A 13-year-old still life

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Her Dad's shirt, brand new Rocket Dogs, Little "Matched" socks, skinny red jeans, black patent leather purse and chipping black nail polish that'd make Adam Lambert proud.

I sort of wish my Mom had been a crazy, camera-totin' fiend back in the day, but somehow, I don't think my look was as interesting.

Cathy ZielskeA 13-year-old still life

18 Comments on “A 13-year-old still life”

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    Stacie Albrecht

    My 3 year old daughter only wants to watch Tim Burton movies (Coraline, Nightmare before Xmas, Corpse Bride…), do you think she’s going goth on me already? Like you, I wouldn’t much mind…

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    Leora Henkin

    Oh, I love the look and the picture! Thanks for sharing! My (almost) 13 year old is a boy. I think I am missing out on this whole fashion thing…

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    I don’t know. I’ll bet your look was pretty interesting. But your mom’s camera angle might not have been that interesting.

    Hey, you have touched upon my Adam Lambert pet peeve: the black nail polish was never chipped! Everytime AI did a close-up of his hands, I checked to see if some stylist had finally clued the guy in to the fact that rocker dudes have chipped black nail polish! Chipped! Not nail polish that looks like you just stepped away from a nail salon! Hmm. People IRL got tired of hearing my thoughts on this matter. Kind of fun to get my rant up on your blog!

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