Just do it! (or don’t): the guide to making the best unintentional iTunes mix ever

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On Sunday, I had the burning need to listen to one of my all-time favorite mood enhancing songs ever in the history of my life (Thank you, Steve Perry, I will always remain true to you. And your hair. And your weird stage clothes. And your mom jeans.)

So you can deduce by now, the song was "Don't Stop Believin'" and I just typed in the word "don't" into the iTunes search field, and I'll be damned if a whole list of musical lovelies didn't pop up and I realized: you, my dear, have the makings for the most Awesome Mix Ever.

I'm still workshopping it. I'll let you know later this week how it's holding up. But it's fun. Pick a word. Pop it into the search field. Make a mix.

The best surprise on the mix? Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. Makes me want Dan to grow a mullet and pop open a pair of Schlitz Malt Liquors. (Sorry. Those high school flashbacks hit at the most inopportune moments, don't they?)

Cathy ZielskeJust do it! (or don’t): the guide to making the best unintentional iTunes mix ever

28 Comments on “Just do it! (or don’t): the guide to making the best unintentional iTunes mix ever”

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    thanks for the inspiration to do something i just mentioned to my hubby Saturday………thanks for sharing everything!
    (first time comment, long time reader)

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    Tracy Marie

    ROFL – my son just graduated from High School on Saturday and his class song, “Don’t Stop Believin”!

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    What the heck is ROFL??? I like your mix idea… but when are you going to get on track C!!! Write your next book and organize my life!!!LOL

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    I heard “Oh Sherri” on the radio tonight. And thought “I wonder if she dumped him because she knew if they stayed together, she would be SHERRI PERRY!!!

    It was a Wedding Singer (Julia Gulia) moment.

    Saw yr facebook post and thought what a great list!

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    Cathy – I checked the “Write-Click-Scrapbook” website and am wondering why your name is not listed on the team? I think you should be there, too. They can use your design ideas. Just my thoughts . . .

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    CZ – I was very disappointed that your name wasn’t on the “write,Click,Scrapbook” website.
    We NEED YOU; hope to see you’re name up soon.

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    I created my own “just don’t” playlist. There’s a couple of songs I just don’t like (pun intended) but that leaves me with 50 songs right now. Fun!

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    “Don’t Fear the Reaper” – one of my all-time favorite songs. Thanks for the reminder! Love your blog!

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    Kris Van Allen

    Great idea for a playlist….kinda like googling your own first name with the word “needs” after it…very interesting results!

    Have you watched Glee? It’s viewable on hulu.com now. funny funny.

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    Hi Cathy,

    you know, I ususally don’t post, but I had to this time, I’m reading your music list on my lunch break here at work…I have my ipod playing in my dock station, and as I read, I see “don’t stand so close” by the police, and in one of those moments realize, that is THE SONG playing at this moment on my ipod. I love it. thaks for the fun moment!

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    Oh there is just something about:) Steve and what amusing description:)Thanks for the heads up about the new site. So, gonna google reader that:)

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    Thanks for the tip. And I must say, my 15-yr old son LOVES Don’t Stop Believing. He know it word for word. One of my favorite things on Facebook is a button that says ‘Successful parenting is finding 80’s music on your kids iPod.’ And with him it’s so true. He loves all the music I grew up with.

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    Have you discovered “Pandora” yet? Download the App on your iTouch – it’s free. The best thing ever!

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    Melissa Blair

    Hey, where’s “Don’t You (Forget about Me”? I’m dancing like Molly Ringwald right now!

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    Sue Harig

    Oh yes, I can still hear the sultry sound of CZ’s voice singing the infamous tune at Inspire 2009. You rock!

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    Don’t Pay The Ferryman … omg, I’m hooked on the “pick a random word to govern your musical journey for a week” philosophy of grooving in my car now. I thank you (even if my kids, at this point, do not)

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    you absolutely reek coolness, cathy! love this iTunes playlist idea!
    i had a good time fooling around with all sorts of different words. i think ‘love’ may have been my favorite. πŸ™‚
    keep rockin’.

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