Dear Diary, today my Mom actually accused me of being goth…

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Last night I was tucking Aidan in and as I was telling her to shut the laptop off and go to bed, I noticed this little gem on her Photo Booth screen and was all, "When did I give birth to Robert Smith?"

Does it say more about me that I was secretly thinking, "Go little goth kid, go!" than it does her? While I may not have the immediate answer, I looked at her and said, "You have GOT to email this to me."

All these years, and I still haven't shaken the Bauhaus from my system.

Cathy ZielskeDear Diary, today my Mom actually accused me of being goth…

36 Comments on “Dear Diary, today my Mom actually accused me of being goth…”

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    Wow! She really does look like Robert Smith!! I first thougnt that it is a photo of Robert! So cool! I can’t shake my Goth past iether. Its so good to remember, I just wish I had some photos from that time. I think I only have 1 or 2.

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    I get a secret thrill out of the fact my daughter is all gothy too – I love that she thinks she is being rebellious when my hubby looked like Robert Smith the whole of his teenage years !!

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    Hi there! So funny about the photo. Great one!

    I actually am signed up to go to the conference too! Super excited about it. Should be a good one. Enjoy!

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    Dani Pasca

    How can you imagine that someone won’t like you? Just be you. The Cathy we love to”hear” here everyday.

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    OMG! I am laughing – I was preparing a blog post for Friday myself (mostly about Coheed and Cambria’s Neverender concerts) and during the course of listing some of my shuffle songs I mentioned Bela Lugosi’s Dead and Terror Couple Kill Colonel. Now I’ll smile every time I’m scrapping and Bauhaus comes on 😀

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    Funny! We keep teasing our 15 yod about being goth, too. Of course, her blonde curly hair holds her back a little. But she comes up with some great photos for her facebook status. lol…

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    Gotta love it! Have a great time at the conference. Are you sure you aren’t over qualified for this class or is it a photo editing class?

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    ohhh that doesn’t sound right…you are just learning more about photo editing ’cause I have seen some that you have edited and they are great photos.

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    Of course, they’ll like you! What’s not to like? Besides, they probably don’t get out much either. Have a great time and please share what you learn!

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    I _love_ you (since you are all the time crackin’ me up), and I don’t even know you, so I am sure you’ll be fine. Have fun, and as my mom used to say as we went out the door to school each day, “Get an education!”

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    Go Goth!!! I had almost forgotten what Robert Smith looked like! But I will never let myself forget his voice!
    Just one of themany greats.

    I hope I have the great influence on my child and insights of him that you have on and of yours. To clarify I was teary eyed yesterday…reading your words to Aidan. Just beautiful!

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    I hope they love you! Because if they don’t, then there’s no hope for me! I’ve been told by someone that has met you that my sense of humour is very much like yours.

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    Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be doing with photos by the time you’ve finished! I can see another class emerging 🙂 (once you’ve got over being liked by real people!)

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    Lynda p

    Awesome pic! Lol, Bauhaus, love & rockets, joy division! Those were the days! I still keep them alive a lil in my everyday life

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    I had to grin at your comments at breeding a goth girl, my neice went to her first gig (she’s 15) the other week and too see the enjoyment on her face as she told me about being in the mosh pit was great. The fact that she looks like a mini me when I was age is even better, I’ve yet to introduce her to Bauhaus (and so much more) and she will have to because we live in Northampton where it all started!

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    lynne moore

    just did that with my small child. She took a great pix of herself and “updated” it (not goth, tho -teal). Had to have her send it to me.

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    You’ll love that seminar. I took in August. Scott Kelby is the Photoshop God. You’ll get tons of great ideas and then you will be the Designer Digitals wonder kid. Move over Katie!

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    That was soo funny! I think I would’ve thought exactly the same thing as you!
    Thanks for sharing that with us!

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    Have fun out in the real world. Make sure you shower, put on clean clothes and a bra 😉
    I work from home and my kids are both in school now. So I hear ya on the ‘outside world’. Once winter sets in I’ll really hibernate.

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    So cool – I love that pic of Aidan! I wanna learn how to do that. It’s probably not difficult, but I’m a bit slow to learn these things! lol

    BTW – love your blog. I’m not good at commenting, but I ‘check you out’ almost daily! Thanks for being real.

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    Love todays blog… well everydays too! lol
    Great photos of Aidan in the leaves and it’s the best feeling in the world when your teen wants you to take photos!!

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    Robin M

    Oh yeah — “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” rocks……

    Also love me some “Love and Rockets”. Okay now I have to go and make a new playlist for the iPod — goth before it was cool.

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