And then I made this one…

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DIGITAL SUPPLIES: Cathy Zielske's Layered Template No. 4 (Designer Digitals) • Aspasia Solids Paper Pack (Michelle Martin) •  Classic Cardstock Foundations (Katie Pertiet) • (Stitching from a kit from Ali Edwards' Yesterday Today class by Anna Aspnes) • Avenir font

Ahhh…simple, clean, lots of space. My favorite kind of design. Blocky. Linear. Just how I like it.

And with pictures of a willing subject, no less!

Last week, Aidan put a bid on a Nigerian dress at our church's silent auction, and came home with this lovely purple number. She said, "Mom, let's do shots in the leaf pile!"

What? Me take pictures? Oh, OKAY.





Tell me one scrapbooker out there who doesn't feel a jolt of pure joy that comes from a teen-ager that actually suggests that you go grab your camera and take some pictures, huh? Yeah? You feeling me?

The layout above features one of two new templates coming this weekend to Designer Digitals, Template No. 4:


…and Template No. 5, an 8.5 x 11 template based on a page I recently did as a guest designer for Studio Calico:


Template No. 5 makes me very happy, with it's cute little scalloped edges, and little journaling spot (the whole spot can be used in your design, I just set it up so it bleeds off the edge!)

Here are a few gorgeous samples from the creative team at Designer Digitals:

Sarah created this fun twist:

(click here for her supplies)

And Steph did this (with a new cardstock design by Katie Pertiet that I am in love with!):


(click here for her supplies)

A great design to showcase a collection of 9 photos in a nice, tidy little package.

These templates go on sale this weekend, only at Designer Digitals!

Cathy ZielskeAnd then I made this one…

42 Comments on “And then I made this one…”

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    April P

    you are rockin’ this template thing, Ms. Cathy Z! I’m loving your stuff – if I could just get into digital, I’d be set! I love that stitching from Anna too! I was so thrilled she did that kit for those of us in the class!! Yippeee!! Lots of fun stuff!

  2. #2
    Debbie McIntyre

    I keep purchasing, but haven’t a clue how to use them. Seriously, it’s embarassing how many I’ve bought with the hope that someday I’ll get it. I love all the ones you’re showing, and clearly I need a CZ class. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. #3
    Cindy G

    Aidan is every photographer’s dream subject . . . and she’s gorgeous! The pictures are fantastic.

  4. #5
    Amanda M.

    OK, am I allowed a stupid question? (there are no stupid questions, just stupid….oh nevermind!) I am a paper scrapbooker and don’t even know exactly what this is – helllpppp. Is PSD Photo Shop Design? Or??? And, you, take the file and put it in Photo Shop and insert photos and stuff? I am really embarrased to be asking this, but here I am. I sound like I am 100 years old, right!?

  5. #6

    Amanda, you are ALWAYS allowed to ask stupid questions…. (LOL!)

    No, there are no stupid questions. PSD stands for Photoshop Document and yes, you open the file in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop (the full version) and you put photos in. There is a short How to Use document that comes with each template!
    : )

  6. #7
    Amanda M.

    Thank you! : ) So, I may try this digital thing…think it’s time to sign up for a class (or 12).

  7. #8

    My daughter let me do a photo shoot a few years ago and the pictures are priceless! I look forward to using your new templates. I can’t get over how much Aidan looks like you since she got her hair cut! Too cute!

  8. #9
    Lynn Brown

    I’m very, very tempted to try digital, but I’m worried about how my layouts will look printed out. Do you use your regular printer? Do you send your files off somewhere else to print? What kind of paper do you use? Sorry for all the questions.

  9. #10
    Kim K

    I’m glad you asked…I was curious, too!
    I’d also like to know, matte or glossy…and to Cathy, do you ever add embellishments after you’ve printed (or had it printed somewhere)?

  10. #12

    I do all my scrapping digitally. I have printed both at home & at Costco/Walgreens. I prefer printing on glossy photo paper. I know many people who have added elements to their printed pages [letters are typical] w/o any problems. I also know people who use templates for their photos, get that printed and then put that onto 12×12 scrapping paper and “scrap as usual.” It’s cheaper for me to have someone else print my 8×10 pages than to print at home – thus why I do it that way.

  11. #15

    Right now, is my place of choice to print these digi pages, and on matte paper.

    At home, i print on matte 8.5 x 11 Ilford Gallerie Photo paper.

  12. #16

    Hey Kim, i would not add any embellishments to purely digi pages.

    I am going to be working on more hybrid elements too! Just need to make more time in the day!

  13. #17

    Cathy, It is shocking how much Aidan resembles you. When I see pictures of her, it sends me right back to Eisenhower Middle School, circa 1978 with Cathy MacDonald, the competitive roller skater!!! Wow!!!!!

  14. #20

    I have to agree with all these comments! Aiden definately looks like you, esp that last pic! I am waiting for the day that my daughter comes home and asks me to take pictures of her. She’s child number 2 and has that 2nd child syndrome (you know, not as many photos as child no. 1). It’s not because I didn’t try…she just never let me–crying, sticking out her tongue, giving me her “crabby appleton” face, being moody, turning around. So, I do have a few shots of her doing the above and that’s what I scrap. Oh, and I gave up on making appts for professional portrait sittings because she would never cooperate when we got there. I even was embarrassed by her behavior at a Wal-Mart photo studio. Anyhow–I digress!

    Love your shots and your new templates!

  15. #21

    Cathy, I have seen the photos you have been posting of Aidan recently and as the mother of three daughters, feel I MUST share some advice with you.
    LOCK HER UP. NOW! Throw the key away. I promise you the boys will be showing up WAY too soon and they don’t go away.
    Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! *L*

  16. #22

    Every time I see you post a new template, my heart do a little dance.

    Loving them! Buying them! Using them! Keep them coming!

    please. Lots of lots of them!


  17. #23
    Jeanne Pellerin

    They just keep getting better and better! Oh, your girl is just beautiful – at 13 I was at the height of my ugly awkward phase.

  18. #25

    I just had a photo shoot with my 17 year old sister this past weekend. We have done this every fall for the last 4 years and she still wants to do it. And still gets excited about it! And, she does such a good job of posing! I couldn’t ask for a better subject!

  19. #26

    Loving the templates, Cathy. And I totally agree with all the comments above about how much Aiden looks like you & how gorgeous she is. I hope she appreciates having a mom who takes beautiful pictures of her and puts them into beautiful layouts. If she doesn’t yet, she will some day!

  20. #27
    Leonie- Australia

    Oh Cathie she is so cute, & she does look like, you so that means you must be cute to 🙂 I would also like to ask what brand of home printer do you use?

  21. #34
    emily falconbridge

    OHHHHHH my goodness, aidan! i cannot believe how grown she is – have i really not seen a picture of her for so long? i was shocked! cathy, you have a woman-child! she is lucky to have you as a mama 😉
    em xx

  22. #36

    For your layout featuring 9 photos … what size is each picture? Do you crop your photos to fit, or order them at a smaller size? I’ve been wondering, and since you have been so gracious at answering questions …

  23. #38
    Cigar Reviews

    Man– she is breathtaking! I can only hope that my daughter will give me the time of day as yours does when she gets into her teenage years. It’s a wonderful time to capture that beauty.

  24. #39

    She is stunning!
    Love that you two are looking so much alike.
    I will never forget seeing a layout from you before we were friends. It was you and Aidan on your deck (she was really little). You had this fabulous short haircut..wide angle shot…You looked like the mom I wished I was in that photo. I don’t know what it was. I need to go through your books to find that layout. Anyway, you had the cutest short haircut (still do), looked such a fun, earthy, St. Paul mom, living in a great old house.

    This photo of Aidan reminds me of you in that layout. Not sure why.

    Fabulous templates, my friend~


  25. #42
    cash 4 gold

    Just got inspired to continue my photography lessons. Those are very nice templates. Can’t wait to start doing a project. Thanks for the inspiration.

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