Summer starts now

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With this one officially off from school for the first time since she was four years old (in the summer time, mind you), I feel like we've been waiting 9 years for a real summer vacation.

(Don't talk it up to much with the other one. We're playing it down a bit 'round these parts.)


This one below will be at work a lot. That looks something like this:


And this one below has many delightful things on her plate this summer, that includes, in no specific order:
• completing all the class content for Me: The Abridged Version (registration opening in early July)
• various freelance design jobs throughout the next three months (thank you, design gods of the universe, for keeping me out of a corporate job for the time being.)
• keeping my house clean and my family fed.
• trying to shed pounds from my already too bogged down frame.
• ensuring all shots of are taken from above, and in black and white.


Here's to summer break.

Cathy ZielskeSummer starts now

16 Comments on “Summer starts now”

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    Lazy Mom Leslie

    Love the picture of Dan at work. For some reason I am always surprised when you mention he owns a coffee shop. I know that, you have talked about that but it still always surprises me.

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    Sounds like all blessings to me, Cathy.

    “Slow down you’re doing fine
    You can’t be everything you want to be
    Before your time.” Billy Joel

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    omg, your daughter looks like she is growing up, my son’s about the same age & i just can’t believe it on a daily basis…:)

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    “ensure all shots are taken from above and in black and white” Have to remember that one. I will be taking your workshop in September and have bought the book you recommended “a ordinary life” (I think I just got the concept!!! dumb me didn’t get it to page 30) Here’s my problem- finding and taking photos of myself. Any suggestions?? I already love the above one…

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    Mary Kate

    Hey! I didn’t know Dan owned a coffee shop near the U of M. (Had to Google to find out where it was.) Shall have to stop by next time I’m on campus.

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    The shot of your DH is priceless, I think the black board needs a “designers” touch though.

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    Wishing all of you luck on your summer adventures. Only 8 more days and ours starts…..can hardly wait!!

    I will be right there with you with the shedding of the bounds part!!! Gotta find a way to move this butt of mine out of the chair!!!

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    I am absolutely stunned, the last pictures you posted of your daughter, she looked like a little girl. Now she looks like she’s going to become a woman. What happened?

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    Hey! I love the Truman quote on the blackboard in the coffee shop! I am a huge presidential quote fan but my favs are all funny things said. (well, funny to me at least) I like these, for example, “Don’t call me Dick!” (Nixon) “I need a strange piece of a** every day or I get a terrible headache.” (JFK) “He wouldn’t know how to pour piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel.” (Johnson, who has the funniest in my opinion. He was speaking about one of his advisors in this quote.)

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    Nancy M

    What’s the music playing during the ad for “Me: The Abridged Version” at BPS? Love it! {and the class looks neat, too}…

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