A whole new deal

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(Aidan, on the first day of third grade, September 2004, the first year I had a digital camera.)

This year marks the very first summer in my life, and the life of one of my children (see photo above), that we will experience what is commonly known in the greater United States as "summer vacation."

(Aidan, on the first day of fourth grade.)

From pre-K through Grade 6, my kids have gone (and Coleman continues to go) to a year-round school. It's the same number of days, of course, but instead of being off for nearly three months in the summer, you're off for three weeks in the fall, winter and spring, and then some.

(Aidan and Cole on the first day of first and fifth grade.)

Aside from being a plus for working parents (which up until last February, I'd been for a number of years), it's also believed to provide a continuity of education. You know, they don't have enough time off to forget what they spent all year learning.

(Can you believe I didn't take a picture on the first day of 6th grade?)

But this year, Aidan is just finishing up her first year at a regular school and on Thursday, her first real day of summer vacation will truly begin.

7th grade
(First day of 7th grade.)

For some reason, one-three and me? We're thick as thieves lately. It's going to be a fun three months. I'm so looking forward to having a little company over the summer months. And yes, feel free to remind of this in July…


Cathy ZielskeA whole new deal

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    AWWW…. have a good summer with the 13 yo girl. My 13 yo girl might not be as easy to live with this summer…. if summer ever arrives here in the Twin Cities! I hope this weather improves by Thursday when we are out of school too!

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    We’re having a different sort of summer too. My job has dwindled down to very very part-time, so my girl will be home with me quite a bit more than any other summer. I hope we will enjoy it!

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    It’s neat to see how she’s grown! I feel like I know her! My 13 yr. old plans on being in the pool, sleeping late, staying up late, and eating crap all summer, I’m sure she’s not to crazy about hanging out with me, but I’m going to make her!

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    Kris Van Allen

    This is a fantastic time for the both of you to just BE …. together. You’ll never regret it!

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    Marcie L

    How very cool that you and your 13 year old are so close. I thought that was impossible. I was a 13 year old girl once and was the farthest from close to my Mom. Of course she wasn’t nearly as hip as you…but still.
    Have a great summer!

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    lara jane

    It sounds like the timing is just right! You probably wouldn’t have looked forward to the break if you were still working, and I doubt it would’ve been as much fun for Aidan, either!

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    Kathy F

    Have fun with having the kids home….It actually will go faster than you think! :)I know when school comes around again I miss my oldest every year. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    THREE MONTHS??? You get three months over summer vacation? I’m so living in the wrong country. Our longest holiday is 6 weeks … just enough time to get used to not having to go to school, and then it’s time to go back. Sigh.

    Have a great time with Aidan!

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    We’ve got the short 6 week summer too… it’s a pain as far as trying to get to the US to visit my family, but wonderful in that I don’t have to entertain 2 small kids for huge amounts of time.

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    laura vegas

    our school just switched from year-round to a traditional schedule this past year. so this is our first official “summer break” too. 3 days into it … and we’re not doing so well. lol!

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