All about me, er, you… I mean, me, you? Me? You? Yes. Me. And you.

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(Page above is the title page from one of my many Library of Memories albums.)

As I've been working on the content for Me: the Abridged Version (launching to the online world in September), one of the things I had to do for the class was make a 28-page album that was, in essence, all about me.

Now maybe it's because I haven't been scrapbooking a ton about me lately, but the album itself came together in a snap. It felt inspired, as if my scrapbook mojo had been missing out on telling my own story. And I realized it had.

I remember when I first started making pages about myself… it seems like only 2002 when I made this layout below:


(click on layout to see larger)

It seems like 2002 because duh, it WAS 2002. Back in the day at Two Peas, when people started posting their all about me pages. I couldn't get enough!


(I also couldn't get enough of this series of photos, evidently. But I'll be damned if I don't recognize a cute shot of myself when I see it.)

I couldn't get enough of the All About Me page because I relished the chance to tell a story about me, just as I'd done for years and years on the pages of my old journals.

I loved the way I could take those words, pair them with a photo, package them up into a tight, cohesive design and say, "Voila. Here's my story."


From what I'd tell my much younger self with the benefit of hindsight, to documenting the ever-changing styles of a girl who placed far too much of her self-esteem on hair, scrapbooking gave me the much needed outlet not just to feel crafty, but to provide a forum for a voice that needed to be heard.


I have as many pages about me as I do about anything else in my collection. Is it selfish? Or narcissistic? Or worse, a waste of time?

Allabout stuff

I would argue to say on some level, it's selfish to NOT tell your part of the story; to not let a little light shine on how you fit into the grand scheme of this life you so carefully and lovingly document.

The best part is that it doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. It's really not that hard at all.

Sometimes, it's about small stories of success.


And sometimes, stories of decidedly less success.


Sometimes, it's just simple and random stories from the everyday.


Or a very specific story of the one particular thing that makes you tick.


In the end, these stories have the opportunity to be about you. Well, I mean me…and you. These stories can capture a slice of this human existence that no matter which way you look at it, it's wholly and uniquely your own.

What's the last thing you scrapbooked about you? If you can't quite easily recall, maybe it's time to give yourself a chance to work a bit more closely with the material.

Cathy ZielskeAll about me, er, you… I mean, me, you? Me? You? Yes. Me. And you.

71 Comments on “All about me, er, you… I mean, me, you? Me? You? Yes. Me. And you.”

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    I was wondering if this upcoming class would have a digital option (meaning PS templates to drop our own papers and pictures into) for those of us that are paper and glue challenged and/or just hate the idea of pages falling apart down the road. I took your design class and loved it. But I am hoping that this one could have a digi option, as that would streamline the scrapping process for me and many others. :o)

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    Rebecca Cameron

    Wow Cathy. You have such a way with words. I think you are right. It is not self indulgent to tell your tale. It is actually really important.

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    Of couse you should scrap about yourself. Who else is gonna tell your story though your eyes? I actually scrap myself often. The bonus being that I can do WHATEVER I want with phe photos and never have to ask permission to show any LOs online. (Especially if I took the photos myself.)
    Not a bad bonus if I say so myself! 😀

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    I love your retrospective of the pages you did about you. What a great progression! I scrapbook about myself quite a lot. Started a Book of Me within the first year I started scrapping, and I’ve kept the project going in one way or another ever since. 🙂

    I am totally on board for your class in September. In fact, I’m going to try to convince some of my non-scrapbooking friends that this is a project worthy of their attention and effort… that someday, things like this will matter to their kids. Wish me luck!

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    Judy in Huntsville [al]

    I don’t know dawg, for me, for you, it just seems great to me, about you, you know… [said in my randy jackson voice…] love that you encourage us to put OUR photos in in our memories as well – been watching the pioneer woman in NYC this week and SOOO HOPING she’s having MM take soem photos of her with the girls as well!

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    Miss Kate

    Cathy, your just teasing us with a great looking cover layout! I’ve done a layout tonight (Oz time, about a neice) and scraplifted a couple of elements already.
    I just know you’ll help me think outside of the box with this class like you did for DYL.
    I was looking at that album today and thought “Wow kiddo, this stuff is pretty dam cool”. Go me – with your help of course.

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    I don’t know if it should be called narcissism if you are are so patently awesome. Seriously, isn’t it your duty as one of the exceptional few to share your awesomeness with the world? The gift of awesomenosity is rare, and should be nurtured and cherished wherever possible. (*removing tongue from cheek*) Hey, loving the awesome hair-do one – do you mind if I scraplift that? I have some seriously varied hairstyles from the past year that are just screaming to be scrapped in a totally awesome way. (Can you pick my word for the day, by the way?)

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    I’m so very excited about your new class, I need that push to document MY life, not just Zoe’s.

    Looks like this may be an 8.5×11 album class?

    Either way, I’ll be there.

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    Jennifer Larson

    Yesterday I did a page about myself and the things that I treasure every day. Great timing! I am so going to take this class. I am concerned because I am not really interetsed in digital or hybrid. Is this still a class for me?

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    I’m not even started on my “Everyone Can Write a Little” stuff and you are already announcing a super cool next class! God! You rock! When I grow up, I wanna be just like you!

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    This class is so calling me. I have so many pages of my family, my kids, my husband playing with our kids. I’ve turned into the photographer in the family and I don’t think there are any pictures of me AT ALL. I think when the kids look back they won’t think I even existed much less played with them. I can do better, somehow… not sure how but somehow…

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    I am looking forward to your class – I just finished reading your first book (a little late) and going to start your second one. Reading them have really given me the push to scrap again. Thanks,

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    Cool so thats my birthday present sorted (i’m the same as Donna D by about 2 days)LoL
    and i should be caught up with you previous class Yep i’m a slow scrapper life keeps getting in the way! love the photos & that middle one of the evolution & hair really looks like Adien (might have spelt that wrong hope not!) seeya hugya *G*

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    Laura Pineau

    I was rifling through old photos and I found 2 of me on the day I left for university. I created a page about how it motivated me to be more optimistic and energetic, like I remember being then. Plus, I looked skinny and had a great haircut.

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    Think it would be possible to do this about Me in one book and my darling husband in another? We have been married 28 years and I have precious little about him. Or is this going to be a girlie class??

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    I keep meaning to do a page about myself but I just haven’t 🙁 I am really looking forward to your class and need to persuade my hubby that I HAVE to sign up for it! Since he is the bread winner I have to ask first…but I always get my way!

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    You have had some KICK A$$ hairstyles!! Love that layout with all the different pictures of your hair.

    I actually did scrap about myself on Nat’l SB Day, a layout about how I’m finally shrugging off all the mean stuff kids said in school and realizing I’m pretty in my own way. It felt good!

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    Jennifer Ruhl

    Cathy, you are just too cool! Thanks for sharing your life with us! I love reading your blog because it is thoughtful with a pinch silly all at the same time!

    On a side note, I was involved in a circle journal where the theme was bad hair throughout the years! Oh my, it was funny!

    Keep up the great work!
    Jen R.

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    Sharon F.

    Love it…can’t wait for the class and am inspired by the layouts here. I suspect I will be putting some Me stuff together this weekend.

    thanks Cathy!

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    I can’t wait for your class. I think doing an album all about ME is a fantastic idea. Since everyone has tens of thousands of pictures of their kids over their childhood, do you really need to do/learn more of this. No. We need to learn to document our stories about who we are, what we love, what we do. No matter how deep or superficial. It’s all apart of us and our children (and family) will probably love this album more than any other.

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    Margy Eastman

    I’m so excited for your next class! I find when I start doing pages about me (not DH or DS), they then revert into pages about my dogs. I really need to learn to stay focused! BTW- love the hair! I had the permed version of the assymetrical bob (among other product-heavy short cuts) back in the day. Wasn’t it slick to really only have to focus on styling one side of your head?…ah, the good old days.


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    I am so there for your class…I had a great time in DYL and look forward to your Me class. One question though – will we need to create a separate Me album or can we do layouts that we can incorporate within our existing LOM library?

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    Preach on sister:) I love this post!!! So, well said. I am thrilled beyond thrilled about taking this class:) And thank you for shaaring all this inspiration. And that hindsight 20/20 lay-out from your first book was the initial one that got me scrapbooking.Loved it!!! And so right on about how we have to tell our own story. Who else can as well as us:)thank you Cathy.

  24. #35

    Me? Really? Yes, you’re right, of course. It has always seemed like such a huge undertaking though. (Apparently I find myself a very complex person – ha ha).

  25. #36

    The last thing I scrapped about me it was “The best of May 2009”. It was my last layout. I am doing a lot of layouts about me this year. I can count in mjy fingers how many I did for others.

  26. #37

    Never thought about it until right now, but I have never, ever scrapped a page about myself.

    But I also have my dog as my avatar, so I guess I shouldn’t be shocked by the fact that I don’t love taking photos of myself 🙂

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    How I can relate to The Hair! It was such a giant part of my life. I never realized same until my sister gave me a photo album displaying all my hair-dos. Scary very scary.

  28. #39
    Margaret C

    Oh man – how cute are your hairstyles!!! I am SOOOO envious. I have had 2 styles for last 20 yrs – up and down. End of. Now is that a page title or what ???!

  29. #40
    Kathy F

    Cathy- OMG! When I was looking at your LOs I was forzen by the one with the 9 square pics…the one in the upper right hand corner looks so much like Aidan (sp?)…WOW! Wish my kids took after me that much! 😉 Well, you know she will be a darn cute 40 something right? or is that 30? LOL!

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    Dana N (MissD)

    I’ve always admired your “me” pages. I can’t wait to do some of my own. See you in September!

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    amy m

    It will be hard to wait all summer for this. I read Amy’s A-Z book last year and planned on doing a turn style encyclopedia scrapbook, but never got to it. Yeah, it ended up in the didn’t-even-begin-pile from my 2008 goals. Perhaps this year I will actually do it, of course, I am still working on my layouts from DYL. I guess you could say I have a finishing problem. Do you have a class on that?

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the way your album is looking! Wish I could take the course but I have to be realistic in my time allotments to creativity….get rid of three teenage sons and I will have lots of time….but nothing to scrap about!! ahhhh… you give a little you take a little!

  33. #49

    Wow, your album is awesome! I really, really like the Hindsight page. The hair evolution was fun! Great ideas. This will be a fun class … can’t wait!

  34. #50
    debbi hyden

    i recently started scrapping some pages about myself but this class looks awesome… can’t wait.

  35. #51
    Lourdes Quintero

    Thanks for this post! It has really got me itching to get home and make a page or two….something that hasn’t happened yet in 2009. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what the class!

  36. #53
    Kelly in Canada

    Okay, I really can’t wait for this class. If it is even close to DYL it will be oh, so worth it. But, do I have to actually include photos?…

  37. #55
    Robin M

    Lovin the decade worth of hair styles!! I have one of me with my bright orange Daniel Ash/Love and Rockets hairdo! gotta love the 80’s!!

  38. #56

    Wonderful LOs and I will be signing up. Again! Will there be any Indesign tips? for those of us who got it after DYL, hoping you’d do a class? 🙂

  39. #57
    Sue Harig

    You are so talented. I love your approach to scrapbooking and photos. I have both of your books and your style got me interested in both. It so much more than I thought it could be.

    I am now trying to get more digitally creative. Now I find I am hooked on fonts, size (the variation of) and negative space.

  40. #61

    Cathy, i so remember seeing that layout about your evolution of hair!!! i loved it then and i love it now..those are really cool photos of your younger sell..

    love your all about me layouts!!! keep sharing!!!

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    Sally Kemp

    I don’t get all that excited about a whole lot lately, what with economies crashing, and swine flu lurking around every corner, but I am *seriously* excited about this class! In the meantime, the blog is great because I always look forward to any new layouts that you’ve created. I love your style, and you do indeed ROCK!

  42. #66

    Your timing is perfect! I’m headed home this summer to visit “Nana” with the kids – – it’ll be a great opportunity to look through photos and choose ones that tell “my story.” Gosh, I feel your pain on the “weighty issues.” Ditto. Wish I had an answer for you. Only thing I can tell you is that Paula Wessells blog right now is a total inspiration. I’m taking her Commit2Fit challenge and it’s excellent. The baby steps are perfect and it’s “do” able. Love that you put layouts up. I think I need to pull out my Cathy Z books again to feel inspired : ) Thanks for a good start to the day!

  43. #68

    Is the class going to be self-paced? I REALLY want to do it, but I don’t know that September is going to work for me. Cross-country move in July with 4 kids, expecting kiddo #5 Oct. 1….whew!

  44. #69
    Karen Breen-Bondie

    Cathy, You are so awesome! I love your hairstyle retrospective. I’ve always loved the way you wear your hair but to see how cool your cuts were….WOW! And how lucky you were to not only have VERY cool photographs of the styles but to have found a stylist to work with your hair like that; I am awestruck. And that middle photo looks just like Aidan.

    I’ve only had one stylist I loved and trusted (she studied at Vidal Sassoon) and she’s been the only one willing and able to constantly change my hairstyle (something that is a prerequisite for me!) but has moved on to studying yoga. Were you a hair model?

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