Can somebody get me Amanda Hugginkiss?

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Last night, I did a live video chat at in my pajamas. (Sorry, whenever I use the term "live video chat" I have the urge to follow it with: LIVE SINGLES IN YOUR AREA ARE WAITING TO TALK NOW!, but I digress.)

So we start chatting (and if you missed it, you can register at and watch it On Demand at ReneeTV) and about 5 or so minutes into it, a chat participant named Fawn asked me "What is your favorite subject to scrapbook about?" I cheekily said, "Me," then followed it up with my sound reasoning as to why and how scrapbooking about others is ultimately a subjective point of view, and therefore, whoever  you are scrapbooking about, you can't help but inject a bit of you into the story-telling process.

It seemed like an innocent question, until my iChat Instant Messenger Window popped up, with a message from a very good friend and former co-worker of mine who I will call "Tim Dicklord," and he chats me: "Thanks for answering my question."

Then he asks me, while I'm trying to stay focused on the chat at hand if I liked the name he logged in as, which was Fawn del Majonk.

Which he then oh-so helpfully interprets for me: Fondle My Junk.

Of course, being the professional that I am, I quickly chatted at him: GO AWAY, and finished the chat and no one was the wiser, but stifling my laughter was about as easy quitting smoking.

I guess my point today is this: you never know when someone is going to log in under a false name and that name is going to be Fawn del Majonk.

Thanks to everyone who chatted last night. It really wasn't vodka in my glass. (And rest assured, Tim is a very dear friend who makes me laugh heartily on a regular basis. Still, I'm going to have to take him down a notch very, very soon.)

Tomorrow, I have a multi-sponsor giveaway, so check back!

Cathy ZielskeCan somebody get me Amanda Hugginkiss?

30 Comments on “Can somebody get me Amanda Hugginkiss?”

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    Carol Lou

    I’m SO BUMMED I missed you last night! Your story totally cracked me up this morning. Thanks for that. πŸ™‚

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    Kris Van Allen

    And here I thought you were looking for a friend of mine! Her name IS Amanda, is a scrapbooker, and uses the moniker “Amanda Hug n Kiss” on a message board!

    Love the Bart prank calls.

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    I enjoyed the chat last night. I didn’t get to participate and only “watched” the shoutouts live on my iTouch. After I got our g’son to bed, I logged on to the ReneePearson site and watched the whole thing. It was great! Thanks.

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    that is an awesome fake name. I was in there and I never even thought about it. Chat was great – and so funny to me that we had on same pj pants. You were totally entertaining while I set up my crafting for the evening. Thanks for that!

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    loved the chat; and getting to see Dan & Aiden; and the info about DYL – I’m already signed up! Still working (ever so slowly) on MeTAV while proceeding with Ali’s Y & T course. Great stuff – keep it coming!

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    Hi Cathy, I think you stifled your laugh pretty well! Funny story! I was there last night and enjoyed your chat. It was my first live chat and I hate to admit this but, I couldn’t figure out how to post a question. I still had a great time. By the way, I looked great. I had all my makeup on! Lol. I am a faithful reader of your blog so it was fun to hear you for a change. Thanks for all you do!

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    Sandi M

    You have a funny friend! He got you. I love to hear of a good practical joke. I enjoyed the chat and thanks to command f3 will have a fun thing to scrap one day. Now if I can figure out where that “grab” key on my mac is….

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    Hey! I’m Amanda, aka Amanda Hug-n-Kiss, Kris Van Allen’s friend. I’ve been here all day. You just needed to ask! lol

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    That chat was so cool last night. I’m the dork who actually smiled and said “Cheese” when you took a picture of your screen. LOL I hope you do it again soon.

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    You kidding me? I love reading your blog (responding from ReneeTV on demand). I read it every day that I can, and look forward to it daily.

    Cathy, thanks for your blog, thanks for the almost daily updates from your brain and your humor.


    Thank you,

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    Friends like that are hard to come by and make life so much more colorful! You are blessed.

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    Wickedly hilarious. Why can’t I ever think of anything that clever???!!! I wish someone would come up for one for me to use…

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