


    you were the size of a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD when you got married?????? yikees.

    oh yeah, and the letter ROCKS!!! πŸ™‚

  25. #67

    Awe! That is so sweet! I can’t wait for my little one to get to that age. . .well actually i don’t want her to grow up anymore. πŸ˜‰

  26. #68

    I don’t have children but I totally understand how that letter could make you cry! It was heartfelt and real and that is so awesome! I also think it is totally cool that she let you post it here! You have such great kids!

  27. #70
    Holly A. Moss

    Ah ~ she’s incredible.

    What an amazing tribute to you as a Mother: that at age 13, she is confident & comfortable enough within herself and your relationship to express herself so openly & honestly.

    And to her, as a Daughter: that at age 13, she was compassionate and knows you that well, that she didn’t laugh, when you let out that ugly, heart wrenching cry.

    Yes, Cathy, your daughter is truly incredible. Well done. I hope you know that I see you as a role model for parenting.

    I can only hope I do so well with my daughter, Riley, as you have done with yours.


  28. #74

    she is just a chip off the old block. being a parent is such a hard job but if it weren’t for rewards like this–we might be extinct!!! these moments are what we live for. you are very lucky.

  29. #76

    Lucky you….in a house full of teenager boys….I get NOTHING!! By the way….if you’re like me….only the left half of me still fits in my wedding dress…..!!! Love that picture!!!

  30. #79

    I was teary eyed reading the said letter! I felt as if I was the mother who was given such letter by her child. BEAUTIFUL!

  31. #81
    Tertia Jacobs

    OK It took me a while before my eyes cleared up enough to be able to type again. What a wonderful daughter you have Cathy, she obviously takes after her mother when it comes to using words the way they were intended to be used.

  32. #86

    Ok…she is not even my child & I’m crying like a baby, What a great Momma & daughter!!! Doesn’t look like that nut fell too far from that tree!!! In a good sense. Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  33. #87

    Did we wear the same dress? I saw that photo & instantly thought it might be the same (I was married 18 1/2 years ago). I’ve been keeping it for my daughter, but after seeing it again on your daughter…as a costume…I’m thinking that maybe it’s a little dated. And when I bought it I thought it was timeless…

    (great letter by the way…my 14 year old wouldn’t even consider writing something so sweet…even for mothers day)

  34. #89

    Love that she reminded you who she was. Precious. My daughters told me that I was queen for the day cause I worked so hard I deserved a promotion, and my son begrudgingly hugged me and said, under mumbled breath, and with a suitably manly look in his face, “you mightn’t be the best mum ever, I guess, but you’re definitely the best mum for me.” And I guess, in the grand scheme of things, that’s as much as I can hope for!!

  35. #91
    Katherine Girard

    One Word: Beautiful!

    How amazing is she??!!!

    At moments like these, you realize, it is all SOOOO worth it.

  36. #93

    Okay, I had tears in my eyes by the time I finished reading your preamble. By the end of Aidan’s letter, I had a lump in my throat and a palpable ache in my heart. My goodness, that is exactly what motherhood is about. *sniff*

  37. #94

    It’s such a wonderful revelation that all the mothering (good, bad and unconventional) you have done so far has worked.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  38. #95

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – she has an amazing way with words. How awesome.

    BTW, you should take your post verbatim and make a scrapbook page. It expresses motherhood so well. πŸ˜‰

  39. #99
    Nancy C. from Wilmington, NC

    Oh, my and from someone who is 13! Get it into a frame fast! Hang it in a place of honor in your bedroom, because her friends would see it anywhere else and pronounce her uncool. Even though the grown-ups here are all teary-eyed and know that this is the best gift ever. My son is 25 and I’ve literally begged him to do something like this instead of spending money on something I really don’t need. I’ve managed to succeed at school where my children write about what they like about our class. Now, why can’t I get my own son to do it? I guess he knows I can’t send him to the principal’s office if he doesn’t do it.

  40. #100
    Jeanette B

    What a treasure! Do you think Aidan would write me a letter like that……… I have boys. πŸ˜€

  41. #101

    I don’t know any of in person. I just follow your blog. But by reading her letter to you, she sounds as cool as she looks.
    You are two really cool chicks. :))))

  42. #103

    OMG!!! that is just entirely wonderful and amazing … thanks for sharing (thanks Aidan for letting your mom share!!) … you are so right … sometimes it’s difficult to keep in mind all the good stuff when there’s just poopy diapers and messes everywhere πŸ˜‰

  43. #105

    If she’s anything like my kids, as you started crying, she was thinking “Yeah, I did it! I’m the favorite now!!!” – Not that it wasn’t from the heart, though. Mom’s “touching gift” tears are always added bonus around here.

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