Patriot Games

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Oh, how I love having mad graphic skillz…

My friend Candice Stringham wrote a great article in a past issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine about creating your own 4th of July photoshoot. She threw up a huge flag in some nice open shade and shot friends and family. (See more here.) I knew I had to take the idea and run with it at our annual neighborhood get-together. So I made my sign, packed up my camera, and off I went, and here are some of the highlights.

First, I present the patriotic boy:


Next, the corresponding girl:


After that, we have the patriotic mom:


And finally, the patriotic dweeb, er, Dad:


But the fun didn't stop there! We had more…

The slightly confused and/or British patriot:


The impossibly adorable patriot:


The moderately reluctant teen-aged patriot:


The baby patriot:


And finally, the other impossibly adorable and overly happy patriot (aka the baby patriot's daddy):


Thank you, Candice, for such a fun idea! It's sure to become a tradition at our neighborhood gathering, which was, by the way, hosted by these people:

The loving hosts of awesomeness patriots:


Hope you had a delightful holiday weekend.


Cathy ZielskePatriot Games

27 Comments on “Patriot Games”

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    Hillary Chybinski

    now clearly it goes without saying – you are a graphic designer and much closer to a “real” photographer than I will EVER be. . .did you do anything “special” with your shots – I liked giving mine a little “antique” or fading the color one or 2. . .but alas, I have commitment issues. . .LOL


  2. #7
    Christy B.

    What totally FUN PHOTOS!!! Looks like you all had an awesome time! Love the new look on your blog too~~~

  3. #8

    what fun photos! and that last picture of Dan…gaaaah! he looks like he could break out in the monologe from “Patton” any second!

  4. #9
    Kathleen S.

    It’s clear they were responding to your charming self. Used the poker face, did you? and threw them for such a loop it unhinged them with glee? All except Dan, natch, who’s wise to you, and the Brit, still smarting over military reversals. Great job!

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    Susan D.

    thanks for the reminder!! we had a yucky weekend, so i didn’t get to take photos. but i saved our retired garage flying flag just for this when i saw the article!! gotta break it out this week!

    and these rock by the way!!

  6. #17

    That’s really cool Cathy. Dan looks like president Zielske, and you look cute.

    Have you ever seen where anyone has taken one of your ideas from Simple and run with it? It must be pretty cool to see your ideas embraced by others.

  7. #19

    Such a simple but spectacular idea for anywhere around the world. Going into my creative file for next year. Thanks you for the inspiration

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    Linda Joplin

    Cathy, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea. We will have to do it next year, as we always host the family/neighborhood blowout. Remind me next July please! 🙂

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    Hi Cathy –
    This is a great idea! I wish I had known about it Saturday, because while I did snap some pretty cool fireworks shots, I dropped the ball on the “family and friends cookout/party” shots.
    Many thanks!
    – Lee

  10. #26

    Oh I saw this CK, what a genius idea and your take is fabulous. Dan’s last shot is so patriotic:) A president in a past life? 🙂 perhaps with that stoic stare.

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