They can’t really do the accents, but still…

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I know this is a stupid video, but it made me leak tears from my eyes from its unique stupidity. (Thank you, Mr. Bubby.)

Cathy ZielskeThey can’t really do the accents, but still…

15 Comments on “They can’t really do the accents, but still…”

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    Love it. My absolute (I mean it!) fav show is PSYCH (USA) It’s got our kind of humor. This episode had Shout on it (these guys are undercover at a American Idol type show ~Duos.) You have to see the whole episode to see why they are singing Tears for Fears and appreciate their homage for 80’s.

    But here it is… (BTW:TFS.)

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    Classic. I really, incredibly needed that. I deal with regular stupidity all day so to have a smide of unique stupidity really helped! Thanks for sharing!

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    Makes about as much sense as the original which I loved! I didn’t know there was such beautiful coastline in Arkansas and Oklahoma (wink, wink).

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