Gone Are and Here Are—the layout

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SUPPLIES:Layered Template No. 11 (Cathy Zielske) • Classic Cardstock Foundation, Digital Date Stamps Vol. 12 (Katie Pertiet) • Stitched by Anna No. 1(Anna Aspnes) • (click on layout to see larger in new window)

I recently wrote about how things have changed during the years that I've been raising these youngin' of mine; how the stuff that's now just memory has been replaced by the stuff that makes up our new everyday.

As soon as I did the blog post, I knew I wanted to save it in a layout, so I designed a new template for Designer Digitals to do just that.

Scrapbooking offers such a great opportunity to compare and contrast, almost like a good old-fashioned English assignment. Show how things change and evolve over time. Or how they don't.

What can you compare and contrast?

One thing to consider when approaching a layout like this is to create a parallel structure in your journaling—a tit for tat, if you will.

Write one thing that is gone: kids who are afraid to fall asleep on their own upstairs.

Then, pair it with one thing that is here that directly corresponds: kids who can stay up later than their parents.

Taking this parallel approach to journaling can help propel the process of sharing your story.

You can find this template on sale now at Designer Digitals.


Cathy ZielskeGone Are and Here Are—the layout

38 Comments on “Gone Are and Here Are—the layout”

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    Recently I was complaining to my mom that the girls complain when they have to have a shower. Then we started talking and I worry that they don’t get enough sleep sometimes etc etc.
    She replied with a “everything you stress about now will be the opposite in a few years” They will sleep all the time. You won’t be able to get them out of the bathroom.
    Exact opposite problems. But really the same difference.

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    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Hey Cathy- I just want to thank you for your awesome post last week on going digital. I am mostly Hybrid:) And what a long process that is for me. This weekend I tried all digi. Wow, I am hooked. I did 5 lay-outs and have about four more planned out. It has really got me telling those stories again. Thank you!!!!! hmm now gonna have to try some of your digital designs…..

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    Carol Zeitz

    you will be totally hooked. I love traditional and hybrid for mini-albums and other crafty decor goodies, but for layouts, digi is awesome. Its so easy to get a story out and “on paper”. Best of luck to you in your digi endeavors! And Cathy’s templates and digi goodies are terrific!

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    Cynthia, that’s cool to hear.

    : ) I am definitely more open to the entire digital process now. Like this layout here: it let me tell a story exactly how i wanted to.

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    I always love your journaling Cathy – it’s tender and funny and a captured moment in your life. Thanks for the wonderful layout and inspiration!

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    Hi Cathy,

    I love the templates. I’ve been making a few pages a week because it is much easier to “scrap” on the computer and watch tv than to get all my stuff out, try to find what I need, etc. I love being able to do both. That being said, could you do a tutorial on how to change sizes from 8.5 x 11 to 12 x 12 and vice versa? Thanks!

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    I love this, am taking Ali’s class, and think this is fantastic. I must say these are my favorite types of layouts. And this one makes me teary! Fantastic. I am gonna buy your digi template for sure. Sweet and perfect.

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    LeAnne S.

    Was I dreaming or what?! Where can I find the tutorial you recently did on using templates in PSE?

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    Melissa Rydjeski

    This template is perfect with this week’s assignment for Ali Edwards’ Yesterday and Today class. Thanks!

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    Shannon, good for you!

    You know, going from 8.5×11 to 12 x 12 is easier, only because you can simply increase the canvas, and leave all elements as is. Did you notice in the packages you get instructions for that?

    But, i like the idea of doing a tutorial. Will add it to the list of many things : )

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    Melanie K.

    You mean eventually I won’t have to tell them fifty million times to brush your teeth, put your shoes on, get your coat on ….. in the morning? And fifty million times at night the exact opposite? Well, except for brushing the teeth, of course. lol.

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    I love that idea! And I want you to know that you have just given a tired mom HOPE! The part about the early mornings leading to the parents getting up before the kids? Is that possible for me? (((yawn))) Someday I hope. Morning start at 5am around here, and I’ve got two kids pretty far apart so 10 years down and another 16 to go. Thanks for the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

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    That is one awesome thing! I get so stuck in the paper process and the sky is the limit ! with digi:) wow I sound like I should be in a digital infomercial! thank you again for the creative nudge to try something new!

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    Kathy Floen

    Cathy- I so loved your LO and the part of the blog when you paralelled (sp?) kids who are afraid to sleep upstairs by themselves to kids that can stay up later than their parents…it that NOT the truth?! 🙂 Thanks!

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    LOVE this. I am loving your templates Cathy. They are allowing me to record such meaningful stuff but in a quick, fun way! Keep ’em coming! 😉

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    I love this, especially since I have been missing the “gone are” the days lately, and desperately trying to hold onto the “here are” the days.

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