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(Please note: there are no spoilers in this post, that said…)

Yesterday, I saw Up. Now I'm not usually given to make statements of hyperbole—or wait, maybe I am—but I'm just going to say it: it's one of the best movies I've ever seen. Ever. In my entire life.

Now before you weigh this statement, you should know my top five films:

1. The Shawshank Redemption

2. E.T.

3. Silence of the Lambs

4. Forrest Gump

5. Aliens

And, you should know that at the time of seeing the film—yesterday—I was in that special time frame just before Aunt Flo comes a'knockin' and at 43, that basically means the simple act of breathing can send me into an emotional tailspin.

Still, I stand by the statement above: it's one of the best movies I've ever seen.

This is a movie that, until I read a review by a local critic who said simply: everyone on the planet should see this film, I had ZERO desire to see. Who wanted to see a movie about some old curmudgeon?

Um, hello? That would now be ME!

Every minute I sat in that theater, I felt that I was part of something that transcended magical. It was like someone had sprinkled animated pixie dust on my grey matter.

I laughed. I cried. It became a part of me.

Thank you Disney, and Pixar and the people who conjured this story from their ripe and creative imaginations.

Two-thumbs off the charts way, way Up.

Get it? Up?

And if you go, take Kleenex. You will need it.

Cathy ZielskePure magic.

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  1. #3

    Thanks for the excellent review – I’m planning on taking my girls tomorrow. Now I really can’t wait!

  2. #4

    I loved it too! I could see it again and probably will or when it comes out on DVD I’ll buy it. It contains so many messages about life.

  3. #6

    Hubby and I went the week after it released.
    I’m so sorry we waited so long!
    It will most definitely be one we buy for ourselves.
    It was an AWESOME movie!!!!

  4. #7

    Up! was amazing. It totally made me cry..even my steadfast I only take my kids to this kinds of movies because my wife makes me…type of guy!
    it is for sure one of my top fives

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    Susan Raihala

    I totally agree. Up is an awesomely wonderful movie. It’s maybe a little intense in places for the very young, though. My six year old took my hand and covered his eyes for part of it.

    My husband, our nine year old, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  6. #9

    I agree! My whole family loved it! It has comedy, adventure, and is oh-so-sweet! My 10 yr old ds and 14 yr dd both loved it!

  7. #10
    Becky T.

    You totally summed it “up”!!! I was so shocked at how early in the movie I cried and that I cried again later. I will be 1st in line to buy UP when it comes to DVD.. maybe even in 3D since they WAY over price it at the theater.

    Thanks for the review!! 🙂

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    Annie BW

    I completely agree. The short flashback piece at the beginning was especially masterful. We ALL cried: my 13 yo daughter, 10 yo son, and me. I add my thumbs up to yours.

  9. #14

    We absolutely loved this movie. We had a “private screening” for a birthday party and we all enjoyed it so much, even my husband, who isn’t really all that big on animated stuff. I agree, though, Kleenex are definitely called for.

  10. #15

    weren’t the dogs the BEST part?!?! and that bird, when its telling the old guy to shoo…. i was laughing SOOOOOOOO hard!! that’s how i tell hubby to move now… braaw braaw braaw!! or however you’d spell that!! wink!!

  11. #16
    Katie N.

    I totally agree with you! I actually saw it twice and I cried both times. I thought I would be ok the second time since I knew the story, but I think it touched me even more. And the dog was perfect! We have a golden retriever and I can’t believe how right on they got Doug.

  12. #19

    I am so glad I wasn’t the only one that was tearful. This movie is pure magic. It is definitely in the must own category!

    Thanks for ….Squirrel!

  13. #20
    Christa P.

    We are going Sunday and I’m excited to see it! I’ve heard from several friends how good it was and hopefully my little ones think so too. And PS we have several of the same top 5’s!

  14. #21

    I went to this movie because I was curious and I truly trust Pixar. But seriously, I never expected to cry my head off–several times in the show. What an incredible surprise.

  15. #22
    Lisa S.

    Just took my 8 year old son this week. He’s like me, sentimental. He almost wanted to leave when the story was getting a little too sad, but we stuck in out and were blown away with the message of the movie. We were able to talk about how the boring parts of our adventurous life ARE pretty special. BTW, my “cousin Flo”, as I refer to that 28th day of the month, usually makes me lose it at Hallmark commericals. Luckily, she was out of town during this movie. I still cried 3 times, but not that uncontrollable, wait 30 minutes before we can leave kind. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  16. #24
    Deitra Hart

    I am so not a crier at ALL, but even I got a little misty-eyed at his wife’s scrapbook. Later that night I told Jim, “See, isn’t scrapbooking priceless?” to which he replied, “no, I have credit card receipts that say otherwise.” LOL! We both loved it! Oh, and the kids did too, did I mention they were there too?


  17. #25
    Kaylyn B

    We took our son and 8 of his preschool friends to see it for Brayden’s 5th birthday. It was very special to see the girls reaction and the boys reaction. Of course all the girls got the first 5 minutes when there no talking. The boys are laughing away.

    I laughed and cried. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen as well 🙂

  18. #27
    Julie Johnson

    I so agree with you! Loved this movie, it was inspiring, touching, and motivating! Carl reminded me of my Dad and how my kids can change him so dramatically – love that relationship they have. The story reminds me so much of myself, always looking for excitement and adventure and striving to get to that one big dream. It motivated me to realize that my excitement, adventure, and big dream are right here and now between my own 4 walls 😉

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    Ann Grounds

    My mom saw it with my kids and really enjoyed it and she’s in her late 70’s. She did, however, absolutely refused to see it in 3 D! I think the last 3D she saw was in Disneyland and it was Michael Jackson’s show. I want to see it so bad before it leaves the theaters.

  20. #29

    We went to see it yesterday too. It is so much better know that I know my fav. scrapbooker in the world went and fell in love with it the same day I did!
    Really, it was the best movie ever! I laughed, I cried, I cried, I felt good! I will be first in line to buy it!

  21. #30

    I LOVED this movie. My husband and I both got weepy. This will immediately be added to out Blueray collection when it comes out.

  22. #31

    I haven’t seen it yet, but EVERYONE I know who has seen this movie has loved it. I’m hoping to get to a theater soon!

  23. #32

    Hi Cathy.

    I’m glad you liked the movie. I haven’t watched an animated film since Lion King!

    I was wondering if you’re going to do a design do-over for June? Just because I think they’re fabulous!


  24. #34
    Staci Miserlian

    Yes, I am with you on “Up”. I also loved that the movie featured a scrapbook in such a pivotal role! Go scrapbooks! Go scrapbooking! I can tear up just remembering it.

  25. #35

    We went to se Up on my son’s 13th birthday. We Loved. Every. Minute. Left the theater not just entertained, but feeling really good about life. Not many movies can do that!

  26. #37
    Sharon T

    Cathy, I totally agree with you. We went to see it with out kids (24 & 19), and my 24 year old son said that UP is one of his alltime favorite movies (he is picky about that list) and how he was so surprised by the theme, plot, etc… He commented on how Pixar always delivers an unexpected treat and this was no exception. I rarely just sat; I laughed a little and cried a lot! It’s one of those that really puts the important things in life right back in perspective.
    🙂 Sharon

  27. #38
    Melissa Cummings

    I 100 percent agree with you. I cried so much in the first half I couldn’t believe it. And then I laughed and laughed and cried some more (my brother, 16-year-old niece and my kids made such fun of me). Btw, I was there when they filmed much of Forrest Gump. I lived in Savannah at the time and saw many movies made there. FG by far and away the best!

  28. #39

    OMG–I call her Aunt Flo too! I also LOVED this movie. I saw it with my husband and my son. My husband thought it was the best Disney/Pixar he had seen. My son (10 y o) thought mom was a blubbering idiot! I know you’re a wordsmith, but I’m a math girl and I loved how they told an amazing story with images! Ahhh, perspective!

  29. #41

    Every time I think about the talking dogs and especially the malfunctioning voice box I crack up. I so want one of those for our new puppy. We loved it too.

  30. #42
    Mary Mitchell

    We are a family of hot air balloonists and we loved this movie. While not always ballooning accurate……it was adorable, touching, sweet, sentimental and magical. Both my husband and I were sobbing throughout various parts of the movie. Yes…Disney you have once again risen to the top of animated wonder.

  31. #43

    We actually have plans to go see it at the drive in this weekend. Mostly because the drive in is just about the only way to see a movie when you have a seven year old and three year old twins. We’re hoping that the twins will fall asleep during the first movie and with any luck our seven year old during the second movie and then we can bring them home to bed. But I betcha it doesn’t happen like that. Glad to know that you think it is good and funny thing you and I have almost the same list of movies going. The only two that are on your list that aren’t on mine are Silence of the Lambs and Aliens.

  32. #46
    Jennifer M.

    My 13 year old daughter and I sobbed for the firs 15 minutes of this movie. Then during the last 15 minutes. And I’m pretty sure we sobbed a whole lot more in the middle.

  33. #47
    Kris Lindsay

    I agree about the movie, but wish people wouldn’t bring infants and three yr olds to the movies – we had crying and terrified screams thoughout the movie

  34. #48

    I am in 100% agreement with you. I wasn’t thrilled about going to see it, but when I left I was an emotional wreck — in a good way. I even posted on my Facebook Status that I now have a new all-time favorite movie. Loved it!!!!

  35. #49

    SCREEEEEECH! For a minute I thought I was on the wrong blog with the new banner and all. Looks like we’ll be making a little trip to the movies this weekend.

  36. #50
    cindy b.

    Cathy, this could have been me writing this post. Of course it’s not because, well, I’m writing a comment about YOUR post. 😉 Anyway, I agree with you 100% (maybe not your list of top 5) but the rest of the post. I had ZERO desire to see the movie but my youngest was dying to see it so I took my kiddos and HOLY MACARONI I freakin’ LOVED IT!!! Two thumbs way, way up.

    ps. As far as your top 5 movies…Have you ever seen Dead Poet’s Society? Seriously. That movie is DEFINITELY in my top 5.

  37. #51
    Joy M.

    Up was great! One of the best kid films I’ve seen, second only to Finding Nemo, IMO.

    I noticed you liked Silence of the Lambs. My husband worked on that film…he was the bug guy who made all the insect props. We even have a display of some of his models/creations in the living room. That and the egg from the Alien movie poster which he created, too. The things I live with…..

  38. #53

    Yeah, I started crying in during the little short BEFORE the movie. Then pretty much throughout the entire rest of the film. And I didnt have any desire to see it either, but my boyfriend and I pretty much just held each other throughout the whole movie- I felt like a big gush ball, Flo- or no flo, I dont think anyone stands a chance against the waterworks in this film. And yet, I felt so HAPPY . Weird.

  39. #54
    Cheri Vallery

    I saw Up the first weekend it came out LOVED IT .. so much so that when I went to Disney a couple of weeks later the one and only thing on MY to do list was to get Karl’s autograph and picture .. which i did .. and I even got a kiss 🙂

  40. #55
    Leanne Overduin

    Cathy, in regards to your current battle of the pounds. My wish for you…that you lost a pound for everytime you make me laugh. You would be SKINNY in no time at all. Good luck

  41. #57
    Debbie Dow

    I have to agree, I didn’t want to see this movie, now I have seen it in the regular format and 3D and all I can say is
    SQUIRREL, you gotta love Doug!


  42. #59

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I SO want to, mostly because I just find Pixar a mastermind. But my real reason for commenting is: I love Forrest Gump too. It is way up there in my most seen movies right with the Harry Potters and Juno. But definetely the best.

  43. #60
    Sue Carter

    I went with my 17 year old son and we both LOVED it. He kept turning away to hide the tears during certain parts. It was just a wonderful movie.

    Squirrel! ( loved the dogs in this too!)

  44. #61
    Ann K

    OMGosh YES YES YES! It’s the best! and I have to agree with Katie N up there, Dug, is total golden retriever! I laughed so hard I was crying because that dog is my dog! Every mannerism movement of body, tail, ears, “smile” that’s my dog, pure golden. Makes me laugh everytime I watch the “meet Dug” video on youtube.

  45. #63

    This is now one of my most absolute favorite movies too! I laughed, I cried…it’s a beautiful movie! And I’m so ready to see it again!

  46. #64

    Oohhhhh…. this is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites too. I thought it was magic.’
    I can’t wait to see it again

  47. #65

    If that list is in rank order, I’m buying my tickets for a matinee showing tomorrow morning. who needs to do house hunting when UP is better than Shawshank Redemption (THAT is saying a lot). But I actually did want to see it before (LOVE Pixar and it has a cute little boyscout in it…what’s not to love?)


  48. #66
    Cindy Blevins

    I took my kids (16 and 14)to see UP and we all LOVED it.. it was the BEST .. so unexpected.. LOVED IT! Went out on a limb to tell everyone it is now in our top 5 definately. You have good taste, Shawshank Redemption is my #1 also. Cindy B.

  49. #67

    Hey Cathy, I loved the movie, too. I’m a veterinarian and one of my favorite parts was the “cone of shame”. It makes me laugh actually right now thinking about it. I loved the dogs’ translator-collar-thingies, too. I just really enjoyed the whole movie.

  50. #68

    I totally agree! Really really wonderful film. And it even has scrapbooking! 😉
    Did you see it w/ your family? Because even my husband and son were saying their eyes were tearing up in parts. *sigh* Now I can’t wait to buy it when it comes out on DVD!

  51. #69

    i’m two years older than you and cried through most of it…my 9 year old daughter even cried – what can i say, we have elderly grandparents and it hit a little too close to home…that and when you are ‘mid life’ you do feel like life has passed you by a little bit 🙁

  52. #71
    Karen Greenfield

    My two kids (20 and 24)and I have taken to replying to statements we don’t like (from the other 2) in the bird language: put hands up near face and flap while saying oodleoodleoooooo, etc…. cracks us all up and dispels tension.

  53. #72
    Elizabeth Williams

    2 of my sons have seen it-ages 35 and 25. They both cried. They also think it is definitely the best movie of the year and should get an Oscar as such not just animated. Important to note-they are “super-hero” types. I stood in line at midnight with them to see Batman, Star Wars, etc. I haven’t gone because I just don’t want to cry right now.

  54. #75

    Let’s get this out of the way first. I HATE ANIMATION. I greatly dislike kids’ movies. However, I am a middle school teacher, and I had to chaperone a field trip to see this movie.

    I loved it. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It was fabulous. I don’t know anyone who saw it and says it was overhyped.

    Just plain awesome.

  55. #77

    I love to see so many people feeling the same way. I really felt like I was in a magical place and the messages were superb and the animation … breathtaking.

  56. #78

    I saw this 2 days ago and cried like a big baby. I had to conceal my weeping from my kids and nephew. I told them my nose was running when they overheard me sniffling.
    Brilliant film…I can’t wait to see it without those pesky kids!

  57. #79

    I begged/pleaded/cajoled the hubby to take me and our 2 younger dds to see this on your recommendation.
    Just so you know, I was whooping and then weeping louder than anyone else in the theater.
    Loved it so!

  58. #81

    we all enjoyed “Up” as well; interesting that two of my top three movies are on your list as well: the Shawshank Redemption and E.T. My other that is not on your list is Field of Dreams. If you loved Silence of the Lambs, have you read Hannibal?

  59. #82

    LOVE UP!!! I cried and laughed and cried some more. Hey – it had a scrapbook in it – you knew it was going to be a great movie!!! And I tell my children at least twice a day that I am going to make them wear the “cone of shame”!! lol

  60. #83

    I had the same reaction. Had no desire or inclination to see this movie. Happened to end up there with a bunch of my teenage daughter’s friends as I provided chaperone services. Took my 11 yr old son along for company. Was expecting to likely end up napping.

    Instead? I cried 4 separate times. Sobbed even. Best Disney movie ever…tops even Finding Nemo & Beauty & the Beast for my part.

    I cannot wait for the DVD to be released.

  61. #84
    Bonnie Hoover

    I loved it too! Saw it with my teenage son who laughed at me when I cried. Don’t care, it was great!

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