Design Your Life Registration is Open (and a quick Q & A)

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Beginning today, you can register for Design Your Life. There is no class size limit, so there is no need to race to register. There's room for everyone to learn design.

I've been fielding a series of questions since announcing this workshop a while back, and here is a brief Q&A for those of you who are interested in taking this workshop with me.

Is this the same class you taught in 2008?  Yes, it's the very same class. All of the assignments are the same. All of my layouts are the same. I purposefully  have not publicly shared any of these pages (or sketches) for this class to keep the content exclusively for my students. The weekly slide show lessons are also the same. However, I decided to re-record all 12 weeks of those lectures to create videos for the new format at BigPictureScrapbooking. Additionally, in 2008 I recorded video messages every few weeks for my students, based on whatever was going on topic wise on the boards, or just depending on what sorts of things were going on in my scrapbook life. These unscripted videos will be all new in DYL 2010, of course.

I've taken one of your workshops this year, and was able to save the slideshow to my computer. Will I be able to do the same in this class?  Not for Design Your Life. As with the first go round, we will have the slideshows available online, streaming, in high resolution. You will also have "forever" access to the class materials. Even though the class will end, you will always be able to go in and download materials, and view anything you may have missed. We'll also have transcripts and PDFs of every slide of each presentation for you to print and save if you wish.

I'm a digital scrapbooker. How will a class like this help me?  For Design Your Life 2010, I've added layered PSD files for digital scrapbookers, but the core content of this class—teaching design principles—is going to help all scrapbookers, whether you're digital, hybrid or tradtional.

Do digital scrapbookers need what's on the supply list?  No, except for possibly an album and page protectors to save your finished, printed pages. Honestly? The supply list is purely a guide to give you ways to store your work. You can store your final pages any way you like! And this goes for all students.

I would prefer to do all of my pages in 12 x 12. Will I still learn the concepts if I do this?  You are welcome to convert sketch concepts to 12 x 12, and yes, you will still learn the concepts. We have a good number of 8.5 x 11 sketches, both single page designs and two-page spreads. In 2008, some students simply took those core designs for the 8.5 x 11, and placed them onto a 12 x 12 space. The concepts we're studying do not get lost when you change space size. That's part of the reason I have multiple sizes for our assignments, to really communicate the idea that space is space, and design applies universally.

Will you be assigning us what to scrapbook about?  No. I may make a suggestion from time to time, but what you choose to cover is up to you. Aside from learning design, this is a great class to get a lot of pages done, and almost all of the assignments feature multi-photo designs.

I'm hoping to learn a bit about digital scrapbooking. Will you be covering this, since you're adding digi files to the classroom?  The short answer? No. This class is about design theory, not about software or digital scrapbooking technique. However, I may cover some digital tips in the unscripted video messages, but those videos evolve out of what types of things students are talking about on the message boards.

I took this class in 2008. Can I take it again if I want to?  Yep. And as an alumni, you can take it for $49. However, keep in mind that as an alumni, you have access now to the 2008 classroom any time you like so you may not need to take the 2010 workshop. That said, if you DO sign up for 2010, you will get the new digital files, and of course you'll get the interaction with me for another 12 weeks.

Will you be doing any giveaways for spots in your class?  Yes. I will do one giveaway in the next few weeks, and that will be the only one. Then, you can confidently place the workshop on your Christmas list and give it to someone who loves you and looks at your scrapbook pages often.

This isn't really related to your class but I have two questions. First, is that your natural hair color and second, would you consider watching my dog while I go on vacation?  The answer to question one is no. It's Clairol Grey Solution No. 4. The answer to question two…is your dog housetrained? Maybe we can talk.

If you have any more questions for me, feel free to email ( me or leave a comment here. Hope to see many new faces in the workshop for 2010!

Cathy ZielskeDesign Your Life Registration is Open (and a quick Q & A)

34 Comments on “Design Your Life Registration is Open (and a quick Q & A)”

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    Tammy Eberhard

    Cathy — Already signed up, class alumni! Looking forward to the added digital side of the class!

  2. #2

    Hey Cathy – looking forward to class! My dog is housetrained…but how do you feel about theft? This week alone he has stolen (and eaten) a stick of butter (Tues night) and a whole avocado (last night)? Otherwise he’s a cuddly, tall 98 lb. bundle of golden retriever fun. With a bit more zip in his step the last two mornings as he’s gone outside 😉

  3. #3

    Hey Tammy, you’re fast! See you at the end of the month! You’ll notice in the preclass video how short my hair is… you can expect it to be longer by Dec. 31. LOL!

  4. #4

    Molly, I’m sorry, but the whole counter surfing thing might be a deal breaker.

    I once took care of a 15 year old deaf chocolate lab with a penchant for loaves of bread. Every time i came in the kitchen, there she was, paws on the counter, and i’d have to tap her on the shoulder to let her know, um, hi… yes, could you not do this?

    : )

  5. #5

    I was so bummed when I couldn’t take the class last year, so thanks for repeating it. It’s my holiday gift to myself. 🙂

  6. #10

    Hey peeps, as a DYL alumni, this class is not only amazing content-wise, it is worth every penny for the spontaneous, random video messages from Cathy! If you are on the fence, take the class!

  7. #11

    Hey Cathy, I don’t even have a dog, but I’d consider getting one, housetraining it and then going on vacation for a bit, just to have the chance to meet you. 😛

    I have to say I’m very, very tempted to register for the 2010 offering of DYL, just to get the digital templates! I’ve done a number of the assignments, but I still have many on my “Want To Do” list… and digital templates would just make my life that much easier. Hmmmmm… let’s see what Santa has to say about this.

  8. #13

    Tell Santa the templates alone are a great value. You will be getting 33 of them, plus the digital stuff for the title pages (also in layered PSD format for customization).

    My templates sell for $2.99 at Designer Digitals so it’s a nice package deal, plus the design learnin’ part. ; )

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    Amanda M.

    So exciting. I think I am going to do it! Are there pre-class assignments or stuff up in the classroom before 12.31?

  10. #15

    CZ, just registered to take DYL as an alumni. I am excited about the templates also. I’m just playing with digital scrapbooking right now. I still repeat many of the awesome layouts from this class. I also LOVE that BPS is offering FOREVER classes now.

  11. #16

    Amanda, yes! There is currently a small glitch with two of the PDFs which we will be uploading the correct ones shortly!

    You have an assignment to complete before class begins, plus various things to ready your class binder.

  12. #17

    Welcome back! I think you’ll like the templates. The thing is, this class… the designs are pretty solid and you’ll get more pages done in the new year… and refresh your design brain.

    It’s all good.

    Welcome aboard!

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    DYL alumni here too- this was the BEST class I have ever taken! Do it ladies, you won’t regret it! I might have to whisper to Santa about this, I would love to reinforce what I learned. And 33 templates? WOW!

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    Okay Cathy–totally off topic–if you haven’t already, you need to “buzzz” right over to your friend Stacy’s blog and check out her Halloween post! She has something that is meant to “bee” seen by you.

    About DYL, I am a dropout from last year. I am really thinking that I should sign up again, just to have you cheerlead me along the way! I stuck with MeTAV (except I still have pictures to add) all the way through and ECWAL!! So, maybe, I can now stick this one through. Love your classes, your humor, and you.

  15. #20
    mary e

    Cathy, my goal was to FINALLY finish my MeTAV album before I signed up for DYL. Finished last night and signed up for the new class this morning. Looking forward to it!

  16. #22

    I am an alumni of this class and did not receive an email about signing up with the discount. Who would I contact about that? I LOVED the class and can not wait to take it again.

  17. #25

    I’m an alumni from the ’08 class and if anyone is on the fence about taking this class, let me tell you that in 12 weeks you will have a 12 x 12 album chock full of pages. The content in this class is amazing. Cathy really makes you work but in the end, you will have scrapped a lot of those pictures you’ve had laying around forever. And if you get behind, not to worry. You can work at your own pace. I’ve taken a lot of online classes and this one, by far, has provided an overwhelming amount of design and color information. Take the class – you won’t regret it.

  18. #27
    Lisa Boland

    I am definitely signing up again as an alumni! Really looking forward to the templates and the messages from you, Cathy. I’m having my third boy in April, so it will be great to get some pages done before the chaos starts!

  19. #30

    I’ve taken all your classes from Big Picture….Will you be doing any live chats? I’m not a digi….but the class was so fantastic I may just have to do it again!

  20. #31

    Quinna, not sure at this point. We’d like to do something, and maybe even live video chats, but we haven’t figured it out yet! ; )

  21. #32

    Hi Cathy, will it matter if I live in Australia. I love your work and would love to do your classes but don’t want to miss anything.

  22. #33

    It will NOT matter. The class is self paced, meaning, you watch the presentations when it’s convenient for you. I had a lot of Aussie and New Zealand students in the first go round, back in 08!

  23. #34

    i registered for your class last year and life got in the way and i never was able to really participate. when the new year rolled around, i went to the site to try to “catch up”/download all of the class materials, and they were no longer available. were we given “forever” access for last year’s class? i would really like to pick up where i left off for last year’s class without having to re-register for this year’s class. any suggestions?

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