Stealing great ideas from children

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That's it! I'm using this as my new idea for a business card. My middle initial just happens to be 'A' as well. Good idea, Coley.

(Thanks to my friend Gwen for digging this out of her son's pocket, where this card ended up, and sending me the shot. Peek at more of her pretty photos here.)

Have a great weekend, blog readers.

Cathy ZielskeStealing great ideas from children

17 Comments on “Stealing great ideas from children”

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    The screen on my Mac is clearly not big enough (and/or I need glasses SOON) because I had no idea why this was funny. Thank God I clicked on the picture. Too funny!

    My older brother, who has no middle name once carved DJG into his woodshop piece. Apparently J stood for “Joe The Goose” because that’s what my Dad always called him!

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    christine velazco-villacarlos

    LOL! very clever! My husband’s middle initials are FC. When I used to date him, I asked him what those letters stood for and he casually said, fried chicken πŸ˜€ his sense of humor definitely factored greatly in his favor!

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    I concur. I kept looking at it and said, “what is that asong? then clicked on the photo and there it was…precious. Glad you posted Brooke or i would have missed out on my chuckle for the morning!

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