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Something you may not know about me is that I'm not what one might call a fashionista. Oh sure, I usually have the well-coiffed short locks of an aging hipster, but as far as from the neck down? Let's just say I work the Repetition Model of dressing quite well. Repetition as in, "You're going to wear that…again?"

And because my body is not really cooperating with me on the old weight loss thing, and because I like to live in a world called Denial, I decide to spend my disposable income on other things. Like a new, big-assed rainbow umbrella from Target. Cost: $17.99

See, we had three days of rain recently and where I live, three days of rain is almost surely a sign that armageddon must be at hand because although it may be a cold place to live during a large percentage of the year, rainy is something it most certainly is not.

While trying to squeeze beneath a pathetic and puny umbrella at the bustop on Rain Day 3 resulting in a damp tushka (which in no way was on account of its larger size), I made a mental note: need new giant umbrella.

And now, I have achieved that goal. 


The next purchase? A happy find, courtesy of my friend Ali. A Photo JoJo Seat Belt camera strap. Oh for CUTE!


Seriously. This thing is long and sturdy and if you haven't noticed, lime green. Cost: $20.

And the last piece in my Troika of Fun? New socks from Little Miss Matched. (I bought these set and these.)


Notice how I work the Repetition Model, even with socks that are designed to be mismatched. Yes. Thank you, and thank you OCD! Cost (considering they threw in a free pair at check out because they had a promo going): $32

Total cost for some new happy fun stuff: $69.99.

A colorful and functional update of goods for a nice lady who is very mindful that money doesn't grow on trees and who still has the same bedroom furniture from when she was in college? Priceless.


Cathy ZielskeHappy fun stuff

28 Comments on “Happy fun stuff”

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    I love Little Miss Matched stuff. My daughter (3) has several pairs of their tights, and at one point we had matching jammies (I know, I know). They were so loud my husband asked if I could please dim them as he was trying to get to sleep. 😀

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    OMG! My boys ( and me too okay ) have been watching this SNL “Throw it on the ground” bit non-stop since Saturday…and it just isn’t old yet!

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    lol my husband and i have been saying i throw it on the ground constantly over the past few days. lol

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    I love that video, too, it’s too funny. Great stuff, there, Cathy! 🙂 Since you got multiples of the MissMatched socks are you ever going to wear them Matched?

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    Kari D.

    Love it! I am so into the repetition thing that my kids tell me that I’m wearing my Tuesday clothes when I wear on outfit on the wrong day! Maybe I should throw them to the ground (the clothes, not the kids…well….maybe the kids) and not be part of the system! Repetition is the new fashion statement for women in their 40s. right?

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    Laura Pineau

    Nice umbrella. Ever played on wordle.net/create ? I plugged in the first paragraph of your post today and it created a lovely piece of word art. Try it! See how repetitive you really are.

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    Melony Wells

    LOVE that umbrella, Target here I come 🙂 Then I’ll throw it on the GROUND!!! Hilarious…thanks for the laugh 🙂

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    First time I’ve visited the LittleMissMatched website. I spent $80!!! But I love the fold back mittens/gloves and they were $30. When my hubby asks, I’ll say that you enabled me. 🙂

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    Love the strap!
    We loved the SNL skit too, and then I told the kids, 20 and 13 that it was funny and they watched it and then I kind of regretted it, because of the inappropriate stuff, oh, well, at least they laughed.

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    My mom’s mantra was “If it fits and you like it, get all the colors.” – or something like that. And I thought, I’m never gonna do that.

    I didn’t, it’s worse – all I wear in the winter are white turtlenecks. No mixing and matching of colors for me! Sometimes a black thrown in, but white, it goes with everything!

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    Jennifer Larson

    Cathy, I went to Target a couple years ago to get an umbrella and let my boys pick it out. Guess which one they picked? Same one. It’s made me so happy as I’ve gone to work this past week in the rain.

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    I am hooting with laughter right now! I always repeat my sets too. OCD is right. Love that camera strap also. I may have to get me one.

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    oh too funny!! I just love your posts of the random happenings in your life – you reminded me that another Target just opened near my home – yippee!! 🙂

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    You crack me up.
    I wore the exact same thing today as yesterday except I changed my underwear and my sweater — repetition, good word. And … hello? I so bought that green camera strap before Ali did — it’s MY green!

    the umbrella rocks and I’m upstairs on my SUPER slow laptop connection so I can’t watch the movie.

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    I thought I was “feeling” some Stacy J vibe in this post…Happy and Color and “the” Green all in one post! But you got me Cathy, I thought the umbrella was going to reveal some Fab outfit or shirt you bought for yourself, not that cute girl of yours! Likin’ the haircut too.

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    Cathy you are too much! Love the umbrella & the BIG size! Your DD is getting becoming so grown up. Thanks for letting feel normal among Moms. My kids say that I wear Mom Jeans and tops. Oy vey! I also cant wait to share the Little Miss Mismatched site with my BFF. We are all for it. So cute! You are such an enabler! 🙂 Thanks for the laughs.

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    Sarah MacKenzie

    Those socks are just too awesome for words. I saw some last week while on holidays but didn’t buy them because they just had kids sizes. But now that I know that they come in adult sizes, I am going to have to go on some sort of obsessive hunt for them.

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    Nina Douglas

    See I’ve toyed with buying socks at Little MissMatched too, but I’d definitely have to buy two packs of each as I definitely can’t do mismatched socks! Not a chance.

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    emily ruth

    that video was great…i’m such a wimp, can’t stay up for snl anymore…hopefully when my kids are of snl age (10? 8?) i will be able to make it…& hopefully it will still be funny 🙂

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    That was one of Andy’s FUNNIEST videos, truly, since D*** in a Box. My husband and I watched it several times. My dad ain’t a phone – duh! Happy Birthday to the Ground! You can’t make me pay you, Hotdog Man! haha!

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