31 Comments on “Having a great time. Wish you wore pants.”

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    OMGosh – I just choked on my berries and yogart!!ROFL!! That’s a vision for you first thing in the morning!!;)

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    Anne-Liesse Ankeny

    OMG!!!! This photo is absolute riot on a day I really needed it. Thanks for your perspective.

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    But hey, maybe he’s wearing those Robin Hood style leggings …. No? Ok, so they were in the 80s, my history is out! LOL
    Love your perspective!! Bit like checking out the scotsman’s kilt?! LOL

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    You make me laugh – I still get shocked when I open you blog to see you if posted something new and all I see is the crotch.

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    Jen Weisinger

    I am ashamed to say I kept looking and looking- for what, I don’t know. It IS a public statue. But I was compelled to look by a force beyond my control.

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    Caroline Stroh

    OMG this totally reminds me of Mac the moose in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (no, not making it up). He is anatomically correct. Seriously…I have photos.

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    SOOOOOO funny! I know that man. I grew up with that man. He is an icon of my childhood and sooooo glad that I didn’t know that about that man so long ago. Darn Cathy you are too funny. I like how you tried to cut off his face to keep his identity but I think we all know who “he” is and now we have proof that “he” is maybe not so “he” hee hee

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    ewwww…seriously needing to trim up something there…that I dont want to even talk about. Let alone see.
    Seriously CZ,too funny. What possesses you to take or look for shots like this? : )

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