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Cherries, in a bowl, on my deck, that I ate.


Kyla girl, visiting dog, whom I adore.


The official Christmas tree burn, long overdue, followed by Smore Night.


A cute girl, with red in her hair.


A small boy, playing his DS in Dan's awesomely organized closet.


My kids, being kids.

Just a few random snaps from my everyday life.

I'm sure I'd say something much more witty and clever to accompany these photos but I'm still trying to figure out how the "Glambert Army" i've got tattooed across my you-know-what-ski will wear over the years knowing he was only the second best.

Only time will tell.

Cathy ZielskeSnapshots

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    Miss M!

    Second best, perhaps, but he has a chance at a real record contract now instead of the crappy one AI will give the winner.

    (dang you get up early!)

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    Second best in votes, maybe, but clearly first in talent. And I love that your son is playing the guitar (I think?) in the bonfire picture. πŸ™‚

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    Not second best at all, he’s #1 in my book. Kris got all the Gokey votes, but in the end, it’s for the best. Adam will shine and be around for many years to come.

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    I’m glad to see that you haven’t taken to your bed (or worse) in light of last night’s outcome. It makes perfect sense when you think that gokey-ites would more naturally move to kris than to join the glambert army……..small comfort, I know.

    Adam’s boots in the Kiss number were fabu, tho. I just kept thinking of the old SNL routine…Peter Crisssssssssssss from Kissssssssssssssss……….{I am quite old}.


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    I can, and will, one up you on the Christmas tree burning … because, you see … my dear husband just burned our tree last week … from TWO YEARS AGO!

    Lsat year we did artificial (son’s allergies) – and the tree from the year before was still laying behind the shed.

    Proud. Yes. So proud.

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    Well just remember season 5 – Taylor Hicks won Idol, but Chris Daughtry was the winner IRL!!! Thinking the same thing will happen this season, too!

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    Clearly the bulk of the army was out getting their nails done when they were supposed to be voting.American Idol and Dancing with the Stars – this year is the year of the underdog. But at what cost? A reluctant idol (who has a great voice) will he be a star? Humble pie does not really fill you up, it just has no calories.
    I am just sayin’ I guess if Glambert had won and it was expected what would we be talking about today…the cost of ratings. He still got the car…and will have an honest to goodness shot at being a star…He fit right in with the Queen band and KISS that is for sure.

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    Jaana Olsen

    This post, and its format, made me laugh (especially the last two photos). Awesome.

    Time to be Ms. Brightside here. I’ll echo that Adam will forge on and do what he wants to do (I can’t imagine him fitting into the Idol mold). Listening to him perform with Kiss and Queen last night just kind of solidified that for me.

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    I’ve never seen a man with so many shoes before. Is that normal? And apparently his feet don’t stink either (or perhaps Cole has a lousy sense of smell?).

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    What’s with boys & their need to play DS in confined spaces? My son likes to squeeze in between the couch and the wall to play.

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    Jane Schiller

    The last pic, were Aidan and Cole are dressed up, reminds me of my relationship with my brother and sister. Brother and sisterhood around the nation is just the same wherever you go, it seems.

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    Carol Clayton

    Well, Adam might not have won, but he definitely was NOT second best. Keep the faith – time will tell!!!!

    Were all of these pics taken with your new camera? They’re all fabulous, BTW.

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    I am comforted by the knowledge that somebody else organizes his shoes the same way I do mine. Easy in, burrow around, easy out.

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    Melony Wells

    I’m not sure that being the Idol winner is such a winning opportunity. We seem to hear more from those who didn’t take the big prize. I’m thinking Glambert dodged that bullet and go on and sing HIS songs HIS way and have a successful career.
    Love your typical day pics.

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