September’s Here Again

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Every September 1st, for the past some 20 odd years, I've listened to this song:

It seems to set a tone for fall, even if fall is truly still weeks away. The sound of David Sylvian's voice is nothing if not cooler weather, shorter days and distant memories of 20-something angst. Sigh. Those were the days.

In other news, I shared a photo last week from our Minnesota State-cation that looked something like this:

6-posed by statues 

Every time we stopped to pose at a statue or an otherwise unnaturally large landmark, I begged the kids to do this pose. Why? I was recalling, in my mind, a shot taken from a 2002 road trip in front of an Iowa landmark of sorts, in which the kids were much smaller and doing a similar pose.

I finally dug out the shot I was remembering and was surprised that we really weren't quite re-creating it with much accuracy:


I guess the screaming of one child is close enough?

Still, look at how little those kids were back then.


Insert heavy, hormone-laden sigh here.


Cathy ZielskeSeptember’s Here Again

15 Comments on “September’s Here Again”

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    Rachel Smith

    CATHY!! Why did you change Aiden’s whole body? At first I thought you just changed her shirt so she wouldn’t have on the Obama 08 shirt, but I went back and looked at the other photo like one of those picture games you find in magazines and noticed that you simply switched out her whole body? Just wondering your motive behind this. LOL! I wonder if I’m the only one who will notice.

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    I would love to get on board with the water donation, but can only do paypal… I don’t have visa cards, I know I’m odd, is there anyway this can be added as a form of payment.
    OR I could gift it to you by paypal and you could add it in my name ??

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    Abby P.

    Boy – kids SO change! There should be a law against it! Oh, and, diggin’ the Journey reference in your banner! My 13-yr. old son BLASTS journey from his I-pod chair every morning whilst getting ready for school – a boy after my own heart! Have a great nothing-on-fire-here day from sunny, uh, er, smokey Southern California!

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    ditto on the hormonal deal. πŸ™‚
    i’m considering taking you class that starts tomorrow, correct? i’m curious if you’ve posted a Q&A anywhere?
    love your blog!!! discovered you through ali’s tuesday tutorials, and have ‘stocked’ your blog if you will, dailyish. πŸ™‚

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    Wendy M

    Aidan looks GORGEOUS in that bottom picture! And Cole- adorable! They look like a page right out of a GAP ad.
    Your last post totally got to me- I’m donating on pay day! πŸ™‚

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    We do rule huh? I’ve just donated to the water fund … what a fab idea.
    I’ve just enrolled in your class too – but accidentally did it from my bank account, not my cc on paypal, so I’m stuck waiting till that clears before I can access anything!! What a pain. (Good excuse to not do my homework, though, huh? lol) See you when I get in there!

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    I’m a TOTALLY new commenter/lurker here, so I’m pinching my nose and jumping into the pool! But I had to send you a BIG thank you for the September clip!!! Haven’t heard that song in y-y-ye-a-r-s. And yes, big mid-20’s angst-y memories. Thank you and I’m loving the site.

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