From 4th grade to prison

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Yesterday at school, Coleman apparently got into mild trouble for making and playing with a paper fortune teller, and it was taken away. He made another one on the bus, on his way home from school.

As he was asking me to pick a number, I was still wholly fixated on the fact that he'd gotten into trouble and I said something to the effect of: "Hey, buddy. Do NOT be a 4th grade trouble maker, you got it?"

To which he replied:  "I go from 4th grade to America's Most Wanted. That's just great."

Today's moral? It's a fine line between much-loved childhood traditions and a lengthy prison term.

(And don't you forget it, young man.)


And have a great weekend.

Cathy ZielskeFrom 4th grade to prison

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    Cynthia B.

    What is it about those fortune tellers that are so addictive for the kiddos? My daughter got one as a Valentine last year in 1st grade, and for 2 whole weeks she constantly (constantly!) asked us to give her a number. Never mind that our fortunes were changing every few minutes. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Now I have to print out this picture about how to make one of these things, because she saw it over my shoulder. (Conveniently, the original Valentine has been “lost” for quite a while.) oh well.

    Hope you have a good weekend too, Cathy!

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    Carrianne Basler

    My fourth grader hasn’t started this yet – but it looks like a great weekend project!

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    Jeanne Pellerin

    Journey concert tomorrow, baby! I’ll let you know how the new guy sounds . . . I’m going to just pretend he’s Steve Perry.

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    I am caught up in why he was in trouble. Is it not a reeeeeeeally simple childhood toy. How is that a bad thing? Ok he was a fortune teller… some kids run around pretending to be able to turn into 10 different wisecracking aliens or able to fly. Are we more OK with that because it has been called Ben 10/superman and comes with merchandise.

    Sorry you got into trouble Cole. If I was your teacher I would have praised your creativity and had the class make them!

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    scrapbook obsession

    I saw them this summer and, yeah, Arnel is a pretty good voice match. Just close your eyes and the only time you’ll notice is when he can’t hit the hardest notes that SP made seem easy, LOL!

    PS: Those fortune tellers are fun. Good times….

    ~Erika aka journeyfan

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    Debi Gold

    I agree with lanne, I’m not sure why he got busted for making a “cootie catcher” as we in CA in the early 80’s called it. I think they’re pretty funny, actually, unless the fortunes include grisly deaths, like the ones the boys used to write when I was in 4th grade. I loved his comeback, though…LOL! You got a live one there, Cathy!!

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    This cracks me up. The funny thing is that a substitute teacher made a fortune teller for my son last week AT school! He goes to a Montessori school and has 1st-third grades in one classroom. When we went to a class potluck yesterday I saw at least 4 kids carrying them around. They are absolutely fascinated! Why on earth did Cole get in trouble?

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    You crack me up!!! My kids loved the fortune tellers too…I still play it with them…I’m a trouble maker but I have learned to live with it!

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    LOL..who would have htought that would get him into trouble…his response cracked me up! Kids! So funny!

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    Thanks for the memories. We used to make these when we were in school and had a blast during recess. Pick a nuumber, any number, ok start counting. I loved em and will teach my grandson how to make them now that you nudged my memory. Too fun!

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    What I am admiring is that – despite the ‘mild’ telling off and confiscation – Cole made another one on the bus. Way to go, kiddo! Don’t let them squash the creativity out of you …

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    nancy faith

    Hey Cole, insteading of getting into trouble, perhaps your teacher could have made that a class project and had you leading the class and everyone could have learned something fun. At least. that is what I would have done… Sounds like the kind of things my 4th grader gets in trouble for. He also ‘has’ to be everybody’s friend. That can take up some valuable class time. : )

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    Jennifer Larson

    Coming from a mom whose first grader is getting put into the time out chair on a daily basis for making funny noises, I’d say Cole is doing fine and far away from being on America’s Most Wanted.

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    Leora Henkin

    I used to love those fortune teller. Let me just share that my 7th grader got in trouble for sharing a “shock pen” with his English teacher. It had worked just fine with the others, but she, alas, was not a good candidate, and confisated the pen. He should have know that and not pushed his luck…Go Cole!

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