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Side note about the Vault—It is not, as my friend Mark Spearman mused, at all like this, as he posted yesterday on my Facebook page:

"So where exactly is this "Scrapbooking Vault"? Is it an actual vault? Is it like, guarded by off-duty Costco security guys you've hired? Is there a sticker on it warning that it contains less than $100 and Dan does not know the combination? I picture you sitting in your vault at night on a tiny folding chair, fondling crushed velvet cardstock and scalloped craft scissors, a cigarette dangling from your lips with an ash THIS LONG. Sort of mumbling to yourself and getting jumpy and rattled by every random sound from the outside…"

No. It's simply an external hard drive with a whole heck of a lot of scans on it. Oh sure, you can see the layouts in REAL life, but honestly, what's the fun in that?

As I was trolling the vault yesterday for more past nuggets, I found this one and realized a great photo and a great story with specific details is all you really need for a meaningful, memorable page. The design is nothing to oogle. Just a simple page and a simple story (and some ink and some of that good old stuff from Making Memories and the days of yore.)


And Mark, here's a P.S. for you: your entertaining vision could never be accurate. You KNOW I don't smoke anymore.

Cathy ZielskeMore from the scrapbooking vault

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    I love seeing these layouts from “the vault”…it is amazing, I actually remember seeing both of these before, guess I’ve been following and admiring you for awhile…thanks for sharing so much of your talent and family with fans like me for all these years!

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    Did you even listen to the old Jack Benny radio programmes? His “vault” was guarded by a polar bear [voiced by Mel Blanc] and had a 1000 year old man inside it. One needed to cross an alligator infested river on a small barge with poles … seriously great radio effects for that. I know off topic from the photo, but that’s what I always think of when I hear “vault.” And, no, I never listened to JB on the radio – just read about it. 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing image of the vault – this one really is a classic.

    p.s. isn’t it time for a ‘Design Do-Over’ soon?

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    Melony Wells

    Marks description of your ‘vault’ is so great…I bet that image will pop into your mind whenever you access your vault from now funny 🙂

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    I love Mark’s description of your vault! I want a vault like that! I especially think the cigarette part is what attracts me! LOL! I quit 2 months ago.

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    Love seeing these treasures from the vault.
    Love the story of father and son… and those old products still rock my world.
    Love that you no longer smoke. YAY you! 😀

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    What a work of art! The daddy-baby tandem never looked this charming! And you said that you quit smoking? Wow! Nice to know that one! Mothers should really avoid smoking. It’s very harmful to us and, most especially, to our kids. I’m so proud of you!!

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    Yep. I quit 5 years ago. But, i never smoked in my house or around my kids. Ever. That was one rule I never broke. I simply hid in my back alley behind my garage and smoked myself silly. Its a hard one to kick. I talk to my kids about this a lot. : )

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