Braces bring families together (and bring more debt, too!)

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Yesterday was a big ortho day for the Zielskes. One-three got 'em off. One-Oh got 'em on. Four-three was thankful for dental insurance, even as she weeped openly while handing over the downpayment.

Still, I'm thinking the price was worth the fact that they sat together and both smiled at the same time. Score! I'd pay WAY more for that result!


Understandably, there was a bit of dental discomfort last night. The much maligned Uncrustables were served for dinner, along with pudding and yogurt. Only the day before, in a final pre-braces push, Cole was soaring high on the artificial ingredients of Tootsie Rolls and Starburst Fruit Chews. 

Aidan, who has never really been much for candy didn't rub it in too deeply, the fact that she can eat that stuff all the live long day now.


But Cole found another reward: he was allowed to get his own e-mail account. Aidan spent the afternoon showing him the ropes. Me? I made him give me his password, sign a No Nudity Clause, and to promise to never make friends with anyone he doesn't know.

"Like you, Mom?"

"Yes, Coley. Just like me."


Cathy ZielskeBraces bring families together (and bring more debt, too!)

23 Comments on “Braces bring families together (and bring more debt, too!)”

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    Your kiddos are beautiful with and w/out braces! I love that pic of Aidan with the writing on her hand. It is such a 1-3 thing to do!

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    good luck kiddos- and seriously, if they get upset about the dental work, just remind them there are those of us that would boil small cute furry things for the chance to get dental work done lol sooo joking.

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    Ahh Yes, I too have paid dearly to have two children with incredibly straight teeth…. tis pricey but well worth the after photos. tena

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    Oh yes, she knows. My best friend had braces twice, thanks to not wearing her retainer. She will be having a long talk to with aidan. : )

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    Kim J

    I can feel your pain. Our one-five has had braces for almost a year and one-two isn’t too far behind. I’m hoping for one-five to get done before one-two goes in for hers. Your could purchase a nice car for the price you pay for straight teeth. (so worth it, though)

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    My 1-0 has had them for two years…the tops recently came off and now have a retainer, the bottoms come off next month. Sadly, this boy will most certainly be getting them again and even more sad, we have no dental…ah ,well, he’s so cute with them πŸ™‚ His favorite thing? corn on the cob πŸ™‚

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    Raewyn A

    Ahhhh how I wish for more photos of my two sitting close to each other (16yr old DD and 13yr old DS). Hold on, they are actually both hanging out on the lounge floor playing Uno! Must rush to get the camera!
    btw – did Aiden feed the cats? (see her hand)
    Raewyn – New Zealand

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    Shannon D

    Cathy those pics of your kids together is just awesome, for want of a better word. Working together smiling together, and bet you can’t believe how grown up they are. Very cute kids, or should I say, young adults ;)_

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    Great shots of the kiddos!!! My one-two got his braces at the beginning of summer and oh-nine is still in phase 1 but about to be put into the dreaded twin block! I have to agree, thanks for ortho ins x2!!

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    Tracy V

    That first pic of C and A is definitely the money shot! What beautiful kids and they are both smiling! Totally worth the cost of braces alone! I can’t wait to see what you do with it! (Wallpaper the side of your house?) πŸ˜‰

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    Jan C.

    We don’t really have dental insurance that covers braces, unless we want to take our kids to a complete quack nearby or go half an hour away to get to someone decent. Instead we just paid $3400 for our dd to get them on in December. She’s our 4th to need orthodontia, and we have one more who’ll be in braces soon. I totally feel your pain on the big bucks it costs, but I agree that it’s worth it. Wish I’d had braces as a kid, but my folks couldn’t afford it!

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    My One-Three should be getting his braces off in January and I hope his teeth look as fabulous as your One-Three does! My One-Oh has the retainer and headgear right now and isn’t doing as well as his brother did with that so I’m thinking he may be a braces twice kinda guy but I am only paying the $6K price tag once! πŸ™‚

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    I love the photo of Aiden helping Cole with his e-mail. That is so sweet. My dd is counting down the months to her braces removal. We were told she will have a permanant retainer, so no having to fuss to wear it.

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    Rhonda Markham

    You are SO funny! My kinda’ funny. Wry. Right up there with PW Ree. Wry and Ree. Seriously, love your blog.

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    Is is NOT freakin’ ridiculous what braceface kids cost!? We put almost $2K down on our 15 yr old dd this spring… and caved for the “beauty” set – invisaline! Still, just a crazy insane cost for straight chompers in my book! UGH!

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    I just let my 1-0 have an e-mail account too. Thanks for the tip on the nudity clause – why didn’t I think of that?

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    Jerri Larimore

    I see your boy is still getting the hang of it, but your girl’s smile is definitely a wow! Wipe those tears, sweet momma. Your children will thank you for this decision.

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