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I have nothing overly clever to write today. I'm moving a bit slowly this morning thanks to three and half glasses from an absolutely divine bottle of Nera d'Avola last night at warm and lovely gathering of old friends. Still, I wanted to share a few shots of my girlie from yesterday.


Maybe the depth of field was a little short on this, and the exposure is completely different from the previous shot, but I love it when she's in the mood for pics.


As she was getting dressed for the party, she decided to raid my closet and go all "Cathy." She said, "Look Mom, just like you… jeans and all."

The weird thing is, there was one shot we saw in the bunch, and we were both like, "Wow. It's me/you." I never see me in Aidan. I see a combo of me and Dan, but I don't really see me that often. On this one, I did, and so did she.

Just like me  

It's the jawline. It's MY jawline. Maybe not the chin aspect, because mine has a bunch of this annoying extra stuff underneath it now, but this profile… the jaw, the chin, the ear and the neck: MY GOD! She IS my child afterall! SUCH a relief to finally believe it.


Next week, the Zielske family is taking off on a great Northern Minnesota road trip. Posting will be light depending on where and when I can find internet access. I hope to return with many good, highly entertaining tales and scrapworthy fodder.

Cathy ZielskeGirl in the yard

26 Comments on “Girl in the yard”

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    Madeline St Onge

    You have a beautiful girlie Cathy and I think she looks a lot like you.
    Have a wonderful road trip and stay safe

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    Isn’t it fun when they decide it’s picture time?! My girlie told me yesterday not to forget my camera today to take pictures of her riding “her” horse in the horse show at camp today. The girlie does show resemblance to you! Lovely pictures. Have a great road trip.

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    Karen in Brookville

    Totally you in her. I am terrible at seeing that in people/kids, but this time, I totally see it. And I think that your depth of field is perfect. great, great shots. Aiden, you are beautiful.

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    She is gorgeous Cathy.

    I hear you on the resemblance.

    Worse, however, is hearing OTHERS say “oh your daughter’s so pretty / slim / athletic / talented” only to follow with “she must take after her father?” !

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    isn’t it just great when that happens. It is such an amazing strange, almost bizarre thing! My grand daughter is 17 months and sometimes I see a pic of her and think “this looks so familiar” and then realize it’s because I see me in her. But then it just makes me smile all over!

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    Kelly Rell

    It’s so funny Cathy because my husband got a “mini me” when our son was born. Looks just like him and I don’t see any of me in him even though I did all the work! But alas I read your post and see a glimmer of hope that maybe someday in the future I will see a part of me in this child of mine! Although I have to admit he DOES act a lot like me!! HAH!!

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    Last May/June I saw an ad for a father/son tshirt combo, the father one sid ‘me’ the son one said ‘mini me.’ I thought about purchasing it until I realized I would need 4 mini me’s and my budget was just allowing that. I can claim to not know this gaggle of boys as none of them look like me. The only sign they could have come from my loins are the blue eyes two/four of them have. However, I do see in personality myself…this may not be good πŸ™‚
    Gorgeous girlie πŸ™‚

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    love the depth of field and she is growing into such a beautiful girl! I too see you in her ….

    Have a great vacation

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    Great pictures – Friends will say you must be “Cathy’s daughter” when she get older – I get that all the time with people who knows my mom. Have a great trip up north – come to Ely, we have internet access at the Front Porch Coffee shop.

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    kim in Cambridge, UK

    Aidan is so growing into a beautiful young woman. I think the resemblance owe’s something to the gestures as well?!

    I hope your road trip is cool and that you all have a great time. Don’t worry, I’ll manage the wait for your next blog post, it’ll be fine. No really, don’t worry, there’s really so much to do, I won’t have time to miss your blog!!!

    Have a great time. xoxo

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    Gorgeous shots! That million dollar smile is worth every penny you paid! As a mother of 4 children who I daily claim to be the their Nanny (and people believe me)- Congrats on winning a trait! Have a safe trip!

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    Lea (Birmingham, UK)

    Just scanned down the pictures before I read the text and thought – wow – that girl REALLY has a look of her mum.

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    amy j.

    I’ve always seen you in her. And it just increases the older she gets. I think it is absolutely wonderful that you two are still this close as she enters “teendom”. She still thinks you rock…keep her hangin on as long as you can :).

    Those braces sure did the trick…and really quickly too. So wish I’d had them growing up. I don’t smile showing my teeth and never have :(. It’s a wonderful thing you did to give her a gorgeous, confident smile!

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    Oh, I like the shallow depth of field. πŸ™‚

    Isn’t it interesting to see how the kids take after each parent? Both of our kids are such a mixture of each of us…no spitting images in our family, but I have friends who have kids who are.

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    Tim Pannell

    Don’t beat yourself up over your short depth of field image. Shallow depth of field rules! I’ve been a commercial photographer for over 20 years and I just started teaching an online photography course for moms on how to take better pictures of their kids and that’s the most common misconception among them is that everything in the photo is supposed to be sharp. Shallow depth of field guides our eyes to the subject. As you take more and more pics of your daughter you’ll see more and more of yourself in her….it’s a fun ride.

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    Bonnie Hoover

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw these photos. She is your child after all! This is the first time I’ve really noticed it too. Aren’t genetics amazing?

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