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    Oh isn’t nice that a loved and the big universe reminds you sometimes not to sweat the small stuff. Very cool for sharing:)

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    Kelly in Canada

    Hi Cathy,
    This has nothing to do with anything (except, perhaps, for missing butts or butts missing favourite jeans or something) but, I found, in my local (meaning middle of pretty well nowhere southwestern Ontario) Foodland, Arnott’s Tim Tams which, if memory serves (and it often does not)is, like, your favourite cookie. From Down Under.
    Just thought I would pass it on.
    Sorry about the major run-on nonsense.

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    Ohmygoodness, I have a picture of the exact same thing!!

    We were having a horrible trip in the grocery store and my two year old dumped chocolate milk over my entire cart of food. I started crying. And next thing I knew, my 7 yr old son handed me a heart made from a twist tie.

    Kids are so great.

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