It was 20 years ago today…

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20 years 

…that I watched the Jerry Lewis Telethon, sitting on an old, weathered couch in a house in Northeast Minneapolis, next to a boy from Minnesota that I'd been hanging out with all weekend long, talking, smoking, drinking tea and discussing all things related to life and how to live it… when we finally inched close enough so that our knees were touching.

Labor Day to me will always be sweet with the memory of a first kiss, the euphoria of the unknown, and the unshakable feeling that a new season of life was just within my reach.

Me and dan 

And baby, all these years later? It's still just as sweet.


Happy first kiss, anniversary. I still really like you an awful lot.

Cathy ZielskeIt was 20 years ago today…

21 Comments on “It was 20 years ago today…”

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    Such a sweet memory! Lovely photos too – the 1989 pic of the two of you looks like the lovely lady in the background is pushing Dan gently w/the back of her hand… Nothing like encouragement from everyone in the room ;)!

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    Hannah Means

    Awwww, how sweet. I tried your style on a memory of my first summer romance and how I ruined it. I did it in the style of what I like to call “Zielskeism. I loved how fast it went together and how cool I think it looks. I’m glad your romance turned out better than mine!
    here’s the link:

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    Melissa Green

    Zielsk, you two are my favorite couple…. thanks for keeping it REAL and for sharing!
    Adorable pics ~ M

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    kim smart

    OMG!! I swear your daughter looks just like you in this picture! wow, that’s so cool. I think its great that you have such a neat picture to show your kids, although if they’re anything like my 17 yr old, they might act like they suddenly feel the need to throw up! hee hee!! Showing any public displays of affection in her presence is strictly “disgusting”…..oh well!!

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