Too cool for school?

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Apparently in the 8th grade, kitch is in. Nice lunchbox, girlfriend. What? You're not down with me calling you girlfriend?


Okay, okayyyyy. I get it. Just chillax, dude. (Is it okay to say "chillax"? I mean, the dude in Twilight said it, right? So it must be big with the kids these days. Yes? No?)

Oh, we're just kidding. She was just posing. No attitude from this 8th grader… just yet anyway.


And definitely none from the 4th grader.


Give him a few years.

I mean, both of them have got to cop some pretty serious attitude to ever hope to match the overall coolness factor of yours truly in the 8th grade. Let's be honest…it's hard to compete with this:


Yeah. Now you see my point. (What was up with the make up job? I think someone just got a new make up kit from the Fred Meyer. Yes?)

Go Seahawks. And 8th grade attitude.

Cathy ZielskeToo cool for school?

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    oh my, that just made my day! and it’s early yet. Thanks for making me smile, Cathy! Your kids are awesome… and you and that football jersey, we must be about the same age! lol

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    Ahhh Cathy – but posing is good practice for the real thing! And Aidan is SUCH a good poser! With three teenage daughters (15 y.o. twins, 19 y.o.) I’ve seen that look more times than I care to count.

    LOVED talking with you @ Renee’s!

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    Beth D

    I find it so amazing that I also have an 8th grade girlie and a 4th grade boy. Too bad we live so far apart…how far are you from Ohio? Anyways…love the pics. My girl and I are watching Vampire Diaries tonight on the CW. She is a HUGE HUGE Twilight fan girl. Can’t wait for the SC chat. Have a total awesome day, dude.
    Beth Ann

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    Danelle Johnson

    whoa….what happened to that little girl… girl? Where did she go?

    I can see your apples haven’t fallen far from your tree. They look just like you.

    Happy Back 2 school Cathy!


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    i find that 8th grade is a funny mixture of kitch and cool. my daughter carries a dinosaur backpack, but has to have certain very hip pieces of clothing… can’t figure it out. my only consolation is that all her friends are the same way…

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    Love the posed picture. We’ve had a couple of those moments, but not too many thankfully (mine is 7th grade). 🙂

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    Melony Wells

    My pics from 8th grade have the same hair & make-up!! We laugh now but hey, it was COOOL back then and we were so COOL!!! 🙂

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    Your photo reminds me of an eighth-grade sleepover where my friend’s mom gave us Mary Kay makeovers…hmm…maybe you were there, too…? LOL

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    Jill W

    Good Luck with the 8th grade attitude. So far 9th grade is much better, although I am holding my breath!

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    Barbie Schwartz

    Yep, mini-Cathy and mini-Dan. And that photo of you—you’re less than a year older than me, so I completely recognize that hair and make-up, lol! And it looks like you were just as skinny as I was at that age. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to me that skinny again!

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    I think that the school phenomenon of lunch box choice is an interesting reflection on life …. kids in primary school (don’t know what you call it – grade school? 7/8 years old anyway!!) go through a phase of wanting to be older and cooler – so they want the label bags, and decide that Dora is waaaay too uncool fot them. Then they hit teenage years – and suddenly all things child-like are suddenly in again. Kids huh? Gotta love them!!

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    Sandi Malloy

    I’ve learned from pics my daughter has taken this summer that Hello Kitty kitsch is also popular with 9th grade girls, 12 year old French girls, and French girls old enough to drive Vespas. Aidan has lots of kitschy kompany 😉

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    Cathy, Would you happen to know the font used on the banner that says “Live Chat”. I’ve fallen hard for that font. I must know it’s name. 🙂

    My daughter is 7, loves hello kitty. It’s good to see she can use her lunch box for at least another 6 years.


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    this post so cracked me up. first I have to say thank you and you are very brave posting that pic of yourself. My mother just shared my pics with a group of girls this past weekend at a class I taught and surprisingly it did not bother me.

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