Peaceful travel mornings

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Photo from yesterday afternoon; words from yesterday morning…

A hotel with free internet is a delightful thing.

It's 7:39 on a Monday morning. Dan is off somewhere running, both kids are soundly sleeping, and me? I have a slightly bitter cup of coffee, a comfy bed and I just watched an enormous ship pull past the lighthouse in Canal Park from my lake view room.

Back in the day, I might have been scurrying around on a road trip morning to sneak outside for that first morning smoke. But now, in my wiser, more evolved era, I simply sit in a hotel bed, completely at peace with the world around me.

It's such a very, very good thing to get out of town every now and then. I look forward to sharing lots of photos and other thoughts when I return next week.

Here's to a peaceful morning, wherever that may find you.

Cathy ZielskePeaceful travel mornings

24 Comments on “Peaceful travel mornings”

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    Stacy in Duluth

    Welcome to Duluth!!! As a 20+ year resident, I think the lake is the best part of town. We never tire of the ships – with the kids yelling about each boat that passes by. I hope you and your family enjoy your time here.

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    Kim K

    Hey Cathy!
    Welcome to Duluth!
    I’ve lived here for four years and never tire of The Lake. My mantra, “who wouldn’t want to live here?”
    Head down to Amazing Grace for giant slabs of French Toast, or Hell’s Kitchen for the Sausage Bread! And if you get the chance, go to the New Scenic Cafe.
    Can you tell I’m hungry this morning?

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    Great travel destination! We try get to Duluth a couple of times during the summer. Enjoy your family time.

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    Congrats on your still not smoking. Quite an accomplishment! Hope our have a peaceful and relaxing time and come back regrouped and refreshed.

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    Lovely photo, and what a view from bed! I’m sure I won’t be the only one looking forward to your thoughts and photos next week, when you feel like it. Hope you get to rest easy and gently in the meantime.

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    Oh my gosh… that photo is amazing – – I’d give anything to be there right now! Have a nice time. 🙂

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    We vacationed in Duluth last summer and stayed just under the aerial bridge there. Fantastic. People stared at my kids when they answered Duluth, when asked where they vacationed last summer. But it was great. Really worth the drive from Chicagoland. SUE B>>>

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    Deb J

    We all need those travel times. I hope you have a great time and you all come back refreshed and ready for the new school year.

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    I am jealous. I used to live in Minneapolis 17 years ago and miss the clear skies. I am sure the view is even more spectacular up north. Love the photos.

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