The Return of Mini Super Fan

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May in St. Paul means baseball. Go Saints! Cole dusted off the Mini Super Fan duds last weekend for a special exhibition game just outside of Red Wing, Minn. Someone suggested that he's more like a "medium super fan" than "mini." Mini or medium, he's just too cool for school.



I'd like to welcome my newest advertiser (and my friend and former Simple colleague), Renee Pearson. Renee has just launched her new website, offering digital training for crafters and artists. Renee has a knack for keeping it super simple and easy to follow, enabling you to build your digital scrapbooking skills. Check her out today!

Cathy ZielskeThe Return of Mini Super Fan

18 Comments on “The Return of Mini Super Fan”

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    Ann Grounds

    Is it really warm enough for baseball?? Our “farm” team doesn’t start until June and we still have to take Parka’s to the game! Go Aqua Sox!

    BTW thanks for sharing Renee’s new site! She is a great teacher (BPS) and I’m sure that I will sign up for something there.

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    Just a shout out to Renee! About 3 yrs ago I took her BPS brush class and she was sweet enough to personally walk me through each question. Because of Renee I am now a digi-scrapper with a side of paper instead of the other way around. Love her!

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    Yay Mini Super Fan! Gives me hope for summer! We are still having rain here in CA but looking forward to our nice mild summers we have…Go get em M SuperFan!

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    Didn’t you say last season that SUPER FAN was moving…. or did I just dream that?

    Cole sure is a cutie!

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    I love him!!!!! We are big baseball fans and I have thought of Cole the last few weeks hoping he would still make appearances. Have fun!

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