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Smile song

Watching the Michael Jackson memorial yesterday, and hearing the song "Smile," reminded me of a layout I did for a very old "Font 411" column in the now defunct Simple Scrapbooks, using those song lyrics on the page.

This is back when all I wanted was completely unnatural moody photos of my girlie. I'm not sure the small tag graphic was the best of ideas, either… the whole "let's crop a face and disconnect it from the person" approach. But what the heck. The year was 2004, and I was a young, wild, scrappin' rogue.

I think the torn paper should be enough to convince you of that.

Those were the days.

Cathy ZielskeFrom the scrapbooking vault

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    I watched the memorial service last night and thought that Jermaine sang Smile beautifully. I’ve always loved the lyrics to that song. And now your layout, Aiden looked so little – isn’t it scary how quickly they turn into young ladies. My youngest will be One Three in September and she’s often mistaken as being older :o(

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    I actually love this–call me old school. I love that the focus is on the text..and while I see what you mean about the tag, I like what it communicates: maybe she was melancholy in the picture, but you affirm the presence of a smile with that tag. It’s almost like it is there so she can grab it when she needs it, LOL. I very much like this LO.

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    I was also moved by this song and had forgotten how beautiful it is. When I searched on iTunes I was delighted to find so many versions of it…. Thanks for sharing!

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    Carrie H.

    I hope this isn’t yucky to say… but I’m missing your old blog looks. I was hoping to get “use to” the new blog look but I find I’m missing your old layout and colors ;o( Still the same amazing content but I’m missing the eye candy I think…

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    Kathleen S.

    I like pretty much all your tweeks on your basic style. Even if you don’t slant anything, ever, no how. I try not to think about that one too much because I’m susceptible to subliminal suggestion, and I do like to slant elements. But the more I look at your LOs, the more regimented alignment grabs at my scrapper psyche. Kinda like the Force, the Vulcan mind meld, the idea of order in Legos. . . y’know?

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    Judy in Huntsville [al]

    love the layout – but especially love that EVEN you second guess your pages several years afterwards – I’m one of those scrappers that started in the 90’s so you have an idea of what some of MINE might look like… altho my friend and I DID go to the art store to buy something more than CM papers…

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    Cathy, my question to you is this: How many times did you have to tear those papers to get them to look just right? C’mon… you can confess to us, your loyal fans. I KNOW you didn’t get those edges looking that good just in one shot! πŸ˜›

    (Okay, please tell me I’m not the only one who was paper-tearing-challenged and had OCD over it…)

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    Love it Cathy … look at her eyes!! Stunning.
    Barb, I was ok with tearing paper, but sanding photos? OMG … seriously stressful moment, that one!

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    i have to ask, did it kill you to type, “the now defunct Simple Scrapbooks”? because it kind of made me hurt a little.

    and heck, i LOVE to tear paper, call me clueless.

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    Cathy I still love those photos you have taken of Aidan, they really are beautiful. Have to agree with the ‘let’s crop a face’ tag though…

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