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Me: the Abridged Version from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

A little promo for my next workshop from Big Picture Scrapbooking, called Me: the Abridged Version (you can read a bit if you click the link).

Long story short: it’s an album about you, in an A to Z format, inspired by the book Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, and essentially a new twist on a class I once taught at a CKU.

You should tell your story. Even if you think you can’t write. Or it won’t be interesting. Or any other number of buts… I’m going to help you do it.

You’ll make a 30-page album that will combine hybrid techniques using Photoshop Elements (or Microsoft Word) templates. More details and class supplies coming soon. Stay tuned.

And have a great weekend. 

Cathy ZielskeComing too to an online class near you!

82 Comments on “Coming too to an online class near you!”

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    I can’t WAIT for this one! I took your DYL class and had withdrawals after, so I’ll definitely be signing up for this one!

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    I’ve been waiting for this one. You hinted a while back that it was coming soon to BPS, and I’ve been sooooo pumped for it. This will be such a GREAT project to take on. πŸ˜€

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    Ami Pilon

    My life has been anything but ordinary. Now, however, in retirement I have the time and space to record some of it. SIGN ME UP !!

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    Sign me up. Can not tell you how much I learned and enjoyed DYL. I am in ECWL now and am loving every tweet of it! Looking forward to the next one. Keep them coming!

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    tammy t

    Okay, inquiring minds are excited about the class..and would also love to know who the music was…you have great taste in both areas!


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    Alicia V

    Wow! What an amazing promo. I can’t believe we have to wait so long for this class. But that’s a good time to start it and focus on ourselves. You make it all look so easy. I really need to start getting more tech savvy. Slideshows, music, video lessons, it’s all so inspiring.

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    I really loved that book! I’m in. πŸ™‚
    Ok truth be told, if you’re teaching a class at BPS I take it. The end. LOL

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    Joy M.

    Very cool. Something like what I was thinking about doing myself but it would be sooooooo much more interesting and worthwhile to do it with you, Cathy! Can I assume that, if your class works with PE, I can also use PSCS3 for it?

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    Laura H.

    I’ve never taken an online scrapping class before, but this sounds so fun! I can’t wait to find out more.

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    Marcie L

    Sign. Me. Up. Hopefully I can learn how to use Photoshop Elements at the same time πŸ™‚
    Sounds awesome, love the promo video.

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    Stacie Jo

    the Minolta camera in your video. . .was that a SRT 201 or 202? I have a 202! My very first camera!
    Really looking forward to your class!

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    Jennifer Larson

    This sounds great! I have a question as a person for whom the least favorite parts of my job are in front of the computer, and I carry that distaste home when I scrap: do I have to do much computer work for the class, or is it OK if I’m a paper only gal? Thanks, and can’t wait!

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    Miss Kate

    Hi Cathy! It’s Miss Kate from Down Under and hooray you’re class will fall in our spring again like DYL! I’ll be on holidays again and I made so many amazing and wonderful pages in DYL I just KNOW this is going to be fantastic! Got my credit card ready and waiting gal!

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    Patty Norman

    Totally signing up for this! Guess I’d better get a move on and finish my DYL assignments (hanging my head in shame….) That video would make anyone want to scrap. Can’t wait!

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    This class looks so awesome! Just watching the video makes me wish you were offering it NOW! But I guess I can be patient and wait until September. Good project for the fall and a treat for myself after summer.

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    Now this I can “sink” my teeth into”! I am excited Cathy…as always, so fun to follow your blog! Thanks for the Bday wishes ;o)

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    I’m not normally an online class kind of girl. Maybe it’s because as I look through photos of my Pa, who passed a way exactly one year ago today, I realise how little of his story is documented anywhere. And I don’t want this experience for my kids! So, I’m in. Stalking your blog until you tell me when and where I can sign up. Thanks Cathy, I’m feeling a little less sad today now, with the thought of this looming in my future giving me a much-needed lift. Hugs to you.

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    Hmmm … just read back through my comment, and realised that it’s seriousyl badly phrased!! The English teacher in me is cringing. Ah well … hopefully you get the gist!!

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    Jackie S

    Cathy – that was an awesome slide show you put together. Love the Arcade Fire music and your pictures! Can’t wait for the class….

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    (oh, and I just googled the phrase in like Flynn (is it Flint? or Flynn?) and now I’m simultaneously blushing/laughing/shaking my head/leaving now. I should know better. Google first, post second!

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    Lori Hudson

    Great video Cathy! Would like to know 1. What music did you use 2. Will you come to Orlando in August to go to the Green Day concert with me?
    P.S. Think I might be joining you for this class.

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    i was SO excited when i read this this morning and having finished DYL and now LOM … i’m like yeah something to do – the idea sounds fab, i need to include myself more in my albums, the project looks cute, the tutor will be FAB (goes without saying) ….. so imagine my horror that we have to wait til September ! i thought it was almost a little mean of you…. to leave a carrot hanging in front of us for that long….. what will we do ???

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    Lisa S.

    Thanks for scheduling AFTER the kids get back in school. I loved Amy’s book and to combine her prose with your simple design and your kick you in the rear motivation -it’s going to be a very special treat. Thanks so much for planning this and giving us this gift.

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    Ok Cathy Z! You’ve done it again! That video was so awesome! And I love the song choice! Arcade Fire is awesome! I will admit when I first read the post my reaction was, eh… it would be fun to take the class but I’m not sure that’s really what I should choose to spend my money on right now… but after I watched your VERY persuasive video— I AM IN! Magical! Everyone at BPS needs to do these type of promotional videos!

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    Erin Russek

    I can’t wait. loved DYL and read that book because you recommended it. So glad your doing this

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    Cathy: I am so there in September! You’re video had me signed up in the first 5 seconds. On a different note, I loved the stamp that says “This is what life looks like”. Do you remember where you got it from?

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    AWESOME!! SO can’t wait! I’d read about your A-Z idea before – thanks for taking it to the bigger audience option at BPS! You’re gonna get me to figure out this darned PSE yet, aren’cha?? πŸ˜‰

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    I hope I am up to it as my story needs to be told… thanks for offering this class. I am finishing up LOM 09 now and it will give me time to catch up with LOM B4 your class.


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    OK, Cathy, you had me at the moment when I realised hey, we’d have to choose soundtracks for OUR lives!

    Man, I have always wanted a soundtrack.

    Killer promo, babe.

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    Kimberly Reed

    okay. that totally made me cry. wth. i haven’t scrapped in 2.5 years and this makes me want to get back into it. too bad i won’t. you’ve tempted me….maybe if you keep doing that i’ll eventually get back into it. i miss it.

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    what a great idea for a class.. I try to tell my story, but really struggle with it… I’m going to be busy in Septmeber having a baby, but I’ll definately sign up and follow along when life settles into some semblence of normal!

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    Tracy V

    What a great “trailer” for your class, CZ. How about a class about how to put one of those together? Multimedia scrapbooking, maybe? Looking forward to your class!!

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    geese..that was SO should be proud
    I really Do want to take this class and I too love the idea said above of “multimedia scrapbooking” very cool concept there

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    Cathy can you tell me what song you use in this video I love it ! matched perfectly with your video very inspiring.

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