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    Debbie McIntyre

    Congratulations Bea….I’m pouting, but am very happy for you. Happy Thanksgiving Cathy

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    Heidi P.

    Yes, I’m pouting too. LOVE your Thanksgiving collage. Can you refer us to a quick tutorial on how to do that for all of us newbies to digital? Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Congrats Bea…how exciting to get all of Cathy’s templates…please post them and let us know when you do some projects!

    Happy Turkey Day Zielske’s – will there be a tradition of movie making – a revision of home for the holidays as seen through the lens of the 13 and and Coleman would be something to see!

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    Cathy, is this wine your favorite ? I remember seeing these bottles on a previous page about thanksgiving (probably because I’m french !!! I don’t drink red wine but my family does !)

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    Congrats Bea!! You lucky girl. Cathy what’s up with Dan. Is he maybe needing to rush off the the potty or something.

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