Can’t touch this.

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(Note: if you are my Mother, you might want to SKIP reading the following post as it involves HAIR that is being CUT, and I know how that… upsets you… You have been warned, Shirley!)


My girl got a haircut the other day. Cut and color. She'd been wanting to chop the old locks off for a while now, and who am Iβ€”the global embassador of short hairβ€”to stop her?


I mean, it's not like it's that short. It's still longer than mine, which means I still WIN! But she can do artsy-moody pretty well, so maybe I need to watch my back.


She also does the winsome, contemplative side-gaze fairly well.


Oh, who am I kidding? In the generationally transcendent words of MC Hammer: you can't touch this.


Cathy ZielskeCan’t touch this.

166 Comments on “Can’t touch this.”

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    Gorgeous! I love it! My one-three just got her hair cut similar to that about a month ago. She’s literally the ONLY girl at the junior high school who has short hair. I love it. Here’s to daring girls with style!

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    I love it. REALLY it suits her all the way. I can not believe how much she is transforming into a beautiful young lady that somewhat resembles her beautiful mother.


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    The cut and color totally suits her. And I have to agree with everyone else who says it makes her look older. Time to buy a shotgun.

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    Lord have mercy girl, I will start praying for you now!! She is stunning. What happened to the little girl?

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    What a cute cut & color! It does, however, make her look much older and even makes her resemble her beautiful mother all-the-more. I’m sure her grandmother will LOVE IT, too!

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    Is that hottie at the bottom…you????!!! Wow.
    and yes, 13 looks amazing. and adorable. I have a male 11, and he does not at all care about his hair.

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    What a cute cut! It looks great on her and good for her for wanting short hair! Those photos are stunning. And you say she is only 13, you’d better be careful ;o) I hope Dan’s a scary man to the boys that come to the door, so they know not to mess with your little girl!

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    Kathryn Wafer

    What a pretty young lady you have and I love the haircut(but then I am partial to short hair)

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    please tell her for me cathy that she looks 16 year old son said “that’s beast”..haha
    and my goodness..she looks just like you!!!! and that’s a serious compliment..very cool the two of you..a chip off the old block for sure!

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    Martha M.

    Love the new hair cut AND COLOR! SO cute! Love it!

    In fact, I’m thinking I am showing these pics to my own daughter because I’ve been trying to get her to cut some bangs….maybe this will convince her!

    And love the pic of you!

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    Wow…talk about time passing by so fast! She looks so grown up! You’re gonna have some work on your hands! She’s beautiful! Oh, and i had to do a double take cause she looks just like you!

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    She is stunning! When did she grow up so much? And she looks much like you – so look for the last look soon.

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    Lyn Meeker

    Absolutely AWESOME!!! .. And she does look even more like you – and actually .. I thought the pictures were of you at about the same age as she is… That is definitely “Her Look”.

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    WOW! How much more beautiful can she get? Great cut, color AND as someone else said, it suits her so well! SHE should have been the model for this haircut….

    Think she could talk my 16 year old into cutting her locks? Momma thinks its time although she does not. : ( oh well.

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    Joy M.

    OMG. She’s beautiful! She’s always been beautiful, but that hair cut makes her stunning. I can’t believe how she’s growing up right before OUR eyes, so I can imagine how YOU feel, Cathy!

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    That cut is perfect for her! She looks beautiful. I feel your pain with your mom…my 7&9 year old boys have long hair. I catch a lot of flack over it from people, especially other moms at school (because their boys want long hair, hehe).

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    Wow, such a FAB style and gorgeous color on a beautiful girly. Hate to tell you this, but it DOES make her look older. As a mom, I hate to hear that. πŸ™‚

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    Even cut branches don’t fall far from the tree. There’s no denying she’s your daughter–but in the first photo she looks like a young Katie Holmes. πŸ™‚

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    She does look older and very beautiful! Great photos too Cathy! Love that color too. Wish I had dark hair, that would be something to try.

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    She’s absolutely beautiful! The hair cut/color is very becoming. Is Dad beginning to worry about his little girl and all the boys that will be knocking on her door? If not, he should!

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    Okay – you girls are gorgeous!

    Aiden – haircut is amazing! Very nice. You were beautiful before, and this enhances your natural beauty nicely. Good job.

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    The color and cut are perfect for her…so Parisian…but still youthful. So glad you are a cool mom and let her play with color in her hair…most moms “freak out” over things like hair color…it’s such a near way to express themselves and who does it hurt…no one! Have a great week, fondly, Roberta

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    Hate to sound like a broken record, but don’t think I’ve commented in general on your good looking kids. She looks fab w/ the new do/color!

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    Most girls relish long hair but she looks amazing! You are blessed that she lets you take her photo – plus you have a wonderful “photographer’s eye”.

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    Beautiful. Gorgeous. Adorable. Cutie-patootie!
    Yeah, that about covers it. Keep the boys away from her for at least a couple more years. Try, anyway.

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    Wow!!! The haircut and color looks great on her!

    She has your number, a couple more years and we will see if MC Hammer is still singing!

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    Wow, she looks goooooood! Love the lighter lashes of hair! This is an amazing metamophosis and a great haircut! Girl, you look good!

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    kim in Cambridge, UK

    Oh Cathy, that is such a lovely look. Aidan has grown up with real grace – she’s blossoming!

    BTW, Now I see where you’ve been fascinated by vampires for a LONG time!

  29. #103

    You have a very beautiful daughter–I personally love short hair, although I can’t do your short–your daughter got some good genes.

  30. #105

    i love aidan’s highlights and cut! it really suits her

    And CATHY!!!! WOW!!! I LOVE the last pic of you!!!!!! Who took it??? how did you get such a stunning pic??

    also, i just have to share that 2 weeks ago i parted with 10inches of my blonde hair, and i haven’t missed it yet…well maybe just a little when i see someone else with long straight hair.
    thanks for sharing with us cathy!

  31. #106

    that is lovely! but boy does she look older than one-three:) (or maybe i’m just getting older!!)

  32. #107

    Love the haircut & color – very flattering! … And am I the only one that has this insane song playing in my head now? Can’t touch this, indeed.

  33. #108

    Are you kidding me? Her haircut is the bomb. Looks fantastic. Great cut. Absolutely beautiful. Kudos to your daughter.


  34. #109
    Heather R

    beautiful girl, looks lovely with that haircut.
    my mother also has an aversion to her daughters and granddaughters getting their hair cut.

  35. #112

    ahh I love it! The color is fantastic too! I keep thinking about chopping all mine off, this maybe put me over the edge to finally do it!!

  36. #113

    WOW Aidan, when I saw the pictures I thought who’s that woman! You look good!

    And Mom you are right with the MC Hammer: You can’t touch this … Boys, beware I presume Dad is just around the corner.

  37. #114

    OMG You can’t get more beautiful than that. But she comes by it honestly. Love & kisses Grandma

  38. #115

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous….the hair, one-three, the look! WOW….Dan better start locking the doors!

  39. #121

    Love Aidan’s new look – and yep, was thinking the same as many others….. you guys are definitely going to have to get rocking chairs and shot guns for your front porch!! πŸ˜€

  40. #126

    It’s a strange phenomena that probably only happens to scrapbookers. We ‘watch’ other peoples children grow-up, we see their stories over a course of years. And you feel a certain sense of closeness towards them. But still it’s strange to look at your girl,Cathy, who is 10’s of thousands of kilometres away, who I will never really meet, or know, and feel proud of what an incredible grown-up young lady she is developing into! NICE haircut Aiden! Very cool!

  41. #129

    WOW Cathy!! Aiden has grown up right before our eyes. She is a beautiful, drop dead gorgeous girlie! Dan better find a big stick to ward off her lined up suitors. Stunning!

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    Shelby Austin

    so I saw these pictures today of your daughter’s fabulous new haircut, immediately emailed the link to my sister, who is also my hairdresser, and made myself an appointment for this afternoon. Now I have a matching do

  43. #132

    her hair cut is beautiful! and the highlights look great.
    and you looked kinda cool yourself with that linda evangelista cut back from back in the day πŸ™‚

  44. #136
    kim smart

    OMG!! she is surely growing up right before our eyes! what an awesome cut and i love the bit of color too, it suits her perfectly!! soooo….pretty!

  45. #140

    OMG she just aged 5 years and it looks stunning!
    The cut, the color, the make up… you sure don’t have a little girl anymore! =)
    watch out the boys will be calling!

  46. #145
    Debbie J

    Wow!! It’s amazing how something so minor can make a major change. She looks soooo much older!! Don’t know if that’s a good thing or not …. from a mother’s perspective!

  47. #147

    She looks AMAZING! And sorry… but she gained like… at least three years with that haircut! LOL. I LOVE those streaks. She is so gorgeous… and i just SO admire her style. πŸ™‚

  48. #148

    Awesome!!! I think mom & daughter oughta have a photo shoot to recreate your 80’s photo…which is totally hot btw! You DO rock the short hair but so does A! She’s gorgeous. My 14 y.o. daughter loves her hair on the shorter side too.

  49. #149

    Love it!!!! She looks so cool! And she definitely looks like you, which goes without saying that you are cool!

  50. #151

    GORGEOUS. I may just have to copy those highlights. Tell Aidan they look amazing. (Seriously, I’m copying this post to show my stylist.)

  51. #152
    Dixie Lee

    Stunningly beautiful…

    There are days when you look at them and wonder where the little girl went…

  52. #153

    She looks hot! Great cut! There’s no question…the girl is SO your daughter. πŸ™‚ Same goes for me and my mom – no doubt about it!

  53. #156

    I seriously relate to this post…my 16 yo just chopped off all of her gorgeous hair, but it suits her. πŸ™‚
    Your daughter’s hair is sassy & stylish. Looks fab!

  54. #159

    I can’t believe how grown up she looks in these pictures…that new hair is so perfect for her! She is a gorgeous girl!

  55. #161
    Jane Logan

    I love Aiden’s haircut!! It is so cool and gorgeous! You better lock the doors NOW! I may show my hairdresser this one – it is exactly what I want. Thanks for sharing!

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