Here’s a layout not yet hidden away in the Scrapbooking Vault

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Last friday, I had an idea to make a page. The idea was this: I really, really love having my girl home this summer. Sure, she might not wake up until 11 a.m. or later, but I've really enjoyed having her home. I'm sure those of you with way more kids underfoot all summer long might think otherwise, but right here and right now? I'm digging the summer break thing with my girlie.

My kids have gone and still go (Coleman still goes, that is) to year round schools. This is Aidan's first official summer off… like a normal kid's summer. I took a bunch of cool shots of her the other day that I could have used on the layout. Like this one:


Or this one:


(Both tweaked using Totally Rad Actions: The Revenge, Bullet Tooth action, perfect for the hipness requirements of a 13-year-old girl.)

But I just wanted something less slick and less posed. And then I just wanted to write. So I made this:


supplies: patterned paper (BasicGrey) β€’ arrow punch (Fiskars) β€’ Archer and VT Portable Remington fonts

A simple story. A simple design. I love overlaying a story onto a photo. I also love designing something digitally, and adding just a few real life elements for the final page.

Just wanted to share on this fine Monday.

p.s. A report on our family outing to the Green Day concert coming later this week.

Cathy ZielskeHere’s a layout not yet hidden away in the Scrapbooking Vault

34 Comments on “Here’s a layout not yet hidden away in the Scrapbooking Vault”

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    Wow, that first un-scrapped picture looks just like you! these are such great pictures…gotta get my camera out more often!

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    ria ria bo bia!

    Ok… Beautiful photos… But what the heck is a “year round” school??? Are you serious?? DO they really go all year? I am confused… Why is this? Please explain…

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    ria, they go most of the year, yes, but… it’s the same number of days as a regular calendar school, they just get three week breaks in the fall, winter and spring.

    It’s actually great for the elementary age. Keeps em from getting bored in the summer, but… also keeps a nice continuity of education.

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    GREAT layout (as always). My own one-three is sleeping well past 11am as well. So wish we had the year-round school system here! Have a wonderful week πŸ™‚

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    Great photos and layout and a beautiful girl. She looks a lot like her mom! We don’t have year-round school here, but I found that as my children got older I enjoyed the summers more and looked forward to having them home.

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    Tonja Trump

    She just keeps getting more and more beautiful with each photo you take. It’s fun to see the progress there. I love how you captured her quirky socks and band-aided knee too..super candidly cool! πŸ˜‰

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    Donna Goar

    Cathy, thanks for sharing these feelings of your daughter with us today. I so enjoyed those days as well when my daughter was home for the summer and we hung out. She turns 21 this week! She is off to college, taking summer classes and working so I see her very little right now (sniff!)…………now we chat on the phone or text several times a day!! (Thank you technology!) So thanks for reminding me of those wonderful days. What a beautiful daughter you have!

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    Beautiful layout and great inspiration for me. My 14 year old daughter left last night for camp and the house felt so lonely without her. Now, granted, if she were home, she’d probably be locked away in her room and I would be busy in another room, but at least I’d have the chance for one of those impromptu magical moments with her. I know there’s something here I need to journal. Thanks for the spark.

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    Barbie Schwartz

    Great layout and photos, Cathy. Makes me remember when I had my girlie home in the summers. She’s 21 now, and this is her first summer of NOT coming home from college. She’s 4,000 miles away in Hawaii, and I miss her something awful. Enjoy one-three while you can–it won’t be long before she’s grown and gone. And she does look an awful lot like you!

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    good morning cathy. πŸ™‚
    i looooooove those photos of aidan, and i looooooooove this page.
    im so happy you are having such a good summer.

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    Oh my…she could be your twin!
    As far as the Green Day concert goes, my 9 yr old would love to see them (she knows every song and video) so I can’t wait to hear your review…when do you go? They are here on the 21st, I think.

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    My six-year old daughter’s first name is Isabella, a name I admired for so long and finally had a girl to bestow it upon. I look at her now and think she looks so grown up for her young age. I can’t wait until she is older, like Aiden Isabella, and full of her own style, her own self and probably driving me a little nuts, too.

    Awesome layout!

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    Stunning photos & very sweet layout! My daughters are 20 & 25, with the two oh girlie still home this summer, but off to work most mornings to help pay for her next year at college. Even so we still have sweet morning hugs, times together, opportunities for loving & hanging out that I so cherish! This week we have my 12 yr. old niece here, and we’re enjoying the young teen sweetness that’s flowing through our home again, not unlike what you’ve written about Ms. Aiden! She’s opposed to photos of herself she says, but I’m thinking she’ll eventually come through—maybe if I show her the senior pics I shot of my other niece she might allow a couple… or if I show her these of Aiden! Thanks for sharing her beauty & your talents!

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    Cathy, what a great layout! Thanks for sharing. And it reminds me of a whole bunch of photos I have of my son with a white wall behind him. You will be scraplifted. Hope you don’t mind πŸ™‚
    And Aidan? have a wonderful summer!

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    great layout, I will totally scraplift it for a page about being home with my son (8). I have been working from home for the past nine years, but recently got layoff. I gave myself the ok to enjoy this summer of not working to enjoy with my son, since most likely my next job will not allow me to work from home. so far this summer is going bye super fast, but my son and I are enjoying every minute of it. Enjoy yours also.

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    amazing photos! I am going to have to learn how to use actions. Maybe that could be your next BPS class.

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    Wonderful Lo and photos – the others are begging to be scrapped too! Isn’t Aidan just beautiful? Oh, enjoy every minute with her – my own DD is now 25 and working in the US (I’m in the UK) and yep, like other Mums above, I do miss my DD! Gorgeous LO … Can I second the request above for a tutorial on getting text round a shape? I also admired the way you did the one of Cole looking Amish!

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    Great layout. Love it. Did you do it in InDesign or Photoshop ? Just wondering how you got the text to follow the line of her head like that. Love the journaling too.

    Can’t wait to hear about the Green Day concert, we have bought tickets as a surprise for Max and us to go in December when they get to New Zealand which happens to coincide with his 13th birthday.

    Also, please thanks Aidan for me, because she is doing a “Me: The Abridged Version” album herself, Max has been inspired to do one too. He has already done his tag book and is starting on a Word document with his journaling for each letter in it. Thanks Aidan, I don’t think he would have done it if you hadn’t been doing it too!

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    I can’t get over this GORGEOUSNESS!!!! She is radiant and dispells the rumor that the early teens are the ” ugly duckling” years!! Wow! She is beautiful and sure looks like her mama!

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    Judy Sanza

    When you said, “scrapbook vault” I had to just sit down. That’s what I think all the time. I do all that work and love what I’ve done and then it disappears! I try to sit them out on the picture shelf, but still…they go into the vault. Sometimes I wonder if they will ever be seen again. Can you tell I’m having a scrapbooking meltdown. So anxious to start your class next month. I am all ready to go. I am a grandmother so I have a lot of life to express. I am a retired technical writer so I am raring to go.


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    Love your style. In Design or Photoshop? And WHEN are you going to teach us In Design??? I’d love to learn it from a scrapping perspective.

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