Fotos from the Farmie

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No, this isn't a scene from Field of Dreams before the field was created. It's the view from the backyard at Joanie and Papa's place a.k.a. The Farmie.

2-the housie 

Joanie and Papa are my inlaws, parents to Dan and his four sibs, grandparents to many, and all around good Minnesota Lutherans of German and Noreweigan descent. This house was owned by Dan's grandmother Irene, and Papa grew up here. It's about an hour south of the Twin Cities from where we city slickers live, and it's simply a study in bucolic wonder.

Everywhere you look you find something interesting buried amid the farm junk. Like this:

3-the thingie

Or this:

4-the brickies 

Or this, which is decidedly not buried:

5-the barnie

Now I'm no Pioneer Woman, but I think everyone should also have a chance at least once in their lifetime to play in a cornfield, even if it is just feed corn.

6-the girlies 

7-the boylie 

8-the hottie 

And everyone should also witness a beer-totin' partially-trained farm dog in action:

9-the doggie 

The farm is definitely a place where we relax and unwind on unseasonably cool August days:

9-the funnie 

And last but not least, it's where we wrangle chickens:

10-the wranglerie 

Sorry, Cole. The answer as to whether or not you can have a chicken for a pet is still a sound 'no.'

11-the finie

Cathy ZielskeFotos from the Farmie

31 Comments on “Fotos from the Farmie”

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    I love those houses- they’re kit houses from Sears & Roebuck or something, pushing 100 years old. My great-grandmother had one in Gillette WI, and it was always great to drive around going “There’s one. And another. And another!”
    Gorgeous pics. Next time I’m in ND I’ll have to take the kids out in the field instead of around and around in the John Deere. πŸ˜€

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    GREAT pics!! Isn’t it wonderful to have someplace to take your kids that isn’t like your house?? We live right outside of Philly and my parents live in farm country in southern NJ – the kids love going down there and doing things they don’t get to do around here.


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    Love these photos. Especially the beer-totin’ partially-trained farm dog.

    Was I the only one who totally did a double-take at that first one with Aidan and her friend in the cornfield? Because it looked to me at first like she’d gotten a nosering, but no, it’s just a stray cornhusk. (Maybe I just need coffee and new glasses.)

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    Heather, i thought the same thing! I did a double take too, and i live with her an KNOW she didn’t get her nosed pierced. LOL!

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    Kathy F

    Cathy- I LOVE you post today. πŸ™‚ The pics were awesome! πŸ™‚ You always cheer me up when I read your blog…I love your words and your personality. I am glad you got to go to the farmie this weekend! πŸ™‚

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    margie scherschligt

    Such gorgeous shots, Cathy! Loved seeing this part of your life.

    My garden path is made up of the City of Minneapolis Purrington Pavers! Ok, come over soon to see my crazy wild perennial garden.

    Wed am, there will be no kiddos here until noon, if you want to stop by for a quick cup and a chat!


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    Ah, this brings back memories of my grandparents farm when I was growing up—no pictures of us galavanting around the place, but tons of great memories! Thanks for stirring them up for me! P.S. great pics you’ve taken!

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    Heather H.

    Great pictures Cathy. I just realized when we were up north last month that neither I nor my husband have any farms in our families anymore so we don’t have this experience to share with my son. It kind of made me sad. We both have very fond childhood memories of spending time on our grandparents farms.

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    Hi Cathy, I love your farm photos! The corn ones are divine! But hey, I had to say that chooks make the coolest pets. We’ve got 6 in the middle of NZ’s largest city and they give us eggs every day and don’t take much to look after. You would LOVE em! Seriously! LOL.

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    Just wonderful photos. Boy, do you know how to use a camera! How about a class on taking great shots? Not the techie detail – more the arty angle! This is just how I imagined houses when I read all those American novels when I was growing up…

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    Cole in the corn is just too cute. You need to make another child or let Cole have that chicken. Love the first corn picture also but not as much as that one of Cole with the chicken. Seriously, what are the drawbacks……..

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    Mary Kate

    Sure you can let him have a chicken. Just let him know he just needs to keep it down on the farmie and know that it may look “slightly different” from time to time! (Just have grandmas and grandpa give you a heads up when to expect a different version.)

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    Margy Eastman

    Great photos, Cathy! They remind me of “the homeland” Brown County, Wisconsin. Not much for farms here in Fairbanks, AK. I was so excited last summer to see a holstein at the Tanana Valley State Fair…little guy was just a beefer. Glad you had fun, and thanks again for the farm photos-

    Margy in North Pole

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    Cool to see to NZ comments already!
    Next time you visit, make sure to come in March/April and visit the Marton Maize Maze. A really fun place to go, where the farmer has planted his crop (feed corn) in a pattern to create a maze for people to go through. Hugely entertaining and a very different thing to do with the family!

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    Melanie Massey Groves

    Dang. Ol’Hubby should wear green more often! Kinda a hottie! Melanie
    Frequent reader, rare commenter!
    “Met” you at Inspired. Really just posed in a pic with you.
    Check the archives for the week of Donna’s deal to see said photo!

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