Happy 18, Mr. Zielske

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I know anniversaries are generally a day upon which you wax all lovey dovey about your significant other, and don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want to on this day—the very day 18 years ago where we both said quite clearly, "I do!"—but I'd rather share what our kids did to celebrate.

You remember the kids right?

There's this one:


And this one:


The kids made cards for us, featuring our favorite colors (Dan, burgundy; me, lime-ish green). Here's the one from Cole, featuring some of Mom's other favorites (including for some reason, my old car's license plate numbers) on the front flap…


And a few of Dad's other favorites inside…


Yes, that is a bottle of beer. Also, the photo? Taken from Game 1 of the 1991 World Series in which our beloved Minnesota Twims were participants. And why this photo? Game 1 was played on Oct. 19, 1991, and yes, we were required to have a big screen tv at our reception.

Next up, Aidan's card:



Don't ever accuse my child of being Leap Year-ist.

The cards made us both very, very happy.

Next, Dan and I headed out for a lovely dinner at a Minneapolis eaterie called Azia. We are now at the glorious stage in life wherein we no longer have need of hired babysitting hands. Aidan is 13, and provided Dan and I don't get into the habit of attending all-night raves, she is quite capable of holding down the fort for a few hours while we dine out.

As we lingered over a $40 bottle of petite syrah and were waited on by Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black's taller, hotter twin, the kids were home cleaning the house and making a short film.

I could go into details about our romantic, underlit dinner, but all you really need to know is how hard it was for me to not ask our server, Jared, if he was okay that Bella kept choosing the dead guy over him. 

At this 18 year mark, I just want to say this: we've done a lot of great things together, but those two kids? An undeniable 1st place tie.

Happy anniversary, Dan Zielske. It has so been worth it.

(And thanks to the best kids on the planet.)

Cathy ZielskeHappy 18, Mr. Zielske

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    so glad he directs his energies towards good rather than evil!! You best practise your red carpet walk – you’ll be needing it in a few years when you have to escort your famous son!! and brilliant directorship and camera work by Aiden!

    And happy annivesary! ours is the 20th, and ten years after yours!

  2. #6

    funny! and not only does she look just like you, but i would have sworn it was you talking in the background!

  3. #7

    This is priceless–I love the cards and movie! Please tell me you really didn’t have a tv at your wedding reception?? 🙂 My daughter’s wedding is Superbowl weekend–but luckily the game is Sunday and NOT the day of the wedding!

  4. #8

    Sorry Cathy, I used to think you were one of the most creative people on the planet. Your position has just been supplanted. BTW, happy anniversary. 🙂

  5. #9

    Watch out world – those kids are going to take the planet by storm. Creative, ambitious (I love that they shot the board toss TWICE to get the required angles) and hilarious.

  6. #16

    Too funny – you do indeed have 2 very talented and creative kids and mostly because the apples don’t fall too far! Happy 18th Anniversary, Dan and Cathy!

  7. #17

    seems at the zielske house the creativity flows like wine… awesome video kids. and happy 18th cathy & dan!

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    Leora Henkin

    Happy, happy anniversary. Tell the kids that I LOVE the video! Impressive. My 12 year old is a Monopoly nut. I will have to share the video with him. How did they do the credits? You, no surprise, have talented kids.

    Happy Anniversary Season!


  9. #19
    Sharon F. california

    Wow…I have no words for the creativity that are both your kids. Amazing! Yes, I too expect to see you on the red carpet with an oscar nominated film shortly.

  10. #23
    Jamie Habermaas

    Oh mY Goodness! You have the most freakin’ amazing kids!! But I’m sure you already know that! 😉 That picture of Cole cracked me up! And their video??? Awesomeness.
    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  11. #25

    Honestly – I truly hope that someday my kids have just a bit of the creativity of your two! So awesome. Happy anniversary!

  12. #27

    Great video! Um, did Cole put your license plate numbers on the front of the card??? JRJ 505 – CGV 218 – GREAT POST! Happy Anniversary!

  13. #33

    Your kids are so creative and hilarious!!

    P.S. Good call on having that game on at your wedding reception, I would’ve done the same thing! 🙂

  14. #42

    so do we all get to say we “knew” them before they were famous… there is some amazing talent there! can’t wait to see what they do with their excitement and superb talent!

  15. #43
    kim in Cambridge, UK

    Happy Anniversary Cathy and Dan, I hope you had a good celebration. I was really impressed and entertained by the video. The attention to detail, inspired storyline and acting ability all speak of how creatively your children think! And they did cleaning too? Awesome!

    Great post, Cathy. Have a good one

  16. #44

    WOW!!! amazing job on the movie. my kids love to make those too but i dont’ know how to help them edit them together. i’m sure they’d figure it out if i gave them a program. i see your kids used imovie. any suggestions for us non-mac people?

    and… happy anniversary.

  17. #50

    Nice. I seriously need to step up my family movie/iMovie game. Aidan and Cole are putting me to shame. Geez! I here I thought my video editing kung-fu was strong. Well done!

  18. #51
    Sandy M

    What’s your secret to raise such beautiful, amazing and creative kids? I LOVE the video clip. The direction is beyond Powershot!
    Happy Anniversary!

  19. #56

    Dude! Those kids of yours are amazingly sweet and talented. But how could it be any other way?! Happy 18th to both of you. You go so well together (from what I can tell as a regular reader lol)….

  20. #57

    Fantastic direction and cinematography on Aidan’s part. Superb acting from Cole. Seriously, these two NEED to go into film making or some other form of art.

  21. #58

    what clever kids you have. Get that kid and agent and sign her up for film school… they’ll make you millionaires and you can retire in style while they take care of you! (And your kitchen floor is so clean!!)

  22. #61
    kristin kanner

    OMG–My 12th anniversary was yesterday and it was Game 1 of the 1997 world series in which the Florida Marlins were playing and my now husband spent the entire reception in the bar watching the game on the tv! (I live in South FL). I feel ya.

  23. #64

    You know that your kids are something special, right? Obviously the products of well paired genes. Congratulations.

  24. #66
    Pam K.

    First of all, Happy Anniversary! The film was awesome! And I thought the cards were creative! You have a couple of great kids. You are very blessed1

  25. #69

    Your kids are OH, SO CLEVER. Their movie had a bit of a Quentin Tarantino flair to it. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  26. #70
    Margy Eastman

    How cool was that? Your kids are so talented! And your floor is so clean!

    Happy Anniversary-

  27. #71
    Denise Laborde

    If I were chairman…
    That was awesome. Happy Anniversay.

    A little bit of useless information: I was married the night of game six of the 2003 World Series. The Florida Marlins spanked The New York Yankees. I’m from Miami. Needless to say there were televisions at our reception.

  28. #75
    Diane Roberts

    Inspired…….. stars in the making.

    Yet you will one day tell us that one of them has become a vet, and the other teaches knitting. Go figure.

    Happy Anniversary for yesterday – it’s mine today….

  29. #76
    Staci Miserlian

    Man, that was the BEST video!!! I LOVED the camera angles and the story line and the (can’t quite believe it) fact that they cleaned the house up, too!

  30. #79

    That was freakin’ hysterical!
    I am most impressed with how they get along! My dd would have had video of her brother off in a closet screaming, while she was watching t.v.! lol

  31. #81

    That is the most hysterical thing I have seen in a while!!! You have some awesomely creative kiddos! Happy Anniversary!!!

  32. #84
    Jane Simmons

    Nature or nuture? These kids definitely have graphic designer sensibilities — were they born with the genes or did it come from repeated exposure to good design?

  33. #85

    I know that I am way, way, way behind on this, but I was perusing your blog archives and came across this post and I am actually elated to say that DH and I were also married on October 19th and I consider it an honor to share an anniversary with you!

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