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The day has finally come: my baby just hit double digits. 1-0. Ten. Two numbers will from this day forth represent his number of years on the planet. How in God's name did this happen?

I remember this boy:


This is the boy who when he was born, I would've chewed through the umbilical cord, bolted from the hospital, and raised him alone in some cave, where I would've growled at all the foolhardy souls who dared to enter.


This is the boy who is an awful lot like me: loud, dramatic, intense and a propensity to go a bit overboard on pretty much everything.


This is the boy who is dramatic. Wait, I already said that, didn't I?


This is the boy for whom I quit my job to stay home and raise. Without a doubt, it was one of the single best decisions I've ever made and I'm so very thankful we found ways to make it work financially.


This is the boy who gets a new thing and becomes singularly obsessed with it for weeks on end.


This is the boy who always knows how to make an entrance.


This is the boy who is utterly brilliant and makes every day exceptionally extraordinary.


This is the boy who still fits onto a lap.


This is the boy I'm so glad we made.


This is my boy, Cole. And he's 10 years old.

How time does fly.

A Blast from the Past from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday, Coley. I love you, buddy.

Cathy ZielskeThis is the boy

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    sniff sniff. Wonderful, beautiful tribute. My boy is turning 9 in two more months. Someone said just today that “wow, he is almost 10,” and I said, “stop that!”….they grow tooo fast indeed, but it seems he is a perfect 10, so enjoy this year with your wonderful boy.

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    What a cutie. Did you know we named our Coleman because we thought you Coleman was so cool? Yup. We did. When we were looking for names I happened to be reading your books and we loved it. I LOVE all that drool in the video!!

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    Happy birthday to your second double-digiter! Sweet video and stunning photos. Isn’t he wonderful? Like the rest of his family, including his Mum, who documents it all with such grace and obvious love.

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    Happy birthday Cole, hope you enjoy being 10! I love the video, don’t they bring back so many memories and I may be odd, but I love the last few seconds where he starts to cry, that’s the part I forget most now that my baby turns 13 in 2 months time!

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    That was lovely Cathy! I’m not sure what Cole is really saying (pretty sure it’s not banana!) but it sounds like he’s speaking about our eldest son, HAKKI!

    Hakki is like Cole in some ways and after showing him the lego a day website, Hakki really got into making up lots of little “scenes”. He took all the photos (I helped to edit!), typed up all the captions (and cut them out) and then we made it into a mini-album. Thank you for sharing that website!

    Hakki will be 11 in Sept and Haldan 8 in a couple of weeks. I miss them being little so much!

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    Boy – what a character. Happy double digits Cole.

    MTAV? – making lists in my tag book, do you have a plan for helping with moving things around to fill in the blanks? For example, I have a lot of M’s, Movies for example, which I could move to say P (previews), or S (spoilers). So if M is full, and I put it in P, when I think Movie Previews later, I check, put it in M, and then have a repeat. Does that convoluted question make sense?

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    My “baby” turns 10 in a little over a month. I am having total anxiety over it because then I no longer have a child in single digits! πŸ™‚

    Happy birthday to Cole!

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    I think one of the “ups” of writing so well are the incredible love letters one can leave behind. He’ll cherish this for years to come…
    Happy birthday, Cole!

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    Hey Maureen, yes… it makes sense, and yes, you could do EXACTLY that. Meaning, you can take something from one letter, and find a way to put it under another. Movie Previews could go under “Previews, Movie”.

    did that answer?

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    This video made me cry, made me think about my baby now almost 5 months. And when I look back his pictures wow already I miss that newborn feeling.
    I don’t want to take for granted any moment, I also stop working to stay with him and even when I think I’m going to get bored I think I will never have this time back so I rather enjoy and leave and grow with him in every moment. From the dependent years to the not so dependent.

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    Adorable video Cathy! I recently watched one of my son at about the same age. He’s now 21 (almost 22)! Where did the time go?

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    Tonya B.

    How sweet, that made me pull out home video’s of my 19 year old son that we haven’t gotten to see much this summer, because he is 15 hours from home doing an intern job, he will be home for 2 1/2 days to visit and repack the car and head back off to college.
    you made my day with all the pics .

    Happy Birthday little guy

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    I’m wishing a very happy birthday to Cole. What wonderful things you said about your son and there’s certainly something to that Mother/Son relationship, isn’t there? My son just turned 23 and I’m working on his Life Scrapbook – where does that time go ? ? ?

    Happy B-day big 1-0 Man!

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    Happy Birthday Cole! What a sweet post. It is so clear your children are so very loved by you and Dan. Thank you for sharing.

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    Damon Crawley

    Everything you said…just apply it to my Jackson (on Saturday). How is it that these boys are 10? Because that means that I am not the 26.5 year old I was when this little thing came around. I was completely at a loss as to what to do with this little being that God somehow, in his humor, thought I was capable of raising.

    We couldn’t be more blessed to have our boys? Now Jackson’s sister…I’ll get back to you. LOL!

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    my baby, my youngest, my Carter… he just turned 10 on the 1st of this month. I don’t even know how that can possibly be. How can I not have any more single digit kiddos?!?! I am right there with you today. LOVE this post! It’s so screaming to be turned into a layout. I may have to do just that. πŸ˜‰


    and big hugs to Mom. πŸ˜‰

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    StΓ©phanie B.

    What a cute video…I’m glad for you you took it, not knowing at that time you’ll share it with the world!!! Thanks for doing that, so it makes me think of adding that to the “to-do list” of things to remember when we’ll have kids.
    Love also your little story-telling with photos about how you have watched him growing and becoming this funny little 1-0 that he is now. Again, thanks for sharing.

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    How cute…happy birthday COLE! My oldest “baby” just turned 30, July 13th and my youngest boy turned 22, April 13th…sniff…sniff
    Love the video Cathy…what is it about boys and drool…it continues when they are men…lol
    Have a great day, fondly, Roberta

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    Judy Sanza

    Cherish each and ever moment! I am a Grandma and I look back and cannot believe how fast it all went. Thank goodness for scrapbooks! We are so fortunate now because their little lives are fully documented. I have very few pictures of my four in comparison to the grandkids. I agree that staying home is such a blessing. We also raised two of the grandchildren and I stayed home and homeschooled them (I am a retired college prof so it wasn’t too bad). Now they are in high school and the last one goes this year and I am FREE!

    Keep up the good work (and it is work isn’t it) and enjoy each day.

    See you for “ME”.

    Judy in Fernandina Beach, FL

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    they really do grow that fast huh? sigh. my baby boy is 2, and i’m shocked. i’m hugging and holding as much as i can.
    thanks for the inspirational video as well. i so have to do that yet. πŸ™‚

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    happy birthday Cole !
    what a wonderful tribute Cathy ! (love the video !)
    I’m so happy to have a son too (he was born last november). I think about what you said about the job you quit. I’m away from home 12 hours each day and I didn’t see him grow between 4 and 8 months….

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    Linda J

    Happy Birthday Cole:) – What a treasure to have that clip to enjoy today, and 20 years from now too.

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    Have a very happy birthday Cole – I’ve watched you grow up through your moms scrapbook layouts, from way across the ocean here in the UK!

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    I fiercely love my little boy too! He can be so difficult/challenging at times but he is mine. His spark/zest keeps me moving.

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    this is really sweet. i remember turning double-digits and it’ll seem very surreal when my kids get there. enjoy, cole!

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    Ten is so huge! My dad was a man of few words, but I clearly recall turning 10. His words were, “So, you’re in double digits now, huh?” Yup. Then I said it to my growing boy, too.

    This was a great tribute to Cole. I’m a bit teary-eyed.

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    Tracy V

    Thank you for sharing your sweet little Cole at 19 months! What a precious little guy he was! I love the drool. Great reminder for me to take more video of my son who is 23 months and the youngest of 4. He has not had much screen time, sadly.( Child #1 has vaults full of VHS starring herself!) I plan on getting some of him on video tomorrow. Thanks, CZ, you never cease to find ways to inspire me!

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    Thanks for the reminder… I need video of my kids so I remember their little voices… uber cute!

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    Oh Cathy – the video made me cry. My little boy will be 26 this October and my baby is 8 already and it seems like seconds ago they were both this tiny age where they first learn to talk. Happy Bday to Cole.

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    Lynn Brown

    Aww…that was so sweet! What a cutie…especially with all of the drool. Made me almost tear up….reminded me of my kiddos when they were that age.

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    Angie (mommiextwo)

    Ok, that it all just too sweet for words. The photos are amazing…so is the tape. I have two little boys and I’m watching this with tears in my eyes. It’s an incredible journey, isn’t it?

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    Rebecca G.

    Oh my goodness… the drool! My youngest son used to drool just like that. I think he did that until he was like 3 years old! LOL! Adorable video. Awesome photos. Happy Birthday, Cole!

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    Sigh….how sweet! I love my babies as fiercely as you do, mine are 5 & 8. Happy Birthday Cole! Happy Motherhood, Mom…

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    Probably too late, but I wanted to say I am great. Our middle daughter and our dear grandson are visiting and we have been fishing, and bowling, and to church – and that is all today! More fun tomorrow,


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    Happy (belated) Birthday, Cole!

    Guess what? July 30 is my birthday too! If your mama is a little unsettled because you are 10, I can certainly understand, since I’m still scratching my head and trying to figure out how on earth my 40th birthday arrived so quickly! With that being said, I hope your birthday was as wonderful as mine was! Quite a few fabulous people arrived into the world on July 30 if I do say so myself!

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    Loretta Artful Yogi

    Your video made me cry! No that our son is quite a bit older than 30 and super aloof, this little video brought me to tears. *sniff*

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    aimee matteucci

    i just wanted to let you know that this blog post of yours (first one i’ve read! now i’m a regular!) inspired me to make a mini book… i absolutely had to finish it this weekend. thanks for the inspiration!


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