The Few, The Proud, The Random Photos

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1. The socks of boys should always be shot with a wide aperature.


2. Helmuts worn all day long will keep boys safer.


3. Sparklers do not make good hair removal systems.


4. Hell has frozen over. In other news, I've been gardening.


5. Love all of your children equally. Even the color blind ones.


Cathy ZielskeThe Few, The Proud, The Random Photos

30 Comments on “The Few, The Proud, The Random Photos”

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    Sara Mangan

    What do you have in your pots with your flowers? Is there some type of mulch on top of the dirt?

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    Do all young boys wear two different socks? Mine does too… all though not the helmet, that’s a good idea, I’ll have to look into it πŸ˜‰

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    three teenage boys in this house….one is colourbling…everything is brown…so he thinks everything goes together…..have to do a morning check of socks without holes and shirts and shorts that match….my usual saying is “try again”

    thanks for the reminder that everyday stuff is worthy!!

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    I am glad you posted those socks. Many mornings when I hand my son his pair of clean socks that LOOK filthy I feel like a real failure as a mom. Good to know someone else’s child also beats his socks to a pulp!

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    Oh my, thanks for the giggle. Such great photos and stories! The plaid and plaid combo is… ummm… something my older kid would do, but I now have my hubby trained to talk said kid out of poor fashion decisions, knowing that they’ll both incur the Wrath of Mom when I see them in the evening.

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    Ann Grounds

    And my mom thought that stripes and plaids on my 12 y/o boy was bad….Lovin’ the plaid and plaid and how you cropped the head off to leave it anyomous-but I know it’s Aiden-shhhh don’t tell her I know!
    oh hi Aiden-your mom probably hadn’t done laundry ’cause she is too busy with ECWL and thats all you had to wear.

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    Roberta Philbrick

    Cathy…you’re a cool mom…images of your lovely son…makes me miss my three boys…socks, plaids, dumb moves and all…lol
    Fondly, Roberta
    ps…how’s your to-do list coming…mine is lost on my desk in a pile…lol

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    Love number five, my 10yr old son wears the strangest colour combinations and doesn’t see anything wrong with them, he does think I am weird when I say please don’t tell anyone your parents are designers, at least not today !!

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    Deb J

    Cathy, I get such a kick out of your posts. Your sense of humor and that of your family give me a smile that I need. I do so enjoy your blog.

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    I needed this hilarious post! Thanks for a good laugh. (my little brother is truly color blind) Love to see that you are gardening. Cheap therapy – truly. It works wonders. And so do containers. Check out square foot gardening for weed free gardens – seriously. I’m thinking of converting several areas of my 1/2 acre yard. The weeding is making me insane! (of course, a little mulch would go a long way – I just need to buy some)

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    Debbie Dow

    I have a question about your up comming class.
    I took the one you did at CKU, is this one going to be same, if not how is it different?

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    Ummm, Cathy you’re gardening?! Really?! I hope you planted only one container so you wouldn’t be overwhelmed and give up. I’m very proud that you conquered your anti-outdoorness. I love your blog. You Rock.


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    I don’t see why you think of Aidan as color blind. If everybody just started just wearing those color combos on a daiy basis, the world would be a happier place. But, oh no, goths just haaave to rule the world, don’t they?

    I’m just kidding… my socks happen to look very much like Cole’s today. LOL, love your post, Cathy!

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    Love the photos, Cathy. Your son is looking more and more like his father every day. (Much harder to tell who he resembled in your C&S books).

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