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Last night I was looking through Clean&Simple Scrapbooking (I know, maybe a little weird to sit and look through your own book, but hey, the book is like one big scrapbook, just one that's been professionally printed, right?), and I was struck at how much life has changed since the year it came out.

When I read over this Bedtime Rituals layout, it really hit home: my kids are growing up.

Gone are the days of cartoons from 7 to 8 p.m.; here are the days of watching Glee or The Wizards of Waverly Place.

Gone are the days of two-story bedtimes and Go Fish; here are the days of reading Simpson's books and chatting with friends on Facebook. 

Gone are the days of parents bribing each other to trade off bedtime duties; here are the days of kids who get themselves ready for bed without any parental assistance whatsoever.

Gone are the days we had to stay upstairs until the kids fell asleep; here are the days when even though we can come downstairs and spend quality grown up time together, we're often too tired to do so.

Gone are the days of a family with little kids; here are the days that feel—sometimes—like a lifetime away from those that have already gone before.

Don't get me wrong. It seems that here is a time that just gets better and better as our family continues to do what families do: grow, change, adapt and live.

I guess today I'm glad that I'm the sort of person who writes stuff like this down. You know…to remember.

Go scrapbooking.

Cathy ZielskeGo scrapbooking

33 Comments on “Go scrapbooking”

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    Judy in Huntsville[al]

    I was pondering just this week how on earth i used to ‘do-it-all’ – i’ve always worked full-time outside the home [albeit a very flexible generous leave so I can be there for the kids kind of job] but now that i’m an empty -nester [of only two years – we adapted quickly] I just really wonder at those kid-taxi, room-mother, cook dinner every night days. They go by waaay too quickly! But gotta say for now – i feel like i’m in my 30s – only with more $$ and no kid [day-to-day] responsibilities. Enjoy these teen years – they will FLY by!

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    Oh, I am glad it gets better! I am now where you probably were when you made that page, maybe a bit earlier. Gotta write down my own bedtime routine these days, which include waking up several times at night for the baby.

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    that is so sad. I can’t imagine my kids as teenagers yet. I’m cherishing these days (although it’s hard) of 4 boys 8 and under. It goes so quickly ‘blink’ and you’ll miss it 🙂

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    My little man is only 14 months and already I’m learning how quickly they grow and how easy it is to forget the everyday routines as they are constantly changing.

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    lynne moore

    So truye, it does get better as they get older – more in depth conversations…. now it’s the wake up routine that has the most changes recently; even tho I don’t have to “help” much. The dog gets up when he hears the early bird kid. So I have to get up too.

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    Love your post. Especially the Gone .. Here … repetition. This post itself would make a great page. Whaddya think?

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    funny you should mention that. My teenage daughter was accusing me of being a hoarder so I decided to purge my giant scrap mag collection. I subscribed to 4 mags for many years. I decided to toss certain ones based on age and then sat down with the 2007 issues last night to page through and cut out the layouts/articles that caught my eye. As i was paging through i noticed so many changes and so many different styles. One thing that stuck with me was that i still loved all the CZ designs from SS. They are all so classic and clean, can’t tell what year they were from. So they all ended up in my keep pile. Thanks for your many contributions!
    Next week I will be working on 2008! wish me luck.

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    Awesome reminder CZ. Great idea for a lo. You’ve inspired me to capture these precious routines while mine are still youngish. Thank you!

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    April P

    Amen! I love that you have that captured! You have just inspired me to write down our routine NOW (I did this a while ago, back when I had an infant that I was always waking up with)!

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    This is so cool. I wish I had the foresight to journal things like this back then. My kids are now almost 10 and almost 13. Ohhhh this just gave me an idea for a page! Gotta go scrap!

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    Very well said. When you’re up to your eyeballs in the day-to-day routine of raising a young family, it seems like the work will never end. Then, poof! They’re accepting corporate jobs a few states away. Looking back it seems like it all went so quickly. Enjoy every moment.

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    Jane Simmons

    Love looking through my scrapbooks and yours. My copies of your books have been spiral-bound with heavy acetate covers for about $3 each at Staples. This has been a life-saver (or book-saver) since I’m constantly looking through them for design inspiration.

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    Krista Pascoe

    Our children seem to be close in age, and this has been hitting me hard lately. I just can’t believe they are growing “older”. It seems they are so much more sophisticated and suave than I ever believe I was when I was 13. I know inside they aren’t, but they are so much better at knowing who they are and who they want to become.

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    It is awful how fast they grow. I spent this summer with mom and dad going to bed before the kids (18 and 13). It is weird to just leave them up and tell them to make sure they get enough sleep. Well such is life, you can’t stop them from growing up.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this. As a mom of a 3 and 5 year old – it’s sometimes easy to forget that these days are short-lived! 🙂

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    Jeannette P

    Good point. I’ve found files on my computer where I wrote down routines for when someone was going to watch my kids and I had to laugh at the things that I included & how different they are from today’s routine. It’s nice to reflect on how things were & how things are today. It’s also a little sad that those times are gone, except in our scrapbooks. Thanks for sharing & reminding me to jot down the mundane things to remember & compare in the next season of our family life.

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    And of course if you wanted to go back to those times again, you’d just have to have another kid, right? ; ) My boys are 7 and 3, and I love them to distraction. I am delighted, 7 years in, to _finally_ have some energy again in the evenings and that they mostly sleep well. I can just begin to see the first signs of real independence and creativity and confidence in my eldest, and I can’t wait to see how he blooms as he grows older. I wouldn’t give up a minute of seeing them grow and develop, but I am _very_ glad to be past some of our challenges (especially with sleep). On to new challenges now, right? =] Thanks for the reminder to documment what is, because pretty soon it will always be what was.

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    Tammy McClain

    I couldn’t have said it better…that is exactl why we scrapbook! As my boys get older, it’s these times looking at my scrapbooks that I’m so very thankful that I DO scrapbook. Thanks for reminding me again WHY we do this. Hugs!

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    Leslie Ackman

    Awww, Cathy…have you seen me this morning?? I’m in a funk…the weather is cruddy and all I can do is think how much my life is changing. My little guy is a freshman in HS and Em is a 7th grader. I am missing all those bedtime rituals. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this. I feel like this post was meant just for me!! Les

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    Amen sister! Ours are 27 and 23. Oh my! It’s wise to cherish all the changes because in the blink of an eye, they are all grown up. It’s so wonderful though when they fondly remember those rituals and talk about how great they thought their childhood was! Have a fabulous fall day.

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    I made this layout after I saw it in C&S, time has gone way too fast…Gone is Teletubbies, in is the Dark Knight!

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    Sue Hyer

    Wow! I wish I would have had the foresight to do a layout like that when bedtime was the craziest time of day. It’s all a blur, and now my 3 teenage boys/young adults go to bed after I do!

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    Can I hear an AMEN! Miss CZ, I adore you, although I do not personally know you, I know you and I are on the same page on so many days! I love that I can read your blog and feel what you are feeling. There are good days and not so great days, but you sister, you document them and I love that. I wish I did more of that, because sadly at 42 I am forgetting things I never thought I would. I wanted to pass along those daily joys and struggles to my girls for when they are Mom’s and wondering . . . . what is this mothering thing all about/am I doing this right? As I often wonder what kind of job I am doing. Thank you for being you, I truly think you are FABULOUS!

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    Diane Roberts

    And I hope you’re going to do an updated layout to pair with the old one, just as you’ve written it here. You can check back in another six years, and do another reflective LO on how much it’s changed again….

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