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(see layout supply lists by clicking here.)

Today I'm introducing the first individual layered template file which goes on sale this weekend at Designer Digitals, which I'm aptly calling: Template No. 1


This 8.5 x 11 template is a great design to capture a few authentic little details about someone or something in your life right in the, well, here and now.

Easily converted to 12 x 12, here are a few examples of the template in action, courtesy of the Designer Digitals Creative Team:

Here's a page by Steph:


Steph simply enlarged the canvas. Ahhhh. Look at that lovely framing white space. I actually love this idea of simply enlarging a canvas, and leaving the template components as is.

Here's a page by Julie


Seriously clean and simple cuteness. She just flipped the template, and expanded the canvas. That white space at the top is perfect just as is. No need to worry about filling every space. The design is anchored beautifully on the bottom of the page.

Janet also flipped the design, and kept it at 8.5 x 11:


The great thing about these templates is that how you embellish and play is up to you. I'm just giving you a solid core design as your starting point.

It's just been really cool to see how other designers are making the templates truly their own. (To see any of the supplies on these pages, simply click on the designers names and it'll take you directly to their original postings in the Designer Digitals gallery.)

For those of you who prefer a hybrid approach, you can open the template in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop, turn off the photo and paper layers, and simply print out the overlay frame and titles (you can easily color the title as well!), then fill in your page with real life photos and paper.


In fact, if you do make a hybrid layout with any CZ Design template, don't be shy: email me at and share your creation with me.

I'm working on some new 12 x 12 templates, as well as some themed album projects. I've even had some suggestions to build a school album, among other ideas. Never hesitate to share what you'd like to see in a template. I love hearing from you.

My templates go on sale this Saturday after 5:45 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Have a great weekend!

p.s. here's one more page I love for it's simplicity and lovely photo, by Linda:


Cathy ZielskeMore CZ Design Previews

38 Comments on “More CZ Design Previews”

  1. #1

    That is a 4×6 photo layout, I think? Gorgeous photo! I am always looking for clean ways to use 4×6 on 8.5×11 layouts. Esp since I make four copies of each layout (one for Mom, one each for sisters, one for me). Thank you Cathy for joining DD!!!!!

  2. #2
    Diane Herman

    Awesome…and so looking forward to seeing what else you have in coming!!! Perfect timing for us Aussies…our dollar has bounced back so is a great time to buy from USA πŸ™‚

  3. #3

    I hope you keep designing 8.5 X 11 as there is a seriously lack of simple, solid design templates in this size.

    I can’t wait for these to go on sale!

  4. #8
    Kim K

    So, I don’t have PSE yet…but plan to purchase so I can use these babies!
    Question: When you place a photo in the template, do you have the ability to crop, resize that photo inside the box?
    I’m assuming you do?
    I think that would be the beauty of it, because when I try to do it CZ style at home, my photos are never sized the way I need…
    Hey, that’s a T-shirt! I “do it” CZ style! ;D hahaha

  5. #9

    Excellent! I’m another 8.5X11 scrapper and I love your grid-style designs, so I see multiple DD purchases in my future. Love the examples you’ve provided.

  6. #12

    SO SO SO happy that you’ll be “available” at Designer Digitals! I hope that you’ll keep the 8.5×11 materials coming. 12×12 kraft paper with an 8.5×11 layout plopped on top is my latest plan of attack and I’m lov’in it! Look forward to seeing you at DD!!

  7. #13
    April P

    You know Cathy, I could tell you that you’re a genius, but you probably already know that! I’m so glad to see you entering the world of digital templates!

  8. #14
    Kay Gregory-Clark

    I’m echoing the praise for more 8.5×11 designs–the thing that originally attracted me to your work, Cathy, along with the simple graphic design. Now, a question: I’ve just finished “ME an abridged version” and altho I loved, it, I’m ready to move onto something else. I’m considering your DYL class, but wondering how much of it will be geared toward more “me” stuff?? Can the assignments be adapted to other subject matter if it is? And, will any of your new design templates be included? I can’t wait for the latest to go on sale!

  9. #15

    Kim, you funny!

    Yes! You drop in a photo, and you size it down within the mask. You know, there are some great online classes for beginning PSE. Jessica Sprague’s site and Renee Pearson’s site both offer GREAT class! check them out!

  10. #17

    Kay, thank you for your comment.

    In DYL, what you choose to scrap about is up to you. I don’t assign topics. Oh sure, i may make suggestions, but the idea is to create layouts with organically emerging stories from your life.

    The sketches on the other hand? All me, baby. and you get layered PSD files, if you’re so digitally inclined.

  11. #18
    Denise Hubbard

    Cathy – totally jacked about your designs and will be doing some major purchasing as soon as they go on sale tomorrow!! MAJOR, MAJOR CZ fan- you are the z in my Abridged Life book (oops, not posted in gallery yet!). This is my dream come true as I have been hoping you would do your next book as one with sketches, templates, etc. Would love for you to do an ebook for Ella Pub. on your designs!

  12. #19
    Denise Hubbard

    I took the class last year and it is so awesome!! I think I am actually going to take again as an alum because it is so fabulous. And I love having a weekly Cathy fix!

  13. #20

    I love this design! I’m a 12 X 12 scrapper and love the idea of just slapping this down on the larger background. I loved your DYL class – probably the only class I finished within the class time. And I use your designs from the class over and over again. I’d wear the T-shirt too.

  14. #21

    I am so excited for you Cathy!! At the looks of all these comments, I have a feeling that “your line” will out sell all others at DD in the first day! Good thing they are digital, otherwise I think you’d be all sold out!

  15. #22

    Looking forward to Saturday . . . So happy you are with the DD gang. A wonderful bunch of scrappers!!!

  16. #23
    janet o

    Well, I can say that made my day – I made it onto your blog! I predict record sales this weekend!!

  17. #24
    Becky o.

    Love, love, LOVE the idea of a school album! I have been needing to make one (um, two) for some time but just haven’t had the mojo to git er done and an album template would be just the ticket!!!

  18. #25

    love it love it love it

    I’m not a digi scrapper but that would be a very easy paper layout to “lift”

  19. #26

    I am so thrilled to see you at Designer Digitals. I have always loved your simple, graphic look. I am a digi scrapper and have been waiting for you to work with digital! I love the idea of you creating templates for a school book. I think a template for a Halloween book, Christmas book, etc. would be great ideas as well. I can’t wait to buy your products!

  20. #28

    Cathy, awesome news about you at DD. I’m a serious fan of your style and after reading these comments, I will definitely be signing up for your DYL class. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  21. #30

    Can I just say a big HALLELUJAH! I am so glad you are doing 8.5×11 templates! There is such a shortage of this size and they are great for those of us who love hybrid but don’t have large format printers…thanks Cathy! Hope there are more coming. These are amazing, as all of your work is! Glad to see you at DD.

  22. #31

    The templates I’ve seen so far are awesome. I am so excited to see you at DD, and glad that you are making my life that much easier! LOL. I can’t wait to see more of your work.

  23. #33

    So thrilled to see these! I’ve starting using 8.5×11, thanks to you, and love it so will be delighted to see more digital templates for this size! Can I make a plea, Cathy, for some holiday albums? I’ve love a series of templates – perhaps 4 or 5 – for a holiday album – LOs which share a common design ‘look’ (hope I’m making this understandable here!) and also have an Intro Page, perhaps even an Index page, a Section Divider page which could be used for Day 1, Day 2 etc, or for themes/places/people, and a Closing page. Oh, and an additional page for extra journalling/pockets/lists/tickets etc. In fact, I’d love Holiday Album 1, Holiday Album 2 …! I’m sure there’d be a market for it. πŸ™‚

  24. #34
    Rachel H

    I’d love to see templates 21-31, so you could do an entire month of layouts. And some 6×6 or 8×8 album templates would be awesome too…..

  25. #35
    heather (h2)

    Good Stuff; Really good stuff. I thought maybe it was a holiday or something b/c CZ@DD is a gift!

  26. #36
    Tonya F

    Cathy, I went out and finally bought Photoshop Elements thanks to your templates being made available on Designer Digitals!!! You go girl!

  27. #37
    Hajira Majid

    Thank you for designing such beautiful templates and designing them for us 8.5×11 scrappers! I bought your templates and am excited to use them.

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